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Bouncer or swing?

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Kescilly · 22/05/2019 17:05

I've been told that these are brilliant for babies but not sure which is better or if it just depends on your baby. We have daytime places for baby to sleep (if she's willing) so not specifically looking for that, but don't know if we are being naive.

I've seen the Babybjorn bouncer recommended a lot, not sure if people are referring to the Bliss or Balance. Or what the difference is!

Are the Fisher Price ones any good? They seem a lot more affordable. How long can we use these bouncers for?

I have no clue where to start with swings.

OP posts:
Cookit · 22/05/2019 17:07

Baby bjoern was fantastic. Baby didn’t get into it until about 4 months but then LOVED it for at least 4 or 5 months. Finally could have a decent length shower, make lunch etc.
Borrowed a vibrating fisher price one from a friend and don’t rate it at all.

happymummy12345 · 22/05/2019 17:16

We had a 3 in 1 fisher price swing which ds loved (the fisher price swings can be used longer). It can also be used as a bouncer and a toddler rocking chair.
The chair on its own doesn't vibrate though so we had a separate bouncy chair that vibrated and played music. It was a comfort and harmony one.
Ds loved both

Angelinthenightx · 22/05/2019 17:27

Id say swing if u have pets or other children if not id say going swing as i have other children,or buy second hand & have both.

Sexnotgender · 22/05/2019 17:31

Check out Facebook marketplace for second hand.
We just got a jumperoo for DS for £25 - the newer fisher price one, it retails at £70. It needed a GOOD clean but he loves it.

We have a cheap basic bouncer for him to be in when he’s with us and not sleeping. It’s nice and light so I carry it from room to room with me.

peachgreen · 22/05/2019 18:14

Baby Bjorn was worth every penny for us, and a second hand jumperoo. DD went in her expensive swing twice and hated it!

Cookit · 22/05/2019 18:41

And to add.. for me the BB bouncer is an investment like a decent pram. All of the people I know with babies now are on number 2 or 3 and no one who had the BB bouncer has bought anything new (including myself).

Kescilly · 22/05/2019 19:44

@Cookit and @peachgreen do you remember which Baby Bjorn bouncer it was?

OP posts:
Pinkvoid · 22/05/2019 20:05

Baby Bjorn is brilliant. I had one with DC3 almost seven years ago and have one now with DC4. I absolutely love it.

Pinkvoid · 22/05/2019 20:06

Mines the balance!

Kescilly · 22/05/2019 21:05

Thanks @Pinkvoid! How long would you say it’s useful (age wise)?

OP posts:
cardboard33 · 23/05/2019 08:57

My baby loves his Chicco Hoopla rocking chair thing, he'd be in it 24/7 if we let him but hates the Baby Bjorn as we've tried it several times at our friend's house. We think he likes the Chicco as it's very padded and he feels "safe" as it hugs his head etc whereas the BB one is more exposed and there's less head support. My parents have got a fisher price one that's all singing all dancing (auto rocker in two directions, high up off the floor, rainforest mobile above his head etc) and he also liked that but it's massive and you couldn't carry it around the house whereas we take ours upstairs at night, into the kitchen etc.

We didn't do any research into buying ours, just got it on a whim for £10 in a charity shop and it's genuinely been our most valuable purchase. I wouldn't buy much baby toys/equipment new as you can get loads of nearly new stuff in charity shops, mum2mum markets or Facebook marketplace/eBay etc. My parents also got the fisher price one from a charity shop for £10 - where I live there's always loads in there.

cardboard33 · 23/05/2019 08:59

Meant to say my baby is coming up for 3 months and he's been in the chair multiple times a day since about 2 weeks.

IWouldPreferNotTo · 23/05/2019 09:05

I'm using the Fisher price bouncer I bought for £1 in a charity shop and it's been great. Recently been given a jumperoo but he's a touch small for it despite being an appropriate age and just seems to find it annoying.

Kescilly · 25/05/2019 08:17

Will definitely check out nearby charity shops! I’d prefer something lightweight that we can move around instead.

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