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Baby Bjorn bouncer?

44 replies

Rnm62 · 09/07/2020 14:15

Does anyone have it? Are they worth the money? Thanks.

OP posts:
Coffeeandcake1 · 09/07/2020 14:24

I do and I love it! I was considering a fancy pants rocking seat with lights etc but decided on this one after reading reviews. Its been great for our 8 week old pretty much since birth. She sleeps in it, is happy to be awake looking around in it, I put her in it on the side in the kitchen when Im cooking if shes awake and its light enough to pick up with one hand and move around the house.

stargazer87 · 09/07/2020 14:52

I'm also considering getting one, they seem considerably more expensive than a lot of other bouncers though...what makes them so good?

NeuroMama · 09/07/2020 15:09

Couple of friends have them and loved them. I managed to pick on up second hand on Facebook market place £20 and is in excellent condition.

Blondebear123 · 09/07/2020 15:25

Love mine. Used it for 2 babies. Still in great condition.

Frazzlerock · 09/07/2020 15:46

I'd love to know why this one is so pricey compare to other bouncer chairs too.

We have a Fisher Price 'infant to toddler' chair ready for our arrival for upstairs (£20 second hand and good as new) but I quite fancy one for downstairs too so watching this with interest.

WhatWouldPennyDo · 09/07/2020 16:25

Haven’t used it yet but we bought a 2nd hand one. I liked the different angles settings, the fact it lays flat so you can store it, that’s it’s all washable, is not garish kiddy colours and has a wooden toy bar.

Will sell on once we’re done, assuming it remains in a decent state.

fool11 · 09/07/2020 16:40

yes and love it, will use now for the second baby..

Alpacamabags · 09/07/2020 16:51

Loved it. Comfy and supportive from birth to around sitting age. (apparently longer but we wouldn't have)
Folds flat, cover comes off easily for washing, 3 recline positions, lightweight.
I'm not sure why it costs so much but I promise both my kids sat happily in it in front of the washing machine 😂

FizzingWhizzbee123 · 09/07/2020 23:52

How flat is the newborn recline? I’m being lent one of these but get a bit twitchy about newborns being flat.

Pantsomime · 09/07/2020 23:57

Had and loved it. Light but sturdy, folds flat, different angles, easy to clean, v easy to rock with foot, easy for baby to get a bit of bounce- movement/ rocking style when they move so They get joy/ comfort from that but it’s stable and won’t tip- resold well too, only thing not to love is initial cost but it’s truly worth it

Persipan · 10/07/2020 03:08

It's great. You can easily get one on eBay rather than buying new, though.

LividLaughLovely · 10/07/2020 03:18

No idea why so expensive but glad we got one.

Initially bought it because it looked nice, tbh, in a world of nasty-ass plastic primary colours.

Within a week of newborn baby had forked out for a replacement cover too so could have one in the wash. Turns out he likes to poo in the bouncer Blush

sunshineonmywindow20 · 10/07/2020 04:04

I got one from eBay, used it for my two and then passed it to relatives who still use it (3Dc later), so it’s been used for at least 6 babies and still good as new! So easy to clean, hygienic, great design, moves easily. babies love it.

I didn’t get any expensive baby stuff but this was worth it (and bought second hand for about 30 quid so even more so!) Smile

annlee3817 · 10/07/2020 06:13

My DD hated it, so it wasn't worth it for us, thankfully my Aunty had leant it to us, so we weren't out of pocket

stargazer87 · 10/07/2020 06:33

My reservation is whilst they look lovely for me by not being garish, are they boring for babies with the lack of toys, music, bright colours etc which lots of other bouncers seem to have?!

Rebelwithallthecause · 10/07/2020 06:35

It’s my best baby purchase. Let’s me eat my dinner with 2 hands

newmummy8789 · 10/07/2020 06:39

Yes was amazing!!
Definitely also recommend the toy bar with the creepy flower!
Like others ours was second hand from fb...think I paid £30

Frazzlerock · 10/07/2020 07:43

To those saying it lets them do things hands free and get on with things, why the Baby Bjorn over other much cheaper baby chairs?
I do love it, but I need to justify the cost somehow

newmummy8789 · 10/07/2020 07:53

It seemed comfier for baby and lasted longer than the cheaper one
Wayyyy more bouncy and he could bounce himself
He seemed much happier in it than the other and kept himself entertained bouncing

SacreBleeurgh · 10/07/2020 07:57

Comfy, portable, fold flat, lasts for ages, looks nice, totally washable with no annoying nooks and crannies, easy to put baby in and out, decent resale value, nice fabrics... wish I’d bought it the first time round!

Needmoremummyjuice · 10/07/2020 07:57

We have a maxi cosi kori bouncer which looks good and seems very comfy and was around £50 cheaper than a baby Bjorn bouncer-was a good compromise for us in terms of price while still looking nice and being practical.

stargazer87 · 10/07/2020 08:51

I've seen there's 2 official toy bars and not overly keen on either, does anyone know if any other toy bars will clip on?

FluffyBunnyTails · 10/07/2020 08:59

My DS hated it as a newborn but loved it after a couple of months. I bought it second hand from eBay which saved me loads

Rightmovenewbie · 10/07/2020 09:01

I had one and it was a god send. I sold it afterwards for half of what I bought it for so it really only cost me £60.

sallysparrow157 · 10/07/2020 09:50

If anyone wants a 2nd hand one I have 2 - my twins loved them when tiny but have grown out of them now, keep meaning to list them on eBay and haven’t got round to it!

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