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Joie Serina 2-in-1 Swing and Rocker review

Best Baby Swing

A multi-motion seat that swings, rocks and can be moved around with you, the Joie Serina 2-in-1 comes with various speeds, vibrations, calming sounds and lights to soothe your baby, making it our Best Baby Swing.

By Gemma Wilcock | Last updated Jul 20, 2023

Joie Serina 2-in-1 Swing and Rocker

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Good for parents who

  • Want a baby seat with a range of motions

  • Are looking for a portable swing

  • Prefer baby products that look attractive in the home

What we love

  • Transforms from a baby swing to a portable rocking seat

  • Handle and wheels make the frame easier to move from room to room

  • Swings from front to back and side to side, with six swing speeds

  • Two speed vibrations, 10 musical sounds and lights to soothe baby

  • Removable, washable covers

  • Three-position recline seat

  • Soft five-point harness with adjustable shoulder straps

  • Pivoting toy bar with two baby toys

  • Very easy to assemble

  • Can be plugged into a wall or powered by batteries

What to know

  • Cover can’t be machine washed

  • Too big and heavy for travel

  • Could do with alternative toys, like a rattle, for contrast

Product information

  • Age range: Suitable from birth up to 9kg (around six months)

  • Dimensions: 91.5 × 73 × 81cm

  • Weight: 10.9kg

  • Materials: Plastic, metal and 100% polyester

  • Colours: Currently available in six different colours and patterns: Abstract Arrows, Tile, Logan, Forever Flowers, Starry Night and Heyday

  • Batteries: One D (1.5V) battery

  • Retailers: Can be bought from a range of retailers, including Amazon, Argos and John Lewis

  • RRP: £189.99

"The Joie Serina 2-in-1 Swing was the best thing I ever bought!"

What is the Joie Serina 2-in-1 Swing like to assemble?

The Joie Serina 2-in-1 Swing takes just 10 minutes to set up. It comes mostly preassembled with instructions to show you how to attach the base to the frame and seat in six clear diagrams.

The manual also shows you how to use the chair, including altering the buckles, adjusting the seat, inserting the batteries and rotating the chair. Our tester, Luci, found the instructions on how to rotate the swing a little unclear, but she eventually worked out that you simply just turn the whole seat.

For any assembly mishaps or missing parts, the Joie website has a copy of the manual and a customer service helpline. You will also find a video showing you how the swing works.

Is the Joie Serina 2-in-1 Swing safe and stable?

Our tester had no concerns about the safety of her baby in this seat. Weighing 10.9kg, the Serina 2-in-1 is more than three times as heavy as other baby bouncers we tested, such as the Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker, making it feel very solid and robust.

Despite the extra weight, the biggest part of the swing is actually the base. It is so sturdy that, during testing, our mum put her hand on the frame to steady herself while getting up off the sofa and it successfully held her weight. Her five-year-old son also liked to lean on the seat to play with his sister and, after knocking into it several times, it didn’t budge or slip around on the wood and slate flooring.

The swing has been designed to meet European safety standards and has a solid circular base with no corners to trip over or catch your toes on. From the strong, pivoting toy bar to the five-point harness with adjustable shoulder straps to ensure baby is always secure, this seat has clearly been made with a baby’s safety at the very core.

Our tester’s baby was 10lbs when she first used the seat and was on the second shoulder strap setting. With that said, there would be more than enough room to tighten it securely for smaller babies.

The soft, padded insert also makes it safe to use from birth and there are no gaps for inquisitive little fingers to get caught.

Joie states that the swing should not be moved with a baby inside and that parents should stop using the chair when their child reaches 9kg (approximately six months) or is able to climb out or sit up unaided.

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What’s it like in day-to-day use?

The Joie Serina 2-in-1 Swing has many features that make daily life that little bit easier. Our tester gave it top marks for how versatile and user-friendly it was to use.

Thanks to the soft, cushioned insert and cosy seat, her baby sat happily in the swing whether she was being entertained by the toys and lights or soothed by the gentle swinging and soothing lullabies.

There are two motions to choose from (side to side or front to back) and our tester especially loved the parent-like rocking motion. There are six speeds which increase gently and can be altered to your baby’s preference or mood. They are all very quiet too.

The Serina 2-in-1 also comes with two speed vibrations that can be felt all around the seat. This was very helpful during testing as it soothed our tester’s baby.

The three recline positions can easily be switched from upright to the lowest level using the button at the top of the seat. It doesn't have a lie-flat recline which meant that Luci's daughter did slump a little in the chair, however her head was still well-cushioned.

Sitting as tall as a traditional Moses basket, the frame is a lot larger and heavier than other baby seats we tested, such as the BabyBjörn Bouncer Bliss, so it may not be suitable for smaller homes. With two wheels at the back of the frame and a handle at the top to make it easier to move around, the swing has, however, been made to fit through standard European doorways.

The seat can also be removed from the base and turned into a portable rocker with a strong handle, so you can carry it upstairs while you get in the shower. You shouldn't carry the seat with a baby inside, however, so you will need to move it when it is empty.

The swing can be powered by batteries or plugged into a wall so it works wherever you go, but it doesn’t fold down so wouldn’t be suitable for taking away from home. During testing, our baby made use of all the fun features and the batteries lasted throughout.

Joie has made sure there’s plenty to keep baby amused when you’re busy with other things, with five classical lullabies and five nature sounds to choose from, a soft glow nightlight with four brightness settings and a toy bar with two soft toys which meant that Luci’s baby was always very content.

While the toy bar does pivot to make it easier to get baby in and out, the toys are too high for a young baby to reach. As the toys are also dark in colour, our tester felt different textures and colours, plus a focus on the best sensory toys for babies, would have been more engaging for a baby.

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Joie Serina 2 in 1 product

How easy is it to clean?

This is an area where the Joie Serina 2-in-1 Swing didn’t do so well. The instructions show how to remove the seat for cleaning, but advise to only spot clean with a sponge and soapy water.

When our tester noticed some baby poo had got onto the chair, she used a bit of stain remover and, thankfully, it wiped off easily with a damp cloth. Formula milk also left no marks.

For larger or tougher stains, the insert is easy to remove but you do need a screwdriver for the main cover, which could be a pain if you need to wash it regularly. We tested a grey swing which is light in colour and, as you can’t machine-wash the cover, our tester felt she wouldn’t use the seat when it comes to feeding her baby solid foods.

The plastic frame is easy to wipe down with a damp cloth though, but the fleece-like part of the insert collected fluff and it still looked dirty even after washing.

How does it look?

We tested the Joie Serina 2-in-1 Swing in Abstract Arrows which has a grey, black and white monochrome design and feels very contemporary. It is bulkier than other baby seats we tested, but our tester loved it and was more than happy to have it on display in her home.

The seat is comprised of 100% polyester, metal and plastic and is well made. The unisex design means you could easily keep it for baby number two (we've also selected the best playpen and baby play mat too for other options for siblings). The seat also comes in six other modern styles and colours to compliment any home.

Is the Joie Serina 2-in-1 Swing good value for money?

You’re looking at paying around £150 for the Joie Serina 2-in-1 and, for a baby product that probably won’t last longer than six months, that may feel like a lot. But because this product has so much to offer, we feel you would still get some bang for your buck.

Joie is a popular baby brand and the current resale value for this swing goes up to £100, so it may well be worth the investment.

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Final verdict

When it comes to a baby seat, there’s not a lot the Joie Serina 2-in-1 Swing doesn’t do – it's a portable rocker and a multi-motion swing that can be easily moved around, with all the fancy bells and whistles to entertain and soothe a newborn baby.

The only improvements we’d make would be to make it easier to clean and offer more variety in toys, but otherwise this swing has been designed to aid a baby’s development and make life easier for parents. Our tester liked it so much that she has already recommended it to friends.

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