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Recommend me a bouncer and a baby gym please!

2 replies

HappyAsEyeAm · 20/02/2012 09:29

We had very cheap ones when DD was born (4 years ago) and, as they've also been lent to friends in the meantime, they haven't withstood the test of time.

Please recommend me some!

OP posts:
goingmadtrying · 20/02/2012 09:33

hi if your looking for not to expensive, tesco have a babystart bounced for £12.50 and i got a baby gym from asda £10 you should be able to see them on the websites :)

Grumpla · 20/02/2012 09:41

I've just bought a Red Kite one off Amazon which seems lovely so far, has music, vibrations and a removable toy bar. Nice bright unisex pattern too. About £25 so not super cheap but fairly big and just about the only new thing I've bought for DC2 so seems air enough!

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