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10 best strimmers to keep your garden neat and tidy

Using an effective garden strimmer can make a massive difference to your garden as it can help you achieve a perfect lawn edge and a much neater look. To assist with transforming your outside space, we’ve searched for the best buy strimmers of 2022.

By Gemma Lumley | Last updated Apr 26, 2022

Woman using garden strimmer

Grass strimmers are a useful piece of kit to add to your gardening arsenal. Their compact size and the flexibility of the head to turn and cut into the tricky areas of grass that your lawnmower is too big for make them super handy.

They will trim lawns to create tidy edges, and, thanks to their precision, they can avoid damaging plants and ornaments when you’re wanting to spruce up the area around them. Strimmers (or trimmers, if you prefer) are also great for the initial tackling of unruly, overgrown grass, helping to keep your garden looking spick and span.

To find the best strimmer for your garden, consider the size and type of the landscape, whether you want a corded or cordless model and your budget. The right choice will enhance your home and create a smart look outside. Here's our pick of the top options for any gardener.

How we chose our recommendations 

We’ve thoroughly researched the best garden strimmers you can buy in 2022, including investigating tried and tested experiences from a wide range of reliable sources. Here's how we carefully selected all of our picks. 

Recommendations from real Mumsnet users 

Many of our users within the Mumsnet community have experienced the challenges of keeping their gardens neat and tidy and wanted to find effective and robust equipment to help. So firstly, we weighed up Mumsnetters' tried and tested reviews and recommendations on the garden strimmers they’ve used and rated from their own experiences, including their advice on any critiques, challenges or things to be aware of when investing. 

Expert opinions 

Garden strimmers, especially petrol-driven models, can be expensive. So we wanted to be confident that the products we recommended were safe and performed well across the board. Therefore, we scrutinised the views of the gardening industry by listening to the experts at specialist websites and retailers to see which strimmers they rate and trust to perform well. 

Authentic customer reviews 

Finally, we evaluated trusted bestseller lists and authentic reviews from various retailer sites to see which products were highly rated. We weighed up the pros and cons of each garden strimmer to determine which were best suited to a variety of garden environments. 

Whether you’re after a compact model that can be easily stored or a commercial one that can tackle the most extensive gardens, here are the 10 best garden strimmers to buy in 2022.

1. Best overall garden strimmer: Black+Decker STC1820PC-GB Cordless Grass Strimmer

Overall best

Price: £100 | Buy now from Amazon

“Last year I bought a new cordless strimmer for the edges - a Black+Decker, which also works well.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user NanTheWiser

The Black+Decker STC1820PC-GB is our pick for the best grass strimmer. It can tackle both rugged, overgrown areas and light, delicate work thanks to the clever combination of a turbo mode and an eco-setting. 

This incredibly priced model has a cutting swath of 28cm (most non-commercial models are 25cm), a powerful 18V battery and a fast speed of 7,400 rpm. Yet, despite this impressive capability, it is lightweight and surprisingly quiet. 

It’s comfortable and easy to use, thanks to the adjustable handle and non-faffy automatic cord feed. We also love how easy and quick it is to flip this great wire-free strimmer into trimming mode. 

Key specs

  • Type: Cordless/battery
  • Power: 18V
  • Weight: 2.6 kg
  • Cutting width: 28cm
  • Edging: Yes


  • It doesn’t easily clog up with grass 
  • Lightweight
  • Power levels can be altered to preserve battery life


  • On full power, the battery only lasts 30 minutes

2. Best budget garden strimmer: Flymo Contour 500E Electric Grass Trimmer and Edger

Budget strimmer

Price: £58.20 | Buy now from Amazon

The Flymo 500E Electric Grass Trimmer and Edger is a budget model with many great features. It’s easy to get to grips with and, while it's not the most lightweight option on our list, it weighs in at just over 3kg, making it easy to manoeuvre around your garden, unlike some of the heavier models available. However, it’s not the most powerful machine, so it is better for small gardens rather than large areas of lawn, but that also means it’s very quiet when in use. 

This Flymo boasts lots of adjustability too, including an easy to twist head to switch between trimming and edging modes and a telescopic handle which can be adjusted depending on who's using it. The automatic double line feed also makes life much easier if you have a breakage. 

We were impressed with the functionality and ability to tackle hard-to-reach spots on what is meant to be a basic machine. The rough strimming, precise edging and shrub trimming settings are all great too, adding the the excellent value of this inexpensive model. 

Key specs

  • Type: Corded/electric
  • Power: 500W
  • Weight: 3.1kg
  • Cutting width: 25cm
  • Edging: Yes


  • Plant guard to protect precious plants
  • Soft grip for comfortable use 
  • Very quiet 


  • Corded, so you need to be close to a plug

3. Best trimmer for a small garden: Makita DUR181Z String Trimmer

Small garden

Price: £79.99 | Buy now from Amazon

“Makita products are usually very robust and efficient.” (Brand tried and tested by Mumsnet user Onesmallstepforaman)

The Makita DUR181Z is the best budget trimmer for a small garden, making it fantastic for lawns that only need occasional work. Thanks to the adjustable height settings, a five-position tilting head, and light, balanced feel, it's also easy to use. 

Consumers were delighted with the battery life in reviews, and the charging indicator is useful when reaching the end of your chosen task. The 18V cordless power source can be charged quickly in just 22 minutes, ideal for when you have a spot of trimming to do but unexpectedly find your strimmer's out of power. Just be aware that it doesn't come with the battery included, so you will need to buy this separately.

If the usually robust 2 mm cutting line does break, it is easy to fix and change, and it comes with a complete spare spool. We were also thrilled with the safety goggles and harness included in the price. 

Key specs

  • Type: Cordless/battery 
  • Power: 18V
  • Weight: 3.1kg
  • Cutting width: 26mm
  • Edging: Yes


  • Lightweight
  • Safety goggles and shoulder strap included
  • Comfortable to use 


  • The battery needs buying separately

4. Best strimmer for edging: Ryobi OLT1832 ONE+ Cordless Grass Trimmer

Ryobi strimmer

Price: £64.99 | Buy now from Amazon

The Ryobi OLT1832 is the ideal option for people who have a variety of tasks to tackle in their garden as it’s a fantastic all-round machine that is at ease with trimming weeds, both thick and thin grass edging and reaching under garden furniture. 

It is easy to operate; there is just one switch flick to adjust the head to a choice of three angles, the cutting range can reach a practical 30cm, and the auto-feed mechanism will fix a line break quickly. The head is telescopic, too, making it compact enough for simple storage and suitable for people of all heights. 

Ryobi has an excellent reputation for durable products, which is reassuring, and this garden strimmer feels light but robust. There are lots of helpful tools and extras readily available to buy, but you do need to purchase a 5.0Ah battery and charger separately. 

Key specs

  • Type: Cordless/battery
  • Power: 18V
  • Weight: 2.3kg (without battery)
  • Cutting width: 25-30cm
  • Edging: Yes 


  • Spares are easy to source 
  • Wide cutting width 
  • Great for both tough and delicate areas 


  • Need to pay extra for the battery 

5. Best strimmer for tough garden work: Webb WEBC43 43cc Petrol Brushcutter and Lawn Edger

Webb strimmer

Price: £174.95 | Buy now from Amazon

The Webb Brushcutter is a more powerful version of a standard garden strimmer but has many of the same features. It is more expensive than the other models on our list, but it is the perfect solution for people who have lots of outdoor space that needs landscaping. 

If you're serious about lawn maintenance, this impressive strimmer is a heavy-duty option and, weighing 11.4kg and fuelled by petrol, it's the type most professional gardeners would choose. It may be loud and more costly to run, but it will make short work of brambles and thick patches of tough weeds and keep cutting until you’re ready for a rest. 

We love the sturdy, comfortable harness included in the price which makes it easier to bear the weight. The unique cow horn shape of the handle also makes this dynamic machine a cinch to manoeuvre around the garden. 

Key specs

  • Type: Corded/electric
  • Power: 43cc
  • Weight: 11.4kg
  • Cutting width: 25cm
  • Edging: Yes


  • Two-year guarantee
  • Powerful
  • Harness included 


  • Heavy 
  • Need petrol for it to run

6. Best cordless garden strimmer: Stihl Cordless Line Trimmer FSA 45

Cordless strimmer

Price: £105.00 | Buy now from Just Lawnmowers

“We got a Stihl battery operated strimmer/brushcutter. I'd thoroughly recommend it. We have put a blade on it, and it's really easy to use, and I've never been able to use it longer than the battery.” (Vetted by Mumsnet user Bluntness10)

The Stihl FSA 45 garden strimmer is compact, easy to store and cordless, so it won't leave you tripping up over the power lines. Also, unlike some strimmers, it has an integrated battery with green, amber and red lights, to indicate when it needs charging, a nifty feature that is super helpful. 

This is a great, fully adjustable garden tool that is also very comfortable to operate. There are eight height choices, six handle angles, and lots of different position options for the mowing head for precise trimming. 

This Stihl strimmer can be used with a traditional line or Polycut blades for more demanding tasks. You can change the mode mid-use; there is even storage space on the machine's body for your extra tools.

We were also thrilled with the safety features – an activation key is needed to start the power meaning it’s safe to store and transport and can’t be used by small family members. 

Key specs

  • Type: Cordless/battery
  • Power: 18V
  • Weight: 2.3kg
  • Cutting width: 25cm
  • Edging: Yes


  • Lightweight
  • Two-year guarantee
  • Quiet


  • Short run time 

7. Best strimmer for low noise: Einhell GC-CT 18 Li Power X-Change Cordless Garden Strimmer


Price: £89.99 | Buy now from Amazon

“Last year I invested in a battery strimmer that has replaceable blades rather than a strimmer cord. Makes edging a quick and easy job plus I can use it as a weed whacker if needed.” (Type of strimmer recommended by Mumsnet user Proudboomer)

The Einhell GC-CT Cordless Garden Strimmer provides neat grass, sharp edges and the end of stubborn patches of weeds. It comes with 20 blades and a handy storage compartment, so they are always there when you need them. 

This lightweight strimmer is super quiet to use and, as it uses eight times less energy than ordinary strimmers, it will run for an impressive 40 minutes without needing to charge the battery. The cutting circle is slightly smaller than standard, but this may work well in smaller gardens. It also has a flower guard to protect plants and shrubs from being damaged. 

There are two handles on either side of the shaft; one has lots of height adjustability, and the other has a storage section. Both make the tool easy to manage in all garden areas. If you enjoy using Einhell products, the rechargeable battery will work with all other varieties of their garden power tools, so this is a great cost-effective option. 

Key specs

  • Type: Cordless/battery
  • Power: 18V
  • Weight: 2.1kg
  • Cutting width: 24cm
  • Edging: Yes


  • Lightweight
  • 20 replacement blades included 
  • Long battery running time 


  • Narrow cutting width

8. Best strimmer for battery life: Greenworks Cordless Grass Trimmer & Brush Cutter 48V

Large garden strimmer

Price: £246.94 | Buy now from Amazon

“We've got a Greenworks electric mower and strimmer that has two batteries and does our large garden in one go - I'd recommend it.” (Brand tried and tested by Mumsnet user AuntieDolly)

This Greenworks Cordless Grass Trimmer isn’t cheap. Still, it comes with a brush cutter attachment that will destroy brambles and stubborn weeds, plus two 40V batteries that will work on all Gardenworks machines and a charger, so it is outstanding value. Reviewers also loved how long the power lasts, with a few saying it worked for about 40 to 45 minutes of consistent use. 

The string cutting system on this strimmer is a sturdy 2 mm, so it is less likely to break, but if it does, the automatic thread feed means you can carry on working without any interruption. In addition to the efficient and wide (40cm) cutting arc, you’ll use on sensitive parts of the garden, the 25cm scythe attached is excellent on tall grass and shrubbery. 

Your neighbours will thank you for choosing the Gardenworks as it is remarkably quiet on all variable speed options. It also feels stable to use, light and, thanks to the cordless nature of this tool, you won’t be tripping over wires. 

You can also buy a great value Greenworks mower and strimmer bundle here.  It’s an older and simpler strimmer model and basic lawnmower, but it would be a fantastic starter set for a small garden. 

Key specs

  • Type: Cordless/battery 
  • Power: 48V
  • Weight: 5.5kg
  • Cutting width: 40cm
  • Edging: Yes


  • Great for all areas of the garden
  • Wide cutting arc
  • Variable speeds to conserve battery life


  • Some kits don't include the batteries and charger, so make sure you buy the right one
  • Expensive

9. Best lightweight garden strimmer: Terratek 20V Cordless Strimmer


Price: £84.99 | Buy now from Amazon

The Terratek Cordless Strimmer is a super-light garden trimmer that weighs only 2kg. It will work effectively for all your weed trimming and lawn edging needs. 

It’s fantastic value too; unlike most garden strimmers, two 20V rechargeable batteries are included, and they last 40 minutes each. In addition, the cordless nature of this nifty machine means you can make quick work of your entire garden without getting tangled up. 

This user-friendly tool is so easy to set up. 20 quick-change blades are part of the package, and they click quickly in and out of the easy-to-access housing. Lawn edging heights can also be adjusted from 95 to 115cm at the touch of a button. 

Key specs

  • Type: Cordless/battery 
  • Power: 20V
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Cutting width: 25cm
  • Edging: Yes


  • Two batteries included
  • Two-year guarantee
  • Great value 


  • Batteries take up to five hours to charge

10. Best petrol garden strimmer: Stihl FS40 Petrol Grass Trimmer

Petrol strimmer

Price: £209 | Buy now from Just Lawnmowers

Petrol garden strimmers such as the Stihl FS40 are designed for gardens requiring tough love. It is more expensive than most machines on our list, but as a robust professional product from a trusted brand name, it is very affordable.  

The two-stroke engine, 2 mm cutting string and optional tough plastic blade all work together to give you enough oomph to clear extensive overgrown gardens or undergrowth on allotments. It has clever, easy-to-reach features, and in the unlikely event of the string breaking, you simply have to bump the head off the ground to release more. 

This solidly built Stihl FS40 is relatively easy to start for a petrol strimmer and, at 2.9kg, isn’t too heavy. We also liked that, despite being petrol-powered, this machine isn’t too smelly, and the engine emissions are low, though safety goggles are included, which is in an excellent touch. 

Key specs

  • Type: Petrol 
  • Power: 1hp
  • Weight: 4.4kg
  • Cutting width: 38cm
  • Edging: No


  • Powerful
  • Great for big, overgrown gardens 
  • Robust and reliable 


  • Heavy
  • Petrol needs to be sourced

Why do I need a grass strimmer?

Grass strimmers are vital if you want the edges of your lawn to look neat and tidy or have parts of your garden that are difficult or damaging for your lawnmower to reach, such as under a trampoline or the perimeter of a rockery. 

Grass trimmers are also handy at the beginning of a big landscaping project. They can cut down very long grass or, if powerful enough, tackle brambles and thick weeds. 

What are the types of strimmer?

  • Cordless/battery trimmers: A cordless strimmer is the safest and most convenient, especially in a compact garden, where constantly tripping over the cord would be annoying at best, and potentially dangerous. Power is usually provided by a fast-charging lithium battery that will last for between 20 and 40 minutes of use. Again, check that the battery doesn’t need to be bought separately. 
  • Corded/electric trimmers: Corded strimmers tend to be cheaper and more powerful than cordless models, but you risk cutting or tripping over the cable. Also, check the cord length provided; you may need to use an extension cable in larger gardens. 
  • Petrol trimmers: A powerful petrol strimmer is a prudent choice if you’re lucky enough to have a large garden or need to clear a lot of land. They are hard-working and robust but noisy and heavy, and there’s a trick to starting them up. 
  • Line/string strimmers: A line strimmer’s cutting mechanism is to spin a robust plastic cord at great speed. Lines can be single or double, and the width will be between 1.2 mm and 2 mm, with the wider being more durable. Lines will inevitably wear down with use, and when they break, either an automatic feed or a manual button will reel out more. Replacing an empty spool of the line can be faffy, so have a read of this Which guide to stop your strimmer line from breaking.  
  • Blade strimmers: A blade strimmer uses two plastic, toothed blades to cut, and, as they are less prone to breaking than lines of string, they are more appropriate for wilder gardens. Blades can still fall off, however, so most strimmers of this type will come with extras.

Can I use a strimmer to mow the lawn or trim hedges?

If a strimmer is all you have to hand, it could be used to mow a lawn. However, the finish would be very uneven and take a long time. One of these great value cordless lawn mowers would be worth the investment if you have grass to cut regularly. Or, if you’re short on time, take a look at these robot lawn mowers

Trimming hedges with a strimmer isn’t advised though; the wood would be too wide and hard for the string cutter or even a plastic blade. The high angle you would need to have the strimmer at for a hedge would also be extremely dangerous. If you do need to cut hedges back, these are the best hedge trimmers for the job. 

What’s the difference between a strimmer and a trimmer?

You will find absolutely no difference between a garden strimmer and a trimmer; they both do the same job of controlling your garden. ‘Strimmer’ is just a brand name that has stuck. 

What's the difference between a strimmer and a brush cutter?

A brush cutter is bigger and more durable than a standard strimmer, though some models do both jobs exceptionally well, such as the excellent Ryobi Electric 2-in-1 Brushcutter. A brush cutter is helpful for thick foliage, tough nettles and thorny brambles.

Is a straight or curved shaft trimmer better?

Curved shaft trimmers are easier to manoeuvre and are smaller and lighter, so they will usually be more suitable for an intricate garden with lots of flowerbeds, rockeries and furniture. On the other hand, a straight shaft strimmer will be bigger and more powerful, so they are better suited for bigger gardens with open spaces that regularly need taming.

How to buy the best strimmer for you 

Which garden strimmer is best for you depends on your type of garden and what you plan to achieve. Here are some tips on what to look for when making your choice. 

  • Power source: Cordless strimmers provide freedom to trim your garden unencumbered by a cord. Make sure the battery life suits the size of your garden so you don’t have to stop working for hours to recharge. Corded garden trimmers are cheaper and produce more cutting power; they will work well in small gardens where you’re near a plug socket. Petrol models tend to be for professional gardeners, but if your garden needs lots of time, energy and attention, the muscle they provide will be invaluable. 
  • Batteries: Ask yourself the following questions. How long will the battery last when the strimmer is used? How long will it take to charge fully? How much power does it produce? Is it included in the price of your new strimmer? 
  • Auto-feed, bump or manual replacement cutting lines?: Your cutting line will inevitably break at some point. Auto-feed strimmers will immediately release more, bump guards will produce more line with a simple nudge of the trimmer head, and manual models will need hands-on intervention.
  • Cutting blades: Plastic or nylon blades are an alternative to cutting lines.
  • Bump guard: A metal bump guard on the head of a strimmer will stop it from accidentally cutting beyond where you want it to. This is a great feature to protect your expensive garden furniture and precious plants. It will also stop the strimmer from breaking when it catches a fence or rockery wall. 
  • Cutting width: The cutting width is the size of the area cut on each sweep of the strimmer. Most domestic tools will range from 24 to 30cm; the higher the number, the faster your task will take. 
  • Interchangeable heads: Grass trimming, weed whacking, and lawn edging are tasks you can expect of your strimmer, so before you make a purchase, check what your choice is capable of. Heads for each function may need to be changed manually, with an easy access button or simply by turning over the strimmer to the other side. 
  • Noise and vibration: Most domestic strimmers are relatively quiet, but if you or your neighbours are noise sensitive, check the decibel level before buying.
  • Comfortable to use: If you’re proud of your gorgeous garden, you’ll likely use your strimmer a lot, especially in summer. That means it needs to be comfortable and even fun to use. Look for lightweight models (2-3kg) with an ergonomic handle. Height adjustability and an intuitive shaft design will work well for different tasks and users too, for example, curved handles are great for getting into tricky corners easily.
  • Spare parts: Strimmers which come with a quality, rechargeable battery, spare plastic blades and extra cartridges of the cutting line are convenient and cost-effective. However, at the very least, make sure you can easily replace the vital parts of your new garden tool at a reasonable price. 

Which is the best strimmer? 

Our overall best garden strimmer is the fantastic Black+Decker Cordless Grass Strimmer. It’s an effective and efficient garden tool at an excellent price from a trusted brand. We love how easy it is to use in all modes, strimming and edging, plus it has a generous 28cm cutting arc that will make each task much faster to complete. 

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