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Swears by: The best bed linen

bed sheets

The right bedding can be a life-changing investment and these sheets – beloved by Mumsnetters – will add a touch of five-star luxury to your bedroom

Soak&Sleep French Linen Sheets, from £28

Soak&Sleep French Linen Sheets, from £28

Soak&Sleep are the best-kept secret in luxury bed linen. The holy grail of sheets: high thread count and low cost for this premium fabric. Mumsnetters love their linen sheets, which always look artfully crumpled (and never need ironing!).

“I am in love with Soak&Sleep French linen: very heavy, crisp yet soft, warm yet cool. Best ever. Even my husband noticed the quality.”

“I splashed out on their French linen sheets recently and they're lush – makes me actually want to change the bed, which I never do normally!”

Shop now at Soak&Sleep

Dunelm Mill Dorma Range, from £9.99

Dunelm Mill Dorma Range, from £9.99

Dunelm Mill are making a name for themselves as the go-to place for reasonably-priced homeware that really delivers. Their Dorma collection is a hit with Mumsnetters for washing beautifully, wearing well, and looking a lot more expensive than it really is (we won't tell if you don't).

“Dorma bedding at Dunelm is good, high thread count and very tough wearing but really soft.”

“My current favourite sheet is a 700 count by Dorma – it's sold at Dunelm and it’s really really reasonable.”

Shop now at Dunelm

The White Company Bed Linen, from £7

The White Company Bed Linen, from £7

The White Company are high on everyone's lust list for their crisp, white sheets and huge, fluffy bed cushions. It must be said that this is not bargain bedding, but it really is an investment and we promise you won't regret spending a little extra when you're snuggled up in these beauties.

“White Company for me! Excellent quality; worth every penny. They often have very good sales and discount vouchers online if you sign up for their email alerts.”

“You're talking about a high-end product: pay for it; enjoy it for years and years.”

Shop now at White Company

T K Maxx Bedding, from £4.99

T K Maxx Bedding, from £4.99

Whether your style is classic or quirky, if you've an eye for a bargain you can't go wrong at TK Maxx. They sell high thread counts for low prices, and rumour has it you can even find Designer's Guild sheets tucked away on their shelves. Unfortunately we can't guarantee that the bedding pictured will always be available, but half the fun of TK Maxx is finding hidden gems that no one else will have.

“A colleague told me to check out TK Maxx. It's hit and miss with stock but I struck it lucky and got some great quality bedding: one fitted sheet, two duvet sets with pillow cases and two more pillow cases for £70.”

“Good cotton count and washes like a dream. So worth a look, especially for spare pillow cases and sheets.”

Shop now at TK Max

H&M Bed Linen, from £4.99

H&M Bed Linen, from £4.99

H&M is well-known for reasonably-priced basics, but that's no longer confined to vest tops and leggings – its Home range has put it on the map as a place to go for chic decor. The bedsheets are particularly popular, especially the French-style linen range. We love this adorable rabbit set – ideal for a kid's bedroom.

Shop now at H&M

ASDA George 100% Cotton Oxford Cuff Duvet Cover Set, from £30

ASDA George 100% Cotton Oxford Cuff Duvet Cover Set, from £30

Made from 100% cotton, with a thread count of 300, this bedding set looks and feels a lot more expensive than its supermarket origins. The simple white style makes this set compatible with most decor styles, while the silvery border adds interest. You'd have to look for a long time to find the same thread count for a better price.

“I commented to DH the other day that our white bedding from George at Asda was now 6 years old, bought when we first moved in togther. It’s beautifully soft. DS has two sets of bedding from Asda too which are also very good.”

“Another vote for George at Asda. Absolutely amazing quality for the price.”

Buy now at ASDA

Sanderson Bedding, from £45

Sanderson Bedding, from £45

Crisp white sheets are lovely – but they're not for everyone (we're looking at you, spillers) so, in order to enjoy a cuppa in bed with peace of mind, lots of Mumsnetters opt for patterned bedding. Mumsnetters rate Sanderson bed linen for their range of classic, English-garden designs, durability, and quality. Plus, with 300 thread count pillowcases from £15, the price isn't bad either.

“Sanderson covers from Bedeck never need ironing and still look great after years of use.”

Shop now at Bedeck

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