Sleepeezee pet beds win Mumsnet Rated

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The pet owners of Mumsnet have spoken and awarded Sleepeezee a Mumsnet Rated accreditation. 29 Mumsnet users tried Sleepeezee's memory foam dog beds (both the flat bed and basket style) out and 100% said they would recommend them to family and friends. Read on to find out why.

With a history of crafting supremely comfortable beds since 1924, Sleepeezee understands what it takes to guarantee a peaceful night’s sleep – for both humans and animals alike.

That's why they've brought together their best and brightest minds to design a collection of dog beds that offer your treasured companion a paws-itively glorious night’s sleep – launched in partnership with Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

What makes Sleepeezee's dog beds so special?

An industry first, Sleepeezee dog beds are the only beds available on the market that can be washed at 60ºC, which is ideal for offering a completely clean and fresh sleeping environment for even the messiest of pooches (and, of course, their feline friends too).

Each bed has been designed so that the cover can be easily removed. Built into the structure, handy hidden zips mean that there's no risk of harming your pet or scratching those beautiful hardwood floors.

Sleepeezee pet beds also neutralise and prevent strong odours. Created with bamboo and charcoal fillings, these materials will absorb excess moisture and offer a more hygienic sleeping environment for your pet.

With Sleepeezee’s strong heritage in comfortable and supportive mattresses, they've created a pet bed that provides much-needed pressure relief and cushioned support for your dog’s joints.

All of the beds are made using soft and supportive memory foam, which moulds itself to your pet’s body shape, allowing their bone structure, muscles and joints to rest peacefully in their natural position.

The responsive foam also means that the bed will keep its shape over time – guaranteeing years of soothing sleep for your much-loved furry friend.

Expertly made in the UK, Sleepeezee offers a range of soft and supportive handmade pet beds in various styles and sizes. And, if that’s not enough, you can even personalise the bed with your pet’s name in embroidery.

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sleepeezee pet bed

Here's what Mumsnet users have to say

This bed was in a different league to the cheap £20-or-under beds I have bought my dog, Bobby, since he joined our family four months ago. It feels like a quality product that would last a long time.

I love the bed. It's a good size, I like the colour I chose and the marl effect means that the dirt isn't immediately obvious, which is a good thing. Bella also has her name on her bed, and the DC think it's great. It's well done and a nice little extra.

My husband helped with removing and replacing the covers for washing and, actually, that aspect has been really well thought out. Turning it inside out for the basket bed makes it a lot easier. It's definitely an important part of the bed's long-term use because my Labrador is sometimes not that fragrant!

The fabric washed beautifully at 60, dried fairly quickly and experienced no shrinkage.

dogs in sleepeezee dog beds

“I've not seen beds of this high quality anywhere else”

Lovely colours to fit with the decor and, although big, it isn’t garish. The sides are nicely padded so it doesn’t flop after a while like other beds have, and it has maintained its shape so far.

DDog is starting to get a few aches in his joints and the support from this bed is fantastic for him.

The bed has definitely exceeded my expectations. It's better quality than any other bed I've looked at, and the ease of washing the cover is such a boon. This is a bed that will last and keep my dog comfortable as she gets older.

My dog never moved from it the whole first day we got it. He sets his blanket in it daily now and looks adorable snuggling up and resting his head on the sides.

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Here's what Sleepeezee has to say

“Sleepeezee is proud to be working with Mumsnet users, achieving the Mumsnet Rated badge for our dog beds with 100% of users who tested recommending. Sleep is so important to our four-legged friends, so they deserve a long-lasting bed that will provide them with some much-deserved zzzs!”

Want to try a Sleepeezee dog bed for yourself?

Sleepeezee is passionate about animals and their welfare, which is why they are proud to have teamed up with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. For every dog bed sold, they will give £4 plus VAT to the charity.

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29 Mumsnet testers tried Sleepeezee's personalised dog beds over a two-week period: 100% would recommend