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I'm queer. AMA?

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Throwaway4Water · 29/06/2022 19:01

Using a throwaway account for this.

Hey Mumsnet, figured more queer rep was needed on this site.
I'm Genderfluid, which is under the trans umbrella and means my gender is fluid and changes often. I'm also Asexual, and currently questioning my romantic attraction.
Anything phobic will be ignored (I know what this site is like when it comes to trans people) as well as anything I deem too personal. Now, AMA! :)

OP posts:
ThatshallotBaby · 29/06/2022 19:03

How important is defining your sexuality to you?

WindowsSmindows · 29/06/2022 19:03

How much time do you spend thinking about this aspect of your personality?
On a daily basis say?

Auntieobem · 29/06/2022 19:05

What do you mean when you say your gender changes often?

JustTheOneSwan · 29/06/2022 19:05

What do you think of the BBC coverage of Wimbledon this year?

tellmewhentheLangshiplandscoz · 29/06/2022 19:05

Can you define phobic? That would be helpful as well as a first on MN.

Thanks and welcome 👋

onlywhenidream · 29/06/2022 19:07

Do you think everyone has a gender ? How does it differ from personality?

Dancingwithhyenas · 29/06/2022 19:08

how would you define gender without using gender stereotypes?

RavenousBugblatter · 29/06/2022 19:08

WindowsSmindows · 29/06/2022 19:03

How much time do you spend thinking about this aspect of your personality?
On a daily basis say?

Yes, this 😄.

PastMyBestBeforeDate · 29/06/2022 19:08

Do you think too much introspection is healthy?

Getoffmyshoes · 29/06/2022 19:10

How would you expect your friends/colleagues to deal with this? Do you expect to be referred to as him or her depending on how your gender feels that day? How would you deal with it if someone got it wrong?

Riverlee · 29/06/2022 19:10

What do you think of the current Pride events? Do you think Pride has lost its way compared to why it was set up?

Veryverycalmnow · 29/06/2022 19:10

How old were you when you realised you were queer?

p1n3apple · 29/06/2022 19:11

Why do you think it's OK to casually throw around a word ("queer") that for decades was a homophobic slur, and is still considered offensive by many?

tellmewhentheLangshiplandscoz · 29/06/2022 19:11

I'm amazed people have time in the day for such ponderings. I could use some of your time management skills Grin

GingerCake2018 · 29/06/2022 19:12

If I wear trousers most the time but then run out of clean ones and wear a skirt, does that make me 'gender fluid', or does it mean I need to stick a load of washing on?

Finfintytint · 29/06/2022 19:13

My Radishes have bolted. What should I do?

Nimo12 · 29/06/2022 19:14

With "queer" having been used as a hurtful slur against homosexuals, with gay men like my brother having it shouted at them from cars and still finding it utterly offensive, why do you feel it's an appropriate word to use? Also do you believe "gender" is a real thing?

Cocowatermelon · 29/06/2022 19:15

Is your fluctuating gender identity something that you need other people to notice? Or is it something personal that doesn’t noticeably impact on how you choose to dress or act on any particular day.
Do you change pronouns to match the day’s gender? If so, do you expect people around you to be able to keep up with this? Or do you prefer a novel pronoun that’s not gendered?
What do you think of the idea of 3rd an ´open’ category in sports? So keeping a mens (sex-based) category, a women’s (sex-based category) and adding an open category where declaring your sex or choosing a single gender for the duration of the event/your sporting career would be unnecessary.

Georgeskitchen · 29/06/2022 19:15

Why is Queer now deemed acceptable when it was a homophobic insult for many years? I have several gay male friends and they all hate this, and are reminded of the trauma of being abused with being called queer

Etinoxaurus · 29/06/2022 19:15

Do you think it’s a little self centred to assume ransoms on the internet are interested?

Clymene · 29/06/2022 19:16

Can you define what you think is a phobic question and what isn't? I don't want to bother thinking of something to ask and then finding it's been rejected.

SmellyWellyWoo · 29/06/2022 19:16

How do you define gender?

HermioneWeasley · 29/06/2022 19:17

Why do you feel it’s acceptable to appropriate a homophobic slur? Do you do the same with racial slurs?

RenegadeMatron · 29/06/2022 19:17

So, lots of answers coming in to the questions so far!

Also, you don’t actually mean ‘as me anything’, do you?!

What is a female gender?

What is a male gender?

Miraclejelly · 29/06/2022 19:18

What would you do if your car caught fire in a tunnel?

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