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30 best Christmas gifts for men

When looking to buy for a guy leaves you present tense, turn to our roundup of the top Christmas gifts for men for 2021. From fragrance to fashion, our selection features all manner of festive treats that he won’t want to return before Boxing Day’s out. 

By Louise Cole | Last updated Jan 14, 2022

Man opening Christmas present

If you have a fussy chap to buy for who insists he already owns everything he needs, then you’re not alone. Many of us find it tricky to track down a gift that’ll genuinely be appreciated, but don’t panic. We’ve found the best gifts for men with the help of numerous consumer reviews and countless recommendations from unbiased Mumsnetters – and we’ve uncovered some crackers that are sure to surprise and delight. 

So whether he’s into his beard, beer, bees or none of the above, here are the best Christmas presents for men for 2021 that cater for all budgets, costing from just a few pounds up to the hundreds. We guarantee that he won’t have to feign his gratitude when the big day finally arrives. 

1. Best overall Christmas gift for men: Blumtal Pizza Stone and Paddle

Blumtal pizza stone

Price: £34.99 | Buy now from Amazon

“We already make pizza a lot at home. We just use a pizza stone in an ordinary oven and they come out well.” Caspianberg

“The pizza stone is used a lot. DH makes amazing garlic bread and pizza on it.” FairhairedandFrustrated

“The pizza stone sounds like it might be a good shout.” MardyNun

Our favourite Christmas gift idea for men is the Blumtal Pizza Stone and Paddle. For blokes who like getting busy in the kitchen, this professional-looking set will let them live out their pizza chef dreams.

Made from moisture-absorbing cordierite, the stone can be used in standard kitchen ovens and on BBQs. Warning: the paddle is described as ‘huge’ by some reviewers – but that just gives you an excuse to make massive pizzas too, surely?

2. Best budget Christmas gift for men: Wallet Ninja

Wallet Ninja

Price: £1.30 | Buy now from Amazon

“Every man who I have bought a Wallet Ninja for is still using it to this day, so I would certainly recommend it as a gift.” SmileCheese

“Wallet Ninjas went down well with my DH, dad and grandad.” IggyAce

A favourite stocking filler for men according to Mumsnetters, this nifty little gadget is a screwdriver, a ruler and a bottle opener all in one. It also slots perfectly into his favourite wallet. Talk about value for money.

3. Best stocking filler for men: M&S Chunky Slipper Socks Two-Pack

M&S slippers

Price: £9.50 | Buy now from M&S

“Lovely slipper socks to keep their feet toasty warm at home.” RubySlippers77

“M&S always.” Ricekrispie22

These chunky slipper socks from M&S will keep his feet warm and snuggly over the festive season and beyond. Not the most exciting gift, granted, but definitely one of the most useful.

4. Best booze Christmas gift for men: Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger Gin

Whitley Neill gin

Price: £20 | Buy now from Amazon

“It’s lovely with normal tonic and much nicer than other similar gins I’ve tried.” WishUponAStar88

“Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger Gin with ginger ale is the stuff dreams are made of!” WhatAreWordsWorth

Brimming with festive cheer, Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger Gin is an absolute favourite with Mumsnetters, making it one of the most popular gifts in our roundup. It’s versatile too, as it mixes well with tonic, prosecco or ginger ale. Just the ticket for curling up on the sofa when the snow’s falling outside – or, let’s be honest, more likely the rain.

5. Best men’s fragrance gift: The White Company Loch Grooming Gift Set

The White Company Loch set

Price: £50 | Buy now from The White Company

“My DP loves the shampoo/body wash from The White Company called Loch.” FizzyPink

There’s nothing nicer at Christmas than a new bottle of scent and this distinctly masculine set from The White Company hits the spot. The wooden gift box contains EDT, body wash and two-in-one shampoo and conditioner and also works well as a present for male co-workers or the boss.

6. Best novelty Christmas gift for men: Personalised Heinz Tomato Ketchup Bottle

Personalised Heinz ketchup

Price: £5.49 | Buy now from Heinz To Home

“Heinz do personalised tomato ketchup bottles and bean tins.” Eve

“Personalised bottle of tomato ketchup. Heinz does them.” ArabellaPilkington

From ketchup to mayo and soup to hoops, a personalised bottle or tin of his Heinz favourite makes a great novelty gift. We particularly love the Christmas versions. Add a gift box and personal message for just £1.

7. Best Christmas gift for bearded men: Wolfmen Beard Straightener

Wolfmen beard straightener

Price: £18.79 | Buy now from Amazon

“Surprise hit with my DH recently was a heated beard straightener. Obviously only works if you have a beardy DH, but mine thinks his beard looks much more well-kept now that he’s straightening it once or twice each week.” UncomfortableBadger

One for those with facial fluff, this heated beard straightener will tame your man’s unruly beard and leave it looking immaculate before you can say Santa Claus. Just don’t let him hog the bathroom mirror.

8. Best Christmas gift for music fans: Lexon Mino Bluetooth Speaker

Lexon Mino speaker

Price: £29.95 | Buy now from Amazon

“Lexon Mino. It’s tiny, but powerful.” HeronLanyon

“DH has a Lexon Mino and it’s great.” buckeejit

With a tiny design that belies its impressive sound quality, musos will love this mini portable Bluetooth speaker that’s small enough to fit in your pocket and comes in a rainbow of colours. It can be used with your smartphone to take selfies and even enables hands-free calls thanks to its inbuilt microphone.

9. Best Christmas gift for tech fans: Cocoon GRID-IT Organiser

GRID-IT organiser

Price: £15.95 | Buy now from Amazon

“GRID-IT. It’s like a handbag organiser for men, with lots of elastic straps to store charging leads, pens etc. I think it’s one of those things you’d never buy for yourself but would be a useful gift.” Cardy24

“I bought DH a GRID-IT after reading about it on MN two years ago. He loves it. Still in great condition.” reluctantbrit

“I had great success with GRID-ITs a couple of years back thanks to Mumsnet.” Barbarara

GRID-IT draws praise from Mumsnetters every year. It’s the ideal way for your favourite tech geek to show off all their gadgets and other random bits. It’s also a great low-cost stocking filler.

10. Best Christmas gift for male co-workers: Hotel Chocolat The Classic Christmas Sleekster

Hotel Chocolat chocolates

Price: £23.50 | Buy now from Hotel Chocolat

“Hotel Chocolat Classic Christmas Sleekster – a great gift idea for colleagues.” whatamessthiswas

“Another one here extolling the magnificence of Hotel Chocolat!” lazylump72

A failsafe Christmas gift, this box of chocolate goodies from Hotel Chocolat is a long-time favourite with chocoholic Mumsnetters, who certainly know their stuff on this particular topic. With festive flavours and firm favourites, it’s the ideal treat before the inevitable new year diets kick in.

11. Best game for men: Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

Price: £22.29 | Buy now from Amazon

“We bought it for DS a couple of Christmases ago – it was an instant hit and everyone from grandparents downwards played. It was definitely worth the money for the entertainment.” AndNoneForGretchenWieners

“It’s bad taste but hilarious! We played it with my parents when I was heavily pregnant – almost went into labour I laughed that hard.” Mammyloveswine

Warning: this close-to-the-knuckle game is absolutely not for children. But providing your recipient is over the age of 17 and not easily offended, he’s bound to enjoy it – as will the rest of the family once the kids are in bed, obviously.

12. Best Christmas gift for coffee lovers: AeroPress Coffee Maker

AeroPress coffee maker

Price: £30.90 | Buy now from Amazon

“I bought my coffee-mad boss an AeroPress for Christmas and he raves about it! I think I might get one for myself now.” LifeInAHamsterWheel

“Have added the AeroPress to my list for DP and BIL.” Jessica78

Much cheaper than a fancy schmancy coffee machine, the budget-friendly AeroPress is an ideal travel gadget too. Mumsnetters reckon that this is the perfect Christmas gift for the coffee enthusiast in your life – and particularly tired dads in need of a regular caffeine fix. It’s also praised highly by coffee maker reviewers.

13. Best multitool for men: Leatherman Rebar

Leatherman Rebar multitool

Price: £84.06 | Buy now from Amazon

“One of my most successful presents for DP was a Leatherman multitool. Fantastic quality. Still going strong over 10 years later and it’s used all the time.” CompleteBarstool

“A Leatherman multitool? DP uses his all the time and says it’s one of the best presents he’s ever had.” WellThatsATurnipForTheBooks

“I would really recommend – the Leatherman multitools are incredibly well made and built to last.” HedgerowRobin

While buying tools for blokes is something of a cliché, Leatherman’s products have a reputation for convenience and practicality – and even the most unhandy man needs a pair of pliers or a can opener once in a while. Virtually indestructible, this model boasts 17 features in one compact multitool.

14. Best men’s fashion gift: John Lewis & Partners Cashmere Zip-through Hoodie

John Lewis hoodie

Price: £150 | Buy now from John Lewis & Partners

“John Lewis cashmere has always been good.” Wildwood6

“Cashmere jumper. Every year. It’s selfish really – just much nicer to cuddle someone in a non-scratchy jumper.” mellicauli

Cashmere is a spendy sort of Christmas gift, but remember that the snuggle factor is more for your benefit than his. Available in Charcoal, Blue or Navy, this machine-washable hoodie is a luxe treat for the stylish dude in your life.

15. Best Christmas gift for men who mend: FORMcard Triple-Pack


Price: £4.99 | Buy now from Amazon

“FORMcards are a hit with the menfolk.” Be1atrix

“FORMcards look brilliant. They have them on Amazon.” hairygodmother

Men who prefer to fix than chuck will be in their element with these fantastic bioplastic cards that’ll mend everything from a zip-pull to a cracked fridge drawer. Simply pop in hot water to soften and they become mouldable, bonding to other plastics. Just the right size for his wallet and, even better, they’re reusable.

16. Best eco-friendly Christmas gift for men: Elvis & Kresse Billfold Wallet

Elvis Kresse wallet

Price: £78.50 | Buy now from Not On The High Street

“Elvis & Kresse firehose wallet.” DisgraceToTheYChromosome

“Elvis & Kresse donates 50% of its profit back into charities for firefighters. They have a great range, so well worth a look.” SnoopyLights

Sustainable and vegan-friendly, this wallet will come to the rescue when you’re all out of ideas. Made from decommissioned firehose previously deployed in active duty for up to 25 years – fighting fires around the UK – and lined with reclaimed parachute silk, it can also be personalised.

17. Best Christmas gift for DIY enthusiasts: Magnetic Wristband

Magnetic wristband

Price: £5.98 | Buy now from Amazon 

“DH is getting a magnetic wristband so I don’t have to hunt for missing screws.” Barbarara

“I’ve got my dad a magnetic wristband to hold screws and screwdriver bits etc while he’s doing DIY.” SoupDragon

There’ll be no more screws or drill bits lying around waiting to be trodden on or swallowed by unsuspecting toddlers with a magnetic wristband on the scene. Super-handy and size-adjustable, keen seamstresses will be willing him to be displeased come Christmas Day so they can use it themselves for pins and needles purposes.

18. Best Christmas gift for beer-drinkers: Philips Perfect Draft Beer Dispenser

Perfect Draft beer dispenser

Price: £308.99 | Buy now from Amazon

“DH had the Perfect Draft machine and it’s so good!” superstar84

“I’ve got mine the Philips Perfect Draft machine. He will love it, but wouldn’t spend that sort of money on it himself.” TheRosariojewels

“The Philips draft beer thing. He’ll love that!” Coronawireless

Those with bigger budgets can spoil their man with the Perfect Draft Beer Dispenser from Philips, which’ll allow him to pull the perfect pint in the comfort of his own home. The machine takes a keg of his favourite tipple so he can chill out and enjoy freshly-poured, cool draft beer on tap. Sticky floors and packets of pork scratchings not included.

19. Best Christmas gift for outdoorsy men: Barts Wilhelm Beanie

Barts beanie hat

Price: From £21.61 | Buy now from Amazon

“I like Barts hats.” goingtosnow

“Barts hats are great. They’re warm, last well and they also have a fleece headband so are comfy and cosy.” ImDivingIn

“Another vote for Barts. The ones with the fleece band are the best things ever!” AlannaOfTrebond

When Jack Frost shows his face, a well-chosen hat for the man in your life will keep him cosy and looking stylish to boot. This turnup beanie from Barts will suit most men and gives the finishing touch to any outdoors outfit.

20. Best Christmas gift for on-the-go guys: Bodum Vacuum Travel Mug

Bodum travel mug

Price: £18.78 | Buy now from Amazon

“Got my DH a Bodum travel mug. He doesn’t really drink but he does love to take a coffee to work in his van.” Jackiejoo

“Get him a coffee travel cup if he would use one.” AdaColeman

“Bodum travel cup – they’re the bees’ knees. I use mine every day. You can also get a plunger top so you can make ground coffee in it like a mini cafetière.” 0ellenbrody0

This handy vacuum-insulated mug makes the ideal travel companion as it’s designed for drinking on the go. With thousands of five-star reviews, it’ll keep drinks warm or cool for hours and, even better, it can go straight in the dishwasher when he gets home.

21. Best retro Christmas gift for men: Nintendo Game & Watch Super Mario Bros Game

Nintendo Super Mario

Price: £49.99 | Buy now from Argos

“The Nintendo Super Mario Bros Game & Watch – my own DS has asked for it. My sister had an original back in the 80s and we loved it.” Blogdog

“DS has asked for an ‘old fashioned’ handheld console game.” mammmamia

Take him back to the days of mullets, double denim and fluorescent socks with this classic Nintendo game featuring everyone’s favourite plumbers, Mario and Luigi. This new version of the 80s handheld electronic device includes a free trip down Memory Lane, the difference being that instead of offering only a single game, this one enables him to play three.

22. Best toiletry Christmas gift for men: Molton Brown Re-charge Black Pepper Festive Bauble

Molton Brown bauble

Price: £12 | Buy now from John Lewis & Partners

“My DH gets Molton Brown Black Pepper in his stocking every year – and he smells delicious.” HumphreyGoodmanswife

“Ooh, yes – the Molton Brown Black Pepper is lovely.” MardyNun

Molton Brown’s popular Black Pepper collection gets multiple positive mentions on the Mumsnet forums for its spicy fragrance that’s a true treat for the senses (both yours and his). The ideal gift for hard-to-buy-for men, this bath-cum-shower-gel-filled bauble is particularly apt for the time of year.

23. Best Christmas gift for LEGO fans: LEGO Volkswagen T2 Camper Van

LEGO campervan

Price: £149.99 | Buy now from LEGO

“I quite often buy DP something the kids will enjoy doing with him. Last year it was LEGO.” TryingtobePrepared

“Agree on LEGO! Never fails.” cavalierkingc

“I always get my DH LEGO sets.” Chewiecat

“A recent successful gift for my DH was some ‘grown-up’ LEGO for adults. He loved putting it together so much that I’m going to get him some others in the series for future gifts.” UncomfortableBadger

This LEGO VW camper van set isn’t cheap, but it’s challenging enough to keep any adult busy and would also be a great Boxing Day activity for dads to complete with their kids. More complex LEGO sets like this make great Christmas gifts for teens too.

24. Best gift for Lord of the Rings fans: Monopoly Lord of the Rings Edition

Lord of the Rings Monopoly

Price: £29.99 | Buy now from Amazon

“I’ve just bought my DH Lord of the Rings Monopoly!” NoLongerATeacher

Many of us reach for a board game for some tech-free fun over the festive season, with Monopoly being a Christmas classic. Lord of the Rings fans will particularly appreciate this edition that’s based on the movie trilogy – you can even play as a member of the Fellowship.

25. Best Christmas gift for dads: Art Hustle Father and Baby Matching Outfits

Art Hustle outfits

Price: £14.99 | Buy now from Amazon

“I’ve been struggling with what to get DH for Christmas. We are due a baby in the next few weeks so have ordered him this T-shirt and vest as he works in IT.” danidella

This quirky matching outfit for father and child is as amusing as it is adorable. With a black T-shirt for Dad, there’s a choice of a smaller tee or bodysuit depending on the size of their mini-me. Suitable for newborn babies and children up to five years old.

26. Best men’s Christmas gift for runners: Garmin Forerunner 245

Garmin Forerunner 245

Price: £184.42 | Buy now from Amazon 

“I have the Garmin 245 and I love it. Does everything you need and is very reliable.” fellrunner85

“Another vote for the Garmin Forerunner. It’s easy to see everything when I glance at it whilst running.” Minikievs

“I’m a Garmin Forerunner fan too. Currently have a 245.” emmathedilemma

“I have a Garmin Forerunner and it’s fab. Would replace it the same day if it broke, but it’s been going strong for years.” DazzlePaintedBattlePants

Smart enough to wear for business meetings yet robust enough for pounding the pavements in the pouring rain, this nifty gadget monitors the user’s training status, heart rate and stride length, among other stats. It may be one of the most expensive gifts in our selection, but it’s very clever too.

27. Best Christmas gift for pet owners: Personalised Dog Dad Gift Mug

Dog dad mug

Price: £12.50 | Buy now from Not On The High Street

“I’ve bought DP one of these personalised mugs with him and the cat on. I know he’ll love it!” IToldYouIWasFreaky

While a mug isn’t exactly the most inspired of gifts, that all changes when it’s custom-made for an obsessed pet parent. If your man’s best friend is his fur baby, he’s sure to adore this personalised Dog Dad mug, which is also available in feline form.

28. Best Christmas gift for nature lovers: Beebombs Native Wildflower Seedballs

Beebombs seedballs

Price: £7.99 | Buy now from Amazon

“If you have a partner who is into their garden, nature, walking, appreciates bees’ hard work etc, I think bee bombs are a great little stocking filler.” Charlottle

Environmentally-aware guys can feel like they’re doing their bit for the planet – plus pollinating insects – with these seeded Beebombs that’ll add flower power to any pot or plot. Wildflowers such as campions, cornflowers and cowslips will soon be popping up.  Just throw and grow.

29. Best subscription gift for men: Socks In A Box

Socks in a box

Price: From £22.50 | Buy now from Socks In A Box

“I’ve seen a few companies that deliver monthly and I think my DF would love this.” munchmunchly

“I would love a sock subscription!” WhereDidTheOddSockGo

Seriously, though, is it even Christmas without the gift of new socks? Treat your OH to a subscription with a difference with Socks In A Box, with one or two pairs delivered straight to his door once a month. Perfect if you’re trying not to fill your house with more clutter this Christmas.

30. Best men’s Christmas gift for wintry weather: NovForth Fleece-lined Men’s Snood

NovForth snood

Price: £12.90 | Buy now from Amazon

“A surprise hit was a thermal snood I picked up last-minute last year that he loves as he hates scarves.” hellisotherpeopleandhorlicks

“Does he have a snood? Great for walking as a scarf/hat/sweatband.” RockingMyFiftiesNot

Essentially a scarf without the faff, a snood is an uncomplicated and warming winter accessory – plus it doubles as a comfortable and convenient face covering should the need arise. This one comes in a choice of four inoffensive colours.

What’s the best Christmas gift for men?

The best Christmas gift for men is the Blumtal Pizza Stone and Paddle, which allows your favourite foodie to recreate restaurant-level pizzas at home. It’s a good option to please the most impossibly choosy of men – because let’s face it, most of us love pizza, right?

How we chose our recommendations 

All our Christmas gift ideas for men came from recommendations on the Mumsnet forums. We also checked independent review sites for opinions about each product to ensure we were bringing you an honest, detailed summary of Christmas gifts for husbands, partners, dads, brothers, teens, male in-laws and co-workers – and any other men in your life.

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