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The best baby toothbrushes to encourage good habits from the start

Although temporary, milk teeth demand as much attention as the adult set they’ll make way for. Starting the habit of brushing your child's teeth when they're a baby is the key to ensuring they continue it into later life. Our selection of the best baby toothbrushes will help parents win the oft-inevitable brush-time battle.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Apr 14, 2023

Best baby toothbrushes

You’d be forgiven for assuming that babies' milk teeth require less looking after than permanent ones when they’re only going to fall out in a few years. Yet caring for those pearly whites is vital from the moment when your little one cuts their first tooth. The habits you set for your child now can save you time and energy later on. With children’s teeth even more susceptible to decay than their adult counterparts, buying the best baby toothbrush is a must. Good oral hygiene is essential to help prevent gum disease or painful cavities that can lead to infection, fillings and even extractions – as well as overwhelming guilt for parents.

It’s never too soon to get your baby used to brushing their teeth, particularly because milk contains naturally occurring sugar that can wreak havoc on the ivories - brushing twice a day will establish healthy dental habits for life. However, getting your baby to open wide is often easier said than done, so we've put together this guide to the best baby toothbrushes which will have your children greeting teeth-brushing-time with the same enthusiasm they show their best baby walker or favourite bath toys.

To ensure our recommendations are up to scratch, we've used our triple-check vetting process to create our list of the top ten best baby toothbrushes. We began our research using our Mumsnet Talk forums to draw on the wealth of the largest online network of parents in the UK on which toothbrushes they loved. Mumsnet users are always our first port of call for any parenting recommendations, including everything from healthcare essentials like the best baby thermometers to playtime kit such as the best playpen.

We then cross-referenced these against the reviews and opinions of industry experts, looking for those that had won awards or had earned themselves repeat mentions for excellence. Finally, we analysed each product's previous customer reviews checking for any that raised any serious concerns so we could ensure that we omitted those from our list. Using this process has left us with the best baby toothbrushes loved by parents, trusted by experts and rated by previous customers. 

Here are the best baby toothbrushes UK 2023.

1. Best overall baby toothbrush: Baby Banana Teething Toothbrush

Baby Banana Teething Toothbrush

Price on writing: £8 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Age suitability:  3-12 months | Power: Not powered | Firmness:  Soft | Size:  10cm x 3.5cm x 20.5cm | Material:  BPA-free, dish-washer safe 

What we love

  • 100% food grade silicone 
  • Designed by a Mum of four specifically for babies
  • Thick bristles massages sore gums 
  • Easy-grasp handles
  • Dishwasher-safe

What to know

  • Needs regular cleaning
  • May be smaller than expected

What Mumsnet users say 

“My son got teeth at 10 weeks. The following worked well: toothbrush in the shape of a banana and he could chew it, which also meant the bristles got round his mouth and gums.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user ImAMarshmellow)

"It's a banana shaped toothbrush - it looks like the matchstick monkey but it's not actually the same brand. Beware of cheap fakes on amazon though, they might not be food-safe silicone. Look for the proper branded one." (Vetted by Mumsnetter BertieBotts)

"Have you tried one of the chewy toothbrushes?... Amazon do a banana shaped one. I give dd one of those with a smear of toothpaste on to chew on, before I attempt toothbrush." (Recommended by Mumsnet user wobblingalong)

Our verdict

Parents and babies everywhere are going ape for this Baby Banana Teething Toothbrush – and it’s not hard to see its ap-peel (apologies). Ideal for inquisitive infants and teething toddlers, this fruit-inspired offering provides a cocktail of enjoyment and habit formation, unwittingly getting children used to the brushing process. The best part is it's designed by a Mum of four, who just happens to be a dental hygienist, who, just like you, was sick of having to convince her babies to brush their teeth. Her start-up now boasts six million loyal customers all over the world! 

It’s made from flexible silicone with handles that are easy for little hands to grasp and prevent the toothbrush from going too far into the mouth. While small enough to carry in your changing bag, it’s also likely to attract any hair or fluff therein. That said, it can simply be rinsed under the tap, wiped or even popped in the dishwasher. Our only real gripe is that it doesn’t count towards your little one’s five-a-day. 

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2. Best budget baby toothbrush: Colgate Kids Extra Soft Toothbrush

Colgate Kids Extra Soft Toothbrush

Price on writing: £1 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Age suitability:  0-3 years | Power: Not powered | Firmness:  Soft | Size:  122.9cm x 4.2cm x 2.3cm | Material: BPA free, 100% food-grade silicone 

What we love

  • Affordable
  • Design appeals to most kids
  • Extra soft bristles 
  • Small head 
  • Non-slip handle 

What to know

  • Easily damaged if chewed
  • Bristles may be stiffer than expected

What Mumsnet users say 

“My daughter is 17 months. We’ve tried a few toothbrushes but find the Colgate one best as it’s small, so easier to get in comfortably.” (Endorsed by Mumsnet user INeedNewShoes)

"Also, choose the toothbrush carefully. I like the colgate ones. We've had a Mothercare one and a Sainsbury's one where the head was bigger and IMO far too big to be comfortable or practical for a baby." (More advice from Mumsnet user INeedNewShoes)

"Toothbrush - all the big brands (Colgate etc) do their own /baby/toddler toothbrushes. It will say on the pack what age they are for. We use either Colgate or Oral B - I've found the supermarket brands are too hard on little gums." (Tried and tested by Mumsnetter muddaofsuburbia)

Our verdict

Budget-conscious parents will welcome this inexpensive Colgate Kids Extra Soft Toothbrush, with a price tag that’s unlikely to leave a sour taste in the mouth. With a petite head that’s perfect for infants, it’s suitable for babies up to two years.

Featuring what the manufacturer describes as extra-soft bristles, some parents find these firmer than they’d hope. Thousands more have no complaints, however, giving this economical baby toothbrush a whopping five stars. It has a non-slip handle to make it easy for parents to control and this will also aid your child’s grip once they’re ready to brush on their own. Although it lacks the fun factor of the Banana Baby Teething Toothbrush, in terms of value for money, as far as Mumsnetters are concerned, the Colgate brush can’t be beaten. Pair with a bottle of the best baby shampoo and some of the best baby nail clippers if you're looking to stock up on more bathroom baby essentials.

3. Best baby finger toothbrush: Baby Buddy Brilliant Finger Toothbrush

Baby Buddy Brilliant Finger Toothbrush

Price on writing: From £2 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Age suitability:  0 years+ | Power: Not powered | Firmness:  Soft | Size:  12.07cm x 5.08cm x 2.54cm| Material: 100% Silicone, BPA, Lead and Phthalate Free. 

What we love

  • Dual-sided 
  • Relieves teething pain
  • Ideal for reluctant brushers
  • Good first brush for babies

What to know

  • May be too small for larger hands
  • Parents may get a sore finger

What Mumsnet users say 

“Look up baby finger toothbrushes. They are brilliant.” (Product type recommended by Mumsnet user EgSk)

“You can get toothbrushes for babies which are like little silicone glove fingers with bristles attached. You put one on your finger and use that to brush their teeth. A bit faddy but good for babies!” (Tried and tested by Mumsnetter QueenOfTheAndals)

"We have these finger toothbrushes that really helped. Watch out for biting though!" (Endorsed by Mumsnet user JuniorMumto1)

Our verdict

Parents of wriggly babies unwilling to ‘say ahh’ know only too well how hard it can be to brush their bundle of joy’s toothy pegs (about as easy as trying to take their temperature with one of the best baby thermometers). A Baby Buddy finger toothbrush could be the answer.

Ideal for introducing brushing to younger babies, this clever cleaner fits snugly onto a parent’s index finger to gently brush and soothe tender gums and teeth. Yes, there’s the chance of a sore digit, but a bit of biting is a small price to pay for your child’s oral health. Made of silicone, a finger toothbrush is more likely to be tolerated by fussy babies than a conventional toothbrush, such as the Colgate Kids Extra Soft Toothbrush. This one from Baby Buddy has ‘bristles’ on one side and massaging bumps on the other, with colour choices of green, pink or blue.

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4. Best chewable baby toothbrush: Brush-Baby Chewable Toothbrush

Brush-Baby Chewable Toothbrush

Price on writing: £6 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Age suitability:  10 months to 3 years | Power: Not powered | Firmness:  Soft | Size:  7cm x 3cm x 12cm | Material: Silicone, BPA-free 

What we love

  • Designed to fit little mouths 
  • Relieves pain 
  • Bite-proof
  • Dishwasher and steriliser safe

What to know

  • Not as practical as a regular toothbrush
  • Limited colour choice

What Mumsnet users say 

“We used a Brush baby chewable toothbrush once the dc started getting teeth. Brush baby make lots of other useful baby /toddler toothbrushing stuff.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user BikeRunSki)

"We bought a Brush Baby chewable one from Boots for £5. Put a smear of toothpaste on it and leave her to get on with it. That's what we had to do with my second born nightmare child..!" (Tried and tested by Mumsnetter WTFdidwedo)

"Brush baby silicone toothbrush and a lot of patience!" (Vetted by Mumsnet user Shakeitshakeitbaby)

Our verdict

There’ll be no more toothbrushing tears and tantrums from tricky toddlers with this chewable option from Brush-Baby. Cropping up repeatedly on the Mumsnet forums, countless parents are impressed by its curved design that fits little gums perfectly.

As with a finger toothbrush, this one provides relief for teething pain – particularly if cooled in the fridge – while also getting babies used to the idea of brushing, the difference being that this model actually encourages chewing.  So it’s a more durable option than the Baby Buddy Brilliant Finger Toothbrush. With no bristles to splay or fall out, this flexible toothbrush can be used with or without toothpaste. Durable and hardwearing, it’s ideal for taking out and about, particularly when it boasts a loop that makes it easy for babies to hold or for a dummy clip to be attached. You may find that, with its soft texture and irresistible chewability, it becomes one of your baby's favourite sensory toys as well as being an excellent toothbrush.

5. Best flexible baby toothbrush: Aquafresh Milk Teeth Toothbrush

Aquafresh Milk Teeth Toothbrush

Price on writing: £3 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Age suitability:  0-2 years | Power: Not powered | Firmness:  Soft | Size:  N/A| Material:  BPA-free

What we love

  • Designed by dental experts 
  • Gentle on gums
  • Multi-angled bristles
  • Flexible to absorb pressure 
  • Non-slip handle 

What to know

  • More costly than some equivalents
  • Chewers could destroy rubber on rear

What Mumsnet users say 

“We’ve been using the Aquafresh Milk Teeth one (with the same toothpaste) since teeth appeared.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user OrangeSwoosh)

Our verdict

Children have a tendency to brush too hard when they first learn to care for their pearly whites, but this baby toothbrush will prevent them from being too heavy-handed thanks to its ‘flex zone’ (or bendable neck to you and me) that absorbs excess pressure. With soft, multi-angled bristles that reach around each tooth and rubber cushioning on the back to help protect young gums, this unpretentious offering from Aquafresh comes in an array of appealing colours. 

We particularly like the smiley face on the handle that’s sure to amuse infants, as well as the colour indicator bristles for guidance on how much toothpaste to apply. However if you have a chewer, you may want to consider a more durable alternative, such as the Brush-Baby Chewable Toothbrush. It may be more expensive than the Aquafresh brush, but it may save you money in the long run if your little one insists on chomping through a pile of brushes.

6. Best baby-to-toddler toothbrush set: MAM Learn To Brush Baby Toothbrush Set

MAM Learn To Brush Baby Toothbrush Set

Price on writing: £7.50 for pack of 2 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Age suitability:  0 years+ | Power: Not powered | Firmness:  Soft | Size: 4.5cm x 9.5cm x 23.3cm | Material: BPA/BPS-Free 

What we love

  • Training and first toothbrush included
  • Safety shield

What to know

  • Firmer bristles than some alternatives
  • Bristles may start to come out over time

What Mumsnet users say 

"I just use a baby toothbrush (MAM) and then let her chew on it for a bit afterwards." (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user BonyM)

Our verdict

This pair of MAM Learn to Brush Baby Toothbrush Set will see your infant through their first stages of oral care, with both a training and first toothbrush provided. The extra-long-handled toothbrush enables parents to hold it at the same time as their baby, and the shorter brush is for when children are old enough to brush independently without guidance.

Peace of mind comes with this dental duo: a safety shield keeps the brush at a safe distance from the back of your baby’s mouth, removing the risk of choking. Also available in pink and green, this modest couple of cuties fully deserve their place in our roundup. On the subject of useful baby kit which grows and develops alongside your little one, don't miss our guides to the best baby toys and best toys for 9-month-olds.

7. Best electric baby toothbrush: Brush-Baby WildOnes Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush

Brush-Baby WildOnes Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush

Price on writing: £30 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Age suitability:  3 years+ | Power: Rechargeable battery and USB | Firmness:  Hard | Size:  N/A | Material: BPA-Free

What we love

  • Dual-brushing mode 
  • Two replacement brush heads included
  • Excellent battery life
  • Cute design 
  • Built in timer 

What to know

  • Pricey
  • Vibrations may deter some kids

What Mumsnet users say 

“I use the Brush-Baby electric toothbrush as my son was a right monster having his teeth cleaned. He now loves it!” (Recommended by Mumsnet user Rosebud1302)

“Once my son turned one we switched to the Brush-Baby electric toothbrush which lights up and buzzes. He was really interested in our toothbrush before this, so he really likes having his own.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnetter Modestandatinybitsexy)

Our verdict

With manual toothbrushes needing replacing at least every two to three months, electric models trump them not only in their effectiveness, but financially too. It’s widely accepted that powered brushes clean teeth and gums better than their disposable counterparts and, while the initial outlay can be high, they’re likely to be used for years.

Tiny brushers will go wild for this sonic version from Brush-Baby, which performs around 30,000 strokes per minute and features a two-minute timer, sucker base and flashing disco lights in alternating colours. If your baby regards their toothbrush with the same level of enthusiasm they might a baby nasal aspirator, why not give one of these a go? While some babies may be put off by the vibrations, the majority – even the most stubborn – find them fascinating. With a simple on/off button and available in a choice of four adorable animal designs, this waterproof and lightweight brush provides 28 days’ brushing on just one four-hour charge. If this all-singing, all-dancing baby toothbrush doesn’t persuade your little one to clean their teeth, we don’t know what will.

8. Best natural baby toothbrush: Punch & Judy Kids Natural Bamboo Toothbrush Multipack

Punch & Judy Kids Natural Bamboo Toothbrush Multipack

Price on writing: £4 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Age suitability:  0-3 years | Power: Not powered | Firmness:  Soft | Size:  10cm x 3.5cm x 20.5cm | Material: Recycled, BPA-free

What we love

  • Safe for children
  • Made from Bamboo 
  • Biodegradable
  • Vegan-friendly

What to know

  • Unexciting design
  • Less durable than plastic

What Mumsnet users say 

“Normal plastic toothbrushes get replaced every few months anyway, so bamboo ones seem like a good idea.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user SarahHackey91)

Our verdict

This set of eye-catching toothbrushes from Punch & Judy is stealing the show for all the right reasons. Made from organic, biodegradable bamboo, the quartet of brightly-coloured toothbrushes inside the (recycled, naturally) packaging benefit from the plant’s natural antimicrobial properties and work just as well as regular brushes.

At less than a fiver for four, it’s easy to justify giving these a try. Oh, and any kids concerned that the pandas will have to go without their dinner can rest assured that these toothbrushes are made from sustainably-grown bamboo to ensure they don’t miss out. That’s the way to do it.

9. Best eco-friendly baby toothbrush: Jack N’ Jill Bio Toothbrush

Jack N’ Jill Bio Toothbrush

Price on writing: From £4 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Age suitability:  0 years+ | Power: Not powered | Firmness:  Soft | Size:  N/A | Material: BPA and PVC Free 

What we love

  • Plastic-free toothbrush and packaging
  • Biodegradable and compostable 
  • Educates kids about waste
  • Cute designs 

What to know

  • Bristles may flatten sooner than alternatives
  • May be more suitable for older babies

What Mumsnet users say 

“My youngest uses a Jack N’ Jill brush which looks like plastic but is made from something that decomposes.” (Vetted by Mumsnet user theneverendinglaundry)

Our verdict

Environmentally-aware parents will have a clean conscience on more than one level with this Earth-friendly baby toothbrush from Jack N’ Jill. Not only will it leave your little one’s teeth sparkling, but buying one creates zero waste.

While there are cheaper baby toothbrushes on the market, such as the Colgate Kids Extra Soft Toothbrush, many cannot be used guilt-free due to their plastic components that are difficult to recycle. Not so with this one, however, as its handle and packaging are made from corn – making them compostable and biodegradable – while its tapered nylon bristles are fully recyclable. Featuring a sweet bunny on the front, other designs available include a colourful unicorn, delightful dinosaur and cheeky monkey.

10. Best first baby toothbrush: Oral B Stage 1 Pooh Bear Manual Baby Toothbrush

Oral B Stage 1 Pooh Bear Manual Baby Toothbrush

Price on writing: £2 | Buy now from Boots

Key specs

Age suitability:  0 to 2 years | Power: Not powered | Firmness:  Soft | Size:  N/A  Material: BPA-Free 

What we love

  • Cushioned head 
  • Non-slip handle 
  • Cute images
  • Affordable
  • Recommended by dentists 

What to know

  • May need replacing more frequently than other toothbrushes
  • Pictures may eventually wear off

What Mumsnet users say 

"We just use a normal braun oral b one for the kids. You can get character ones too e.g. (I think they are 'Stages' toothbrushes)." (Recommended by Mumsnet user Seona1973)

Our verdict

With an ergonomic handle designed for parents’ hands and engaging graphics that should hold any infant’s attention (at least temporarily), this Winnie the Pooh Oral B variant makes an excellent choice for a first baby toothbrush. And after all, what tiny human doesn’t adore the bear of very little brain?

Delicate gums will appreciate its super-soft bristles, which – despite being an appropriate firmness for younger babies – could ultimately be a drawback as the toothbrush may need replacing more frequently than some of its equivalents. Oh, bother. It’s nevertheless worth considering if you’re looking for a no-frills toothbrush without a vibrant design that simply does its job, such as the Colgate Kids Extra Soft Toothbrush.

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When should a baby start using a toothbrush?

Milk teeth should be brushed from the moment they first appear, with most babies’ first one breaking through at around six months. Developing good oral health habits from an early age gets kids into a dental care routine that should be adhered to daily, with teeth brushed twice a day – last thing at night before bed and at another convenient time. Young children need supervising while brushing and toothbrushes should be discarded at the first sign of damage.

What happens if you don’t brush your baby’s teeth?

Babies’ new teeth are vulnerable to decay just as adults’ are – more so, in fact – so regular brushing is essential to dislodge cavity-causing plaque and food debris. Without proper care, teeth may need to be filled – or worse, extracted. The premature removal of baby teeth hurts and can affect the alignment of permanent teeth once they come through too.

Untreated decay in milk teeth can harm the developing adult ones growing underneath inside the gums, while another potential consequence of dental neglect is an abscess, which can be painful.

How do I choose a baby toothbrush?  

There are a number of things you should consider when choosing a baby toothbrush.

1. Size

It goes without saying that baby toothbrushes should be smaller than adult versions. The head needs to fit easily inside your baby’s mouth, otherwise it’ll be uncomfortable and unlikely to clean teeth effectively, plus harder-to-reach teeth will probably be missed.

2. Bristles

Kids aren’t always the gentlest of brushers, particularly to begin with, so a baby toothbrush should have soft bristles to prevent enamel and delicate gums being damaged. If they’re too soft, however, the brush may need replacing more frequently.

3. Age suitability

Always check the toothbrush’s packaging to ensure that it’s suitable for your baby to use.

4. Handle

Is the handle shape easy for a child to hold? Some are non-slip or easy-to-grip, making them simpler to control for both parent and baby.

5. Design

When it’s nearing bedtime and your child’s getting grouchy, they’ll be more willing to clean their teeth if they’re using a brush that makes the task fun. Take into account your little one’s favourite colour or cartoon character and choose a toothbrush that captures their interest. Even better, let older babies pick one for themselves – then they’ll be more inclined to use it.

6. Manual or electric?

Both manual and electric toothbrushes can do a great job of cleaning teeth when used properly, but the latter might be best left to older babies who are more experienced brushers – unwilling ones in particular, who may be encouraged by the novelty factor. For smaller infants who need their parents’ help, a manual, finger or chewable baby toothbrush should suffice.

7. Material

If you opt for a disposable baby toothbrush, you’ll notice that many are plastic and others are made from more eco-conscious materials. Bamboo and corn starch ones are biodegradable, for example, while some variants are organic or vegan-friendly.

What toothbrush is best for babies?

The best toothbrush for babies is Baby Banana’s Teething Toothbrush. Chewable and fun, it’s easy for little hands to hold and will get infants up to one year old used to the idea of toothbrushing without knowing it.

Although pricier than some alternatives, this toothbrush is nevertheless rated highly by hundreds of satisfied parents who are happy to pay the asking price for how easily it cleans teeth and entertains simultaneously.

We love that it can go through the dishwasher and also its desirable design, which might even act as an early promoter of healthy eating.

How we chose our recommendations

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Consumer feedback

We also scour the internet, leaving no stone unturned to check out real reviews from customers who have bought the products themselves and given both positive and negative feedback. 

Celebrated best products

Finally, we cross-referenced all of the above information to find the best baby toothbrush that had won the most accolades and recommendations across the board to bring you a selection of the best ones at various price points. We think there’s something here for everyone.

From this list, we chose a shortlist of the 10 best toothbrushes that we felt offered a range of design, functions and price points, to ensure there was something for everyone.

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