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DH to be doesn’t want a wedding ring.. at all?

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4EyesandBigThighs · 21/03/2023 13:21

Anyone roses DH not wear a wedding ring?

DP doesn’t want one at all, we get married this year. At first I thought it was because he works a manual labour job; so suggested a silicon ring and perhaps have a metal actual wedding ring put up sage and wear occasionally?

but he doesn’t want one at all and that’s thrown me a little. I mean, realistically it’s just a ring - but I liked the thought of seeing him with a ring on, that symbolisation that we are married maybe?

or am I just being silly?

OP posts:
Beamur · 21/03/2023 13:22

Neither me or DH have a wedding ring.

Youaremysonshine · 21/03/2023 13:23

I don't wear mine. I have ezcema and I can feel my skin burn within minutes of wearing one. The only person who has ever mentioned it was my 96 year old grandma who called me a "hussy" for not wearing one 😂😂😂

peachgreen · 21/03/2023 13:24

It’s not silly if it’s important to you. It would be to me too.

petridishmystery · 21/03/2023 13:24

My dad had a wedding ring but literally the only time he wore it was on his wedding day. Just didn’t like jewellery, it was no reflection on how he felt about my mum or his marriage.

Keepupandout · 21/03/2023 13:24

If he wears rings on other fingers, YANBU.

If he just doesn't like wearing rings (plenty of people find them uncomfortable), YABU.

neilyoungismyhero · 21/03/2023 13:25

My husband has had 2 and lost both. Refused to buy him another one.

mynameiscalypso · 21/03/2023 13:26

DH has never had one. He said he'd never wear it so would be a waste of money just to get it for the ceremony. I wore mine for the first couple of years and then took it off when I was pregnant 4 years ago and haven't worn it since. We're still happily married.

JoshLymanIsHotterThanSam · 21/03/2023 13:26

My husband wore his for the duration of our wedding day then it got put in a box. Still married 15 years later so it doesn’t appear to have affected his commitment 😑

mindutopia · 21/03/2023 13:27

How would he feel if you said you didn't want to wear one either? I think, on one hand (no pun intended), it's his body and his choice, but I agree with you that it would upset me as it would feel like he didn't want the visual symbolism of being married to me. I guess maybe it depends why he doesn't want to wear one - though I still wouldn't like that, and I feel like it's a bit silly to say, but it's true.

That said, dh does very manual work and has always worn a wedding band (it's titanium, I think?) with no issues. He doesn't take it off when working and said often says it would feel weird not to wear it now as he's so used to it. He wanted to wear a ring, but had never worn one before so was a bit nervous too that he'd not adjust to it.

rwalker · 21/03/2023 13:27

Couldn’t tell you where mine is

JesusMaryAndJosephAndTheWeeDon · 21/03/2023 13:28

Lots of men don't wear a wedding ring, it is pretty normal in the UK, but very unusual in the USA.

My DH was surprised at the suggestion of having one, his Dad didn't and he didn't know many people who did.

My Dad had one but stopped wearing it due to it irritating his skin.

DH got one in the end because we liked the wording of the service better where rings are exchanged. He wore it for a year or so then lost it, found it and wore it for another year or two then lost it again and we didn't bother replacing it.

JesusMaryAndJosephAndTheWeeDon · 21/03/2023 13:29

Most of the men in the royal family don't wear a wedding ring. Prince Harry was unusual in that he had a wedding ring when he married.

Cupcakequeen75 · 21/03/2023 13:31

Neither of us wear ours any more.

We did at the beginning but both kept removing them as neither of us are jewellery people so they were put away.
30-years this year.

Schmutter · 21/03/2023 13:32

My husband wears one but I wouldn’t be bothered if he didn’t. I know lots of men who don’t wear one.

Antsinmypantsneedtodance · 21/03/2023 13:34

Never understood women who get put out at their DH not wearing a ring. I mean what difference does it make? If he wanted to cheat he'll cheat (rings come off easily). Not really sure what the purpose is if i'm honest. Marriage is more than a ring and some symbolism.

I have a ring but haven't worn it in years due to babies. DH never had one and never wanted one. Makes no difference to me. Happily married with or without a ring to show for it.

YukoandHiro · 21/03/2023 13:34

I made my DH get one but he only wears it when we go to visit my parents or go out as a couple to a social thing.
He has eczema and says all jewellery bothers him. I decided not to let it bother me as he literally hates all adornments (doesn't wear a watch or anything, loathes tattoos piercings) so it's in character

CleaningOutMyCloset · 21/03/2023 13:35

I don't think it's unusual to not want to wear a wedding ring. I don't think I've ever seen my dad with a wedding ring on and he was married to mum for over 40 years. It's personal preference. I find it odd that people want their husbands/wives to wear one as a visual sign that they are married.

PlacidPenelope · 21/03/2023 13:36

I think you are being silly.

My husband has never had a wedding ring, married for decades, why would the owning or wearing of a band make any difference?

My dad never had one - over 50 years married, my fil never had one - again over 50 years married.

Moveforward · 21/03/2023 13:37

DH didn't have a ring because he's not allowed to wear one at work (safety issue) and he knew he would likely just lose it. He had a watch instead. 31 years married this year.

I did have a wedding ring,but can't wear it due to excema (can't wear any rings). So not much difference except I don't own a watch!

SavBlancTonight · 21/03/2023 13:37

More important to me is how does he feel about you wearing one? Is that important to him? Because he certainly doesn't get to say you must wear one if he won't.

Personally, I wanted DH to have one. But now, 15 years later, I feel bad as he wears his always and I only sometimes wear mine. To be fair, I have endless issues with my fingers and the ring being uncomfortable and am considering having it remade which might make it better. But still.

Raineth · 21/03/2023 13:37

I stopped wearing mine when my fingers got fatter. Kept meaning to resize it. Then DH saw I wasn’t wearing mine and was all “Oh brilliant we’re allowed to not wear these dumb things hooray” and stopped wearing his.


I don’t mind on a day to day basis when he’s wfh or whatever but at work he mixes with a lot of younger wealthier prettier more successful women and it does bug me that he looks single.

Akite · 21/03/2023 13:39

My DH has never worn one and now I've stopped wearing mine too. I would have liked him to wear one to be honest but he absolutely hates all jewellery - can't even stand wearing a watch.
we've been married 20 years this year and are still happily married, wearing a ring or not is not what is going to make a marriage work.

Nimbostratus100 · 21/03/2023 13:40

men wearing wedding rings is a very recent thing. Most still don't, I think

smashinggrapes · 21/03/2023 13:41

"Most of the men in the royal family don't wear a wedding ring. Prince Harry was unusual in that he had a wedding ring when he married."

Most men in the royal family shag about too. Not sure id want my husband to model himself on them 🤣

PartnersInCrime · 21/03/2023 13:41

My dad doesn't have one and my parents are coming up to 50 years. It doesn't change the commitment.

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