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Present ideas for men?

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crymeout · 10/07/2022 11:55

Before I start... this is the Christmas board Grin

I am not currently buying Christmas presents, but I've started making lists/ noting things down that I see that I know my children/ family will like. However, I can think of precisely 0 ideas for DP. I thought we could have this thread for people to post things they're getting/ have previously got men in their lives, be it family or friends. If anyone has any suggestions, please post them on here Smile

OP posts:
Youseethethingis1 · 10/07/2022 13:56

One of the best gifts I ever got for DH is one of those metal slim card holder wallets with RFID protection. Got a monogrammed one and included a metal photo card of the kids in it. It's much more practical than leather wallets and it's nice to see a gift getting proper day in day out use rather than shoved in a drawer.
Going to replace the photocard this year as DS3 will be arriving shortly so need a wee update 😊

BellyDancer124 · 10/07/2022 14:47

Following as this is a great question, thanks OP

I usually get DH some sort of ticket to something (sporting event, concert, flights for a city break etc) but I'd love some other ideas Smile

crymeout · 11/07/2022 10:24

I too usually get tickets for something, but I've looked at all the events on at the venues in our nearest city for a year and there's nothing I can find that he'd be into Sad

OP posts:
AliceMcK · 11/07/2022 10:40

It’s hard as men can be so different in what they like.

My DH dosnt want much usually but the last few years he’s had a few Lego sets. There is one he really wants but it’s over £700. He’s really not interested in gifts for the sake of gifts, he’s happy with his socks and undies from the DCs. He has said if he had to choose he’d rather have a PS5 rather than random stuff he wouldn’t use.

Other things I’ve got him over the last few years, Nespresso machine, coffees from around the world, beanie with blue tooth to listen to music. Since he’s been WFH he’s enjoyed setting his office up which is where the Lego sets come in, he dug out all his Star Wars/superhero and other sci-fi stuff out and has his office looking pretty good. So I’ve been adding to his collection each birthday and Xmas.

The only other man I buy for is FIL, he likes techy things and his annual merino wool jumper. I’ve got him in the past Bluetooth beanie also. Portable phone charger, wallet with RFID blocking. He’s a season football ticket holder so decent wool socks are also a hit, also got him a heated gillet one year.

Fivemoreminutes1 · 14/07/2022 06:55

Off-road driving experience
Pizza oven
Craft beer subscription
Ruck sack
Hotel Chocolat tasting club membership
Hot air balloon flight
Magazine subscription
BBQ tools and bbq recipe book
Personalised photo jigsaw
National Trust membership
Bird box with camera kit

blisstwins · 14/07/2022 07:05

Fragrance sampler, skincare, massage gift certificate

doodlejump1980 · 22/07/2022 08:44

If your dh is into mountain biking, then waterproof socks are always a winner (otter ones are great). I’m also getting my dh a magnetic water bottle thing that clips onto his frame. Made by fidlock.

whoamitojudge · 27/07/2022 20:51

My husband does a lot of fishing so I usually just give him money as I haven’t a clue what he needs/wants. I know that’s probably not very helpful for you OP sorry 😞

ToTryToDelight · 19/08/2022 19:30

presents that went down well:
Hotel chocolate velvetiser
ring doorbell
creed aventus
heated jacket
new car
coffee Machine
smart watch
Birds of prey day out

Cuwins · 19/08/2022 19:33

My dad really liked a box subscription for snacks from around the world that we got him one year

RockingMyFiftiesNot · 21/08/2022 14:57

My DH is a nightmare to buy for and has a winter birthday too. A hint I picked up off MN years ago is to replace/upgrade something they've already got. Eg a new black T-shirt, navy jumper, white shirt, walking socks or whatever it is they wear to death and never replace themselves.

I also listen out for clues during the year and make a note on my phone. For example, he mentioned he'd never had a golf lesson - will buy him a voucher for that. I heard him telling a friend he didn't really like whisky but had enjoyed a particular one so will buy him a bottle of that. He really enjoyed a bottle of wine in a restaurant recently so I took down the name (reminds me I need to look for it!)
I've also bought wines/spirits that remind us of a holiday or trip we've had that year.

Anywhereelse · 25/08/2022 20:48

My DH isn’t into material things except for specific clothing that he likes, so I tend to go for experience-type gifts. The popular ones have been:

Bletchley Park WW2 Codebreaker Museum tickets with lunch
Battle of Britain Bunker tickets with lunch
Cinema gift card
Theatre tickets
Gift card for favourite steak restaurant
Speed boat experience
Birds of Prey Experience voucher

USB fan for work (no air con)
Decorative notebooks for his hobby

I’d like to get him tickets to drive a WW2 tank but they cost a fortune for the specific one that he would like to drive. As you can probably tell he has an interest in history!

buckeejit · 25/08/2022 22:01

Dh is a pita. Bought him the best pepper grinder (Peugeot) & he still uses the same old disposable one that's about 8 years old. There are 5 or 6 grinding options & the good mill is just so much better. It's annoying.

He liked the velvetiser & a Guinness surger gadget, (you need some special surger tins but a good gift for Guinness drinkers)

Engraved Swiss army knife has been my best gift for dh. He also likes bamboo socks.

YorkieTheRabbit · 27/08/2022 10:16

Perfect Draft beer machine
Niwaki garden tools
Felco secateurs and leather gauntlets
Berghaus coat, this is for his upcoming birthday
Bbq accessories, cast iron skillet, pizza stone etc
Good quality aftershave balm/soother, the type he wouldn’t think to buy himself. I tend to get something like Clarins, and that will go in his stocking along with other bits. Last year I put shower steamers, Emma Bridgewater mug, jelly belly beans, new shaving brush, wool socks, and a bottle of Christmas ale.

bootswiththefur · 26/10/2022 19:28

I bought my other half a pizza oven last year (duel fuel) and he absolutely loves it. We've had grilled meat and pizzas on it and its great for social when you have friends over

QuietOne80 · 27/10/2022 22:15

As a man any one of these would be great:

A Philips Perfect Draft beer machine,
An Apple Watch,
Tickets and travel to a concert,
A framed print of a favourite album, band or film.

midsomermurderess · 27/10/2022 22:17

A good quality set of noise-cancelling headphones or ear buds.

pinklemonade84 · 29/10/2022 08:49

Funds are limited this year, so I'm currently thinking of new trainers and a set of whiskey stones for Dh

psuedocream3 · 29/10/2022 11:39

My husband never gives clues and wont tell me what he wants or needs so I guess and often get it wrong. The safe things I tend to get him is skincare, aftershave and chocolate albeit boring. I usually like to get him some technology but stuck for anything he would appreciate this year. I've done experience vouchers, even really expensive ones which never get used so I'm avoiding that. I'm going to make some art and have it framed

CakeCrumbs44 · 29/10/2022 17:41

My DH will get this year:
Escape room experience
Lego minifigures jigsaw puzzle
Desk calendar with kids photos on
Licorice all-sorts
Bluetooth headphones

Inasec24 · 29/10/2022 17:45

This year I have got DH:
Optimus Prime lego set
Head shaver
3 x books
American sweet hamper

In the past - Alexa, headphones, computer game, beard oil, posh whiskey, posh rum, slushie maker, soda stream

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