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Best fidget toys of 2023, according to parents

Functional, fun and therapeutic, here is our guide to the best fidget toys to fit every need and budget in 2023.

By Jenny Wonnacott | Last updated Sep 20, 2023


Fidget toys, in some form, have existed for a long time, but in 2013 the fidget spinner put them firmly in the public's consciousness and rocketed sales of them into the stratosphere. Now they're everywhere, but the truth is they always have been. They've long been used to relieve certain symptoms in children and adults with Autism, ADHD, sensory issues and mental health disorders. Love them or loathe them, fidget toys are here to stay, and in 2023 there are more available than ever.

Fidget toys aren't just for kids though, adults can benefit from them too. There is medical evidence to suggest that they help to channel stress, anxiety and anger, as well as improve focus, concentration and even problem-solving skills. As a result the market has exploded with tonnes of different types of fidget, there are products you can wear and hold with bits to spin, push, pop, squish and stretch.

So whether you’re a clicker or a spinner, a popper or a roller, we've got a fidget spinner to suit you and your child. Using our triple-check process, we began by scouring the Mumsnet forums in search of which fidgets came parent-approved. This list was then cross-referenced with expert opinion and analysed using verified customer reviews to bring you the top selection to fit every need, budget and type.

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Best fidget toys under £15: Our top picks

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1. Best overall fidget toy: WHITESTAR Poppit Fidget Toy Pack of 3

Price on writing: £9 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Size: ‎19 x 11 x 3.8 cm | Material: Silicone| Type: Pop-it | Age: 3 years+ | Pack size: 3

What we like

  • Affordably-priced

  • Appeals to a wide range of ages

  • Variety of colour choices and shapes

  • Durable

What we don't like

  • Can have a rubbery smell at first

What Mumsnet users say

"My 9 year old and her friends like the Pop Its - it's relaxing for them popping it but it can also be a racing to finish game where they allocate half to each person and see who can pop their half first with one hand or one finger." (Advice from Mumsnetter Name12341)

Our verdict

If popping never-ending bubble wrap is your (or your kid's) idea of heaven, then a Pop-It is sure to be one of the best fidget toys you can buy. At only £7 for a pack of three fun, colourful shapes, it's also a bargain to boot!

The playground Pop-It craze is popular with kids of all ages and is the perfect stress reliever for adults. Just depress the bubbles, enjoy the satisfying popping sound, flip it over and do it all again. The toy is made from soft silicone and can be easily gripped by little hands.

Pop Its are available in a huge range of colours and shapes, but we love this pack of three in the classic rainbow colours. Each fit easily in a school bag and is great for keeping little hands busy in the back of the car, too - just choose dinosaur, robot or unicorn, and get ready to pop!

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2. Best fidget toy on a budget: Claire's Push-Poppers Fidget Toy Keyring

Price on writing: £1.50 | Buy now from Claire's

Key specs

Material: Plastic | Type: Pop-it | Age: 3 years+

What we like

  • Small Size

  • Key-ring

  • Discreet

  • Portable

What we don't like

  • Colour is chosen at random

  • Can receive duplicates

What Mumsnet users say

“They’re a bit like silicone bubble wrap. My ASD kid’s obsessed with them so we have several in different sizes and designs.” (Approved by Mumsnetter SomeoneSomewhere21)

Our verdict

Claire's Push-Poppers Fidget Toy Keyring is among the best fidget toys on a budget because at just £1.50, it offers a lot of fun for very little cost.

Small enough to be discreetly held in the hand, and extremely lightweight, this dual popper fidget toy can be easily clipped onto school bags, pencil cases or keys to be transported to school or work or wherever you are! This key chain comes in three colours, blue, green or pink, the only downside is that colour selection is random so you can't choose which colour you receive. The website recommends that if you or your child is particular about the colour you can pop into your nearest store to make a selection.

Claire's has a whole range of push-poppers in different shapes to choose from if you love this one, too.

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3. Best fidget toy for autism: abeec Magnetic Rings Spinz

Price on writing: £4 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Size: 114.4cm x 10.5cm x 1.7cm | Material: Plastic | Type: Spinner | Age: 8 years+

What we like

  • Compact

  • Discrete

  • Silent

  • Great colour range

  • Perfect for pockets

  • Round corners

  • Anti-scratch

What we don't like

  • Can take a while to master tricks

  • Not suitable for younger children

  • May not fit adult fingers

What Mumsnet users say

“I have bought the rings for DD. She likes fidget spinners.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnetter Lovemusic33)

Our verdict

We couldn't list the best fidget toys without mentioning the infamous fidget spinner. Fans of these silent, spinning fidget-conquerors will love honing their skills on the abeec Magnetic Rings Spinz. All you have to do is place two of the rings on your fingers, keeping the third one free to rotate and turn at ever-increasing speeds. This can take a little while to master, so a little patience is needed.

The rings are small enough to be carried in bags and trouser pockets, making them an ideal companion to the best travel games if you're heading off on holiday this summer. They are also silent, which means they're a discrete option for tactile sensory stress relief. The rings are available in neon, metallic, glitter and glow, so there is a style to suit all tastes.

4. Best cute fidget toy: Little Live Pets Squirkies

Price on writing: From £13 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Weight: 40.8g | Material: Plastic | Type: Click, flick, tangle and pop | Age: 5-12 years

What we like

  • 3-1n-1 pack

  • 30+ cute characters to collect

  • Multiple fidget points

  • Rare metallic and glow in the dark characters

What we don't like

  • Some reviewers found they fell apart quite easily

Our verdict

New for 2023 from Mumsnet favourite Little Life Pets, these collectible Squirkies fidget toys are available in individual packs, packs of three or packs of five, with each character offering two or more fidget points for children to explore include popping, clicking, flicking and tangling.

With over 30 adorable characters to collect, children will love trading with their friends and trying to find the more rare designs including metallic and glow in the dark. In terms of cuteness and character-based fun, these are some of the best fidget toys you can choose.

We like their brightly coloured and engaging designs, especially the jellyfish, butterfly and axolotl, which also double up as a fun play character in their own right - perfect if you're looking for the best toys for six year olds.

5. Best fidget toy for the office: Jiki Magnetic Fidget Pen

Price on writing: £14 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Size: 19cm x 6.5cm x 2cm | Material: Magnets and Alloy Steel | Type: Magnetic Crinkle Pen| Age: 12 years+

What we like

  • Multipurpose pen

  • Various stress-relief options

  • A creative toy as well as stress-relieving

  • Two stylus heads included - gel pen and touch screen pen

What we don't like

  • No instructions

  • Practicality of carrying around a box

What Mumsnet users say

“Bought my son a few fidget pens. They fit in very nicely at secondary school! Amazon have several.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user Kwackerly)

Our verdict

This smooth, magnetic pen from Jiki contains 12 steel balls and 13 magnetic rings, which can be rotated, stuck together, pulled apart and used in myriad ways as a fidget toy or to create tiny models with the various pieces. It’s endlessly entertaining and also relaxing and it looks grown-up enough for the office or senior school, making this one of the best fidget toys for adults and/or teens.

As a pen, it works really well and can be used for writing as well as a touch screen stylus. The swappable stylus heads are included inside as well as 13pcs of magnetic rings and 12pcs of steel balls. The only downside is that some customers felt there needed to be some instructions or ideas for designs given.  It’s presented in a nice gift box and would make a great present for anyone who loves a good pen - or a good fidget.

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6. Best fidget toy for ADHD: Paochocky Rainbow Fidget Cube

Price on writing: £5 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Size: 6.2cm x 5.9cm x 4.7cm | Material: Plastic | Type: Multi-type | Age: Adult (though could be used by children 11+)

What we like

  • Multi-use: click, flick, roll and spin

  • Sturdy

  • Versatile design

  • Quiet

  • Designed for your desk

What we don't like

  • Some previous customers said it felt cheap

What Mumsnet users say

“Found the fidget cube quite useful as it can be used with one hand (so can be used when writing or drawing).” (Recommended by Mumsnet user Calligraphy572)

"My youngest son is autistic, ADHD and has Tourettes, he also has pica, some of the toys work brilliantly, others are a waste and not designed for children with SEN. I have found the best ones to be the cubes that click and have different buttons to push." (Tried and tested by Mumsnetter EveryoneIsUnique)

Our verdict

Whether you’re a clicker, flicker, spinner or roller, the Paochocky Rainbow Fidget Cube is one of the best fidget toys for occupying the hands, focusing the mind and promoting well-being and relaxation.

This funky little cube is the perfect choice for children with ADHD or anyone who can’t keep their fingers still. Measuring ‎6.2 x 6.2 x 4.5cm, this small cube fits nicely into school bags and is made from durable silicone, meaning it’s built to last. Each side has a different ‘fidget’ to try, including a joystick, friction, button, scroll, rotary dial and switch, so there’s always something to match your mood. For its price tag, it’s offering a lot, but be aware that it isn't made of the highest quality materials. Therefore, it can break easily if not looked after.

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7. Best sensory fidget toy: Dinosaur Stretchy Strings

Price on writing: £9 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Size: 22.6cm x 11.4cm x 5.2cm | Material: Plastic | Type: Sensory strings | Age: 3 years+

What we like

  • Six in a pack so it won’t matter if you lose a few

  • Great for sensory seekers

  • Skill building for kids

  • Durable

  • F963 International Safety Standard

What we don't like

  • More expensive than some

  • Look a little ‘young’ for some older kids perhaps

What Mumsnet users say

“My autistic son is nearly 10, he's a sensory seeker, he loves 'brain putty', also those cushions with flippy sequins, stretchy bands, wobble cushions, one of those pin things where you press your hand or face in it and it makes the shape on the other side, Rubik's cubes.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user WeJammin)

Our verdict

If spinners and poppers aren’t your thing, stretch toys may be the best fidget toys for you. Stretchy strings come in many colours and textures and these dinosaur ones are particularly good for ‘sensory seekers’ - children who love to investigate and are calmed by certain textures.

They have a soft, spiky texture that feels lovely to the touch and a dinosaur head and tail at each end. Made from a super-strong super-stretchy material, the strings can be stretched, pulled, twisted and squeezed to help eliminate stress and also develop sensory and motor skills in children. There are six different colours in each pack so you can always have one to hand in your bag for any fidgety moments.

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8. Best handheld fidget toy: Fidget Fun Box

Price on writing: £9.42 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Type: Variety pack | Age: 3 years+

What we like

  • Great value

  • Good variety of toys

  • Something for everyone

What we don't like

  • Not suitable for children aged under three

What Mumsnet users say

"I have a 10yo on the autism pathway who loves fidget toys. They're popular atm for children without SEN too." (Advice from Mumsnet user chiefcha)

Our verdict

If you can’t make up your mind which fidget toy to buy for your child, then why not try a whole box of them?

This bumper box contains no fewer than 24 of some of the best fidget toys, including pop tubes, stacking cubes, clicky snakes and football spinner. An ideal way to keep the kids entertained on a long car journey. Although you can get these individually, the cost can mount up quickly, so this is a great value option (especially with the rising cost of living).

If you're new to fidgets this is a great starter pack to try different types and see which one works best for you or your child's sensory need.

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9. Best fidget toy for older children and adults: Rubik’s Cube

Price on writing: From £10 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Size: 13.6cm x 12.8cm x 11cm | Material: Plastic | Type: Brain Teaser | Age: 8 years+

What we like

  • Durable

  • Hours of gameplay

  • Coloured tiles instead of stickers - so no cheating!

What we don't like

  • Can take ages to master

What Mumsnet users say

“My daughter has ASD... She’s almost 15 and loves gadgets and building things. She loves Rubik’s Cubes and Sudoku.” (Recommended by Mumsnetter Lovemusic33)

Our verdict

The Rubik’s Cube has been fascinating and frustrating us since 1980, and the appeal of this vintage fidget toy - created before fidget toys were even a thing - shows no sign of fading.

Although the cube has found a new generation of fans, the fact that it’s not changed in the 41 years since its launch means those who remember the original Rubik’s Cube craze can be carried off on a wave of nostalgia with every game. Built to last, the Rubik’s Cube is one of the best fidget toys for occupying the hands at the same time as developing motor skills, concentration and cognitive mapping skills.

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10. Best fidget toy for toddlers: Fisher-Price My First Fidget Cube

Price on writing: £10 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Size: 8.93cm x 8.89cm x 8.23cm | Material: Plastic | Type: Brain Teaser | Age: 6 months+

What we like

  • Sturdy

  • Great quality

  • Colourful

  • Six sides of play

What we don't like

  • Some previous customers report that buttons are too shallow for feedback

  • Some felt very young toddlers and babies only became interested as they grew older

What Mumsnet users say

“My top toys for travel are: A small set of stacking cups or nesting eggs. Teething rings. A balloon which you can blow up when waiting at the airport. Pipe cleaners can be taken in hand luggage and are fantastic fun. A high chair toy with suction. Two or three finger puppets. Fisher price ‘My First Fidget Cube’. A few stickle bricks.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user FiveMoreMinutes1)

Our verdict

What better way to introduce your little one to the wonderful world of the best fidget toys than by buying them the Fisher-Price My First Fidget Cube? This baby toy is like a chunky version of the Paochocky cube, reviewed above, with different ‘fidgets’ on each side to entertain your little one and encourage the development of various cognitive and motor skills. There are spinning rollers, a toggle switch, buttons to push and lots more.

Babies aged from six months onwards will be entranced by the six sides of buttons, switches and dials on this robust plastic cube. And as well as keeping them amused for hours, the cube will also help to develop some of the crucial skills they need.

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11. Best small fidget toy: mciskin Flippy Chain Fidget Toy

Price on writing: £7 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Size: 16.5cm x 7.9cm x 2.9cm | Material: Stainless Steel and Silicone | Type: Flippy Chain | Age: 3 years+

What we like

  • Quiet

  • Discrete size

  • Multipack

  • Durable

  • Rust-resistant

What we don't like

  • No colour options

What Mumsnet users say

“We like to have a selection of fidget/sensory bits so they can choose what works in the moment. For calming, the gel drop/ooze tube and oils drop timers are nice. We have a couple which are interlocking rings, and some bike chain with coloured rubber rings which slide nicely round and round. No idea what either are called, I usually just search for sensory fidget toys on Amazon and see what pops up.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnetter GigglingHyena)

Our verdict

The solid stainless steel Mciskin Flippy Chain Fidget Toy is small enough to be slipped into pockets, purses and bags, and quiet enough for a discrete fidget without disturbing others.

One of the best fidget toys for lowering stress and helping to manage ADD and ADHD, the toy is made up of durable silicone and rust-resistant metal rings that can be ‘fidgeted’ in an infinite loop motion to relax the mind and promote wellbeing. We like the design of it, which looks cool enough for a teen to take to school or college. It looks more like a puzzle than a game.

This particular toy comes in a pack of three, so you can keep one at school or work, one at home and a third as a spare, so you’re always prepared for an emergency fidget.

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12. Best fidget toy for anxiety: Anxiety Rings

Price on writing: £10 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Size: 5.6cm x 4cm x 2.1cm | Material: Stainless steel with silver coating  | Type: Anxiety ring | Age: 11+

What we like

  • Discreet

  • Attractive

  • Inexpensive (5 in a pack)

  • Adjustable band

What we don't like

  • Some reviews suggest the quality isn’t brilliant

What Mumsnet users say

"My daughter has one as a thumb ring and it does definitely help her" (Recommended by Mumsnetter ShonkyWonkyDonkey)

Our verdict

Ring fidgets were designed as the best fidget toys to help combat anxiety in a discreet way. They have beads or rotating pieces on the main band that can be spun with the fingers on your other hand to help you relax.

These rings come in a pack of five with various designs that work in different ways so you can experiment to see which movements work best for you. These rings are all of an open design so that they can be adjusted to fit any finger. They’re also nickel and lead free so they shouldn’t cause any allergic reactions.

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How do I choose the right fidget?

With so many on the market, it’s hard to know which are the best fidget toys for you and/or your children. The good news is that most are relatively inexpensive, so you can always invest in a few different toys and see what suits you or your child best.

As well as the well-documented benefits of best fidget toys for neuro-diverse children with conditions such as ADD and autism, fidget toys have plenty of benefits for the neuro-typical, too, and are as helpful for adults as children. A few of the benefits include:

  • Calming anxiety

  • Increased focus

  • Combating restlessness

  • Developing fine motor skills

  • Improving hand-eye coordination

  • Helping to learn through multi-sensory activity

  • Improving self-control

  • Boosting self-esteem

Are fidget toys only for autism?

Some of the best fidget toys, such as the ubiquitous fidget spinner, were initially created to help children with autism improve concentration and focus. Fidget toys also help to channel any stimming behaviours that may be potentially unhealthy or harmful.

But these toys are now widely used by children and adults who tend to fidget. They help with concentration and anxiety and help to occupy the hands, preventing bad habits such as nail biting.

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Who can benefit from a fidget toy?

In short, everyone can benefit from a fidget toy. You don't need a particular reason. If you think it will help you or your child, you don't lose anything by trying it (except for a little bit of money). We'd recommend the Fidget Fun Box to try which fidget toys give the best sensory feedback.

However, certain groups do benefit from the best fidget toys more than others. People with:


  • Autism

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Mental Health Disorders

Are fidget toys good for ADHD?

Yes, fidget toys can be really helpful for children and adults with ADHD as they provide stimulus for touch and expelling energy, which can help those with ADHD focus.

What fidget toys are best for ADHD?

We think the Paochocky Rainbow Fidget Cube is one of the best fidget toys for occupying the hands, focusing the mind and promoting well-being and relaxation.

This funky little cube is the perfect choice for children with ADHD or anyone who can’t keep their fingers still.

What are the cons of fidget toys?

Well, that varies between types. Some are noisy, some are unsafe for young children, some aren't well-made, and some are easily destructible. That's why we recommend making a considered choice before purchasing using our list of the best fidget toys.

What are the best fidget toys for anxiety?

Much depends on the person in question and what suits them, but generally, people with anxiety often report that sensory-type toys (ones with lots of texture and that feel soft to the touch) work best for anxiety. We think the best fidget toys in this category include stretch worms, squish toys and stress balls. Some, like the Mohdoh we reviewed above, also incorporate aromatherapy to help relax you further.

Which fidget is best for adults?

Adults will get the most from the Jiki Magnetic Fidget Pen because of its multi-purpose as a fidget, tablet stylus and working pen. In a close second, the mciskin Flippy Chain Fidget Toy is perfectly discreet and pocket-sized for the office.

Which fidget is best for teens?

The best fidget for teens is a toss-up between the adjustable anxiety rings for their discreet and attractive design and the Paochocky Rainbow Fidget Cube for its pocket-sized, multi-sensory configuration.

What fidget is best for children?

For babies and toddlers, the Fisher-Price My First Fidget Cube is ideal for keeping fidgety hands engaged. Older primary-aged children, they'll enjoy the colourful designs of the Pop-it Fidget and the Stretchy Strings.

Do schools allow fidget toys?

That entirely depends on the school; speaking directly to them is the best way to find out. Remember, most have SEND sensory toys readily available as part of their provision, and they prioritise children with a specific and diagnosed need.

What is the best fidget toy for school?

The best fidget toys for school are Claire's Push Poppers Fidget Toy Key Rings. Discreet, quiet and small enough for a pocket or bag, children will love it, and your child's teacher will appreciate it.

What fidget toys should I buy?

There are several different things you should take into account when choosing a fidget toy.

  • Is it suitable for school or work? Some teachers or co-workers may frown on fidget toys that make repetitive noises which may be distracting. Also, be sure to check the school policy on fidget toys. Some schools have previously banned fidget spinners, and the last thing you want is any confiscations.

  • Durability: If your child is likely to use the toy often or is known for being a bit heavy-handed, make sure you buy a robust toy built to last. It may be worth paying a bit more for a top-quality fidget toy to save money in the long run.

  • Size: Do you need a fidget toy that’s compact, can be slipped into pockets and school bags and can be used without drawing attention? Or do you need something larger, more sturdy and easier to grasp?

What is the best fidget toy ever?

We think Pop It toys are a great choice, particularly if you’re splashing out for the first time on a fidget toy. Our choice for the best budget fidget toy would be the Claire's Push Poppers Fidget Toy Keyring. It’s discreet and lightweight enough to live on your keys or bag, is great for all ages and still offers plenty of popping satisfaction.

Where is the best place to buy fidget toys?

Amazon has a great selection and you’ll also find plenty of fidget toys on the high street in toy shops. It’s also worth looking at specialist shops such as Sensory Direct which might offer a few things you won’t find on the high street.

How we chose our recommendations

Mumsnet parent recommendations

We scoured Mumsnet forums to find out which fidget toys our users rated highly - and which ones they weren’t impressed by.

Expert opinions

We then consulted consumer watchdogs and noted what they looked for in fidget toys and which brands they recommended to their readers. We checked out their safety rating, awards and which were the most talked about.

Verified customer reviews

Finally, we collated all that information and cross-referenced it with online reviews. We looked to see which fidget toys had the most 5* ratings and the best write-ups.

Celebrated toys

As a result of our triple-check process, we were left with the best fidget toys trusted by parents, loved by children, rated by experts and recommended by previous customers.

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