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Red Kite Cozy Bounce Linen review: the budget-friendly bouncer with impressive features

With a soft grey colour palette, an accessible toy bar and a choice of vibration and music modes, the lightweight and budget-friendly Red Kite Cozy Bounce Linen bouncer offers comfortable support for your baby at playtime.

By Lucy Cotterill | Last updated Sep 7, 2023

Red Kite Cozy Bounce Linen baby bouncer

Overall star rating: 3.5/5

Price: £32 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Suitable from: Birth to 9kg (approximately 6 months) | Fabric sling removable and machine washable: Handwash only | Additional features: Toy bar, vibration and music | Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 57cm | Weight: 2.3kg | Batteries required: Yes 

What we like

  • Excellent value for money 

  • Easy to use 

  • Lightweight and portable 

  • Detachable support cushion

  • Music and vibrate settings

  • Adjustable three-point safety harness

  • Detachable toy bar with two removable hanging toys

  • Simple yet attractive design  

  • Non-slip feet for stability 

What we don’t like 

  • Batteries required

  • Assembly is overly complicated and requires a screwdriver 

  • Only suitable till around six months of age

  • No adjustable recline options

  • Doesn’t fold although it’s still relatively compact

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Our verdict on the Red Kite Cozy Bounce Linen bouncer

  • Set up: 2/5

  • Safety: 3.5/5

  • Ease of use: 3.5/5

  • Design: 3.5/5

  • Ease of cleaning: 4/5 

  • Value for money: 5/5

Suitable for babies from birth to 9kg (approximately six months of age), the Red Kite Cozy Bounce with built-in head support makes a soft and comfortable bouncer for occasional use, with a secure three-point harness and non-slip feet. 

Despite its fixed recline and non-adjustable headrest, this budget-friendly bouncer comes with some impressive features that make it excellent value for money. 

During playtime, the easy-to-reach toy bar and hanging toys offer excellent sensory entertainment, while the optional vibrate and music modes can help your baby settle down and relax when they need to.

Due to the lack of recline, fixed support and the inability to fold flat, it may not be the most versatile choice. But, as a budget-friendly bouncer, it’s a practical choice for occasional use. With accessible toys, vibration and music modes, it also allows your baby to self-bounce with ease, providing a moment of hands-free peace and quiet for parents. 

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Baby laying in Red Kite Cozy Bounce Linen

How we tested the Red Kite Cozy Bounce Linen bouncer

  • Four months of use

  • Tested with a newborn

Luci, a mum of two, tested the Red Kite Cozy Bounce Linen bouncer for a period of four months with her newborn baby, who was just two weeks old when testing began. 

To ensure Luci’s views were consistent with feedback from wider consumers, we also sought out tried and tested reviews from the Mumsnet community and researched wider consumer feedback and experiences across retailer sites.

What’s in the box? 

  • Rear connecting tube

  • 2 x support frames 

  • 2 x frame connectors

  • 4 x screws 

  • Head frame

  • Footrest frame

  • Music/vibration box

  • Seat cover

  • Toy bar and toys

  • Instruction manual 

How easy is the Red Kite Cozy Bounce Linen bouncer to assemble?

Despite its very simple design, the Red Kite Cozy Bounce Linen took parent tester Luci and her partner around 30 minutes to assemble. Luci found the instructions very difficult to follow, with poor illustrations that made it challenging to figure out the correct orientation of the pieces. She says, “Better drawings would have made assembly much easier - it looked like a seven-year-old had drawn them.”

It’s also important to note that the foam padding around the footrest and head frame isn't part of the packaging and shouldn’t be removed - a mistake made by some Amazon reviewers during assembly. 

Luci found that, with quite a small screwdriver head (the only option she had available during testing), it was difficult to get some of the screws in fully, so a mini crosshead screwdriver would make assembly easier and more efficient for you. Although you’ll need to have a screwdriver on hand as one isn’t included with the bouncer.

Luci also found the music unit challenging to attach to the main frame of the bouncer. The bouncer doesn’t include test batteries, so you will need to add two C batteries as part of the setup. 

Overall, Luci felt that what should have been a simple task took much longer than she expected. Better drawings in the instruction manual and stickers on the different bouncer parts would have been a big help and made assembly a far less frustrating experience. This view was shared by Amazon reviewers, who found the diagrams and lack of text difficult to follow.

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Red Kite Cozy Bounce Linen reclined

How does the Red Kit Cozy Bouncer Linen look?

Once assembled, Luci’s first impressions of the Red Kite Cozy Bounce Linen were quite positive. Its design is clean, with a soft grey colour palette and subtle pattern that will blend in seamlessly with most interiors. She says, "I like the design and pattern as it’s simple and would fit any home.”

Part of Red Kite’s linen collection, the fabric, whilst not particularly luxurious, is practical, and can easily be wiped down and cleaned as required. The seat is lightly padded with an extra soft padded insert that offers comfort and support for younger babies.

Is the Red Kite Cozy Bounce Linen safe and stable?

Yes! Overall, the Red Kite Cozy Bounce Linen is a safe and stable bouncer for babies, especially considering its budget price tag. That said, it’s lightweight, weighing only 2kg and Luci says, “You will need to keep an eye on older siblings who could potentially make it tip by leaning on it.” 

The non-slip feet are a great addition, ensuring the base doesn’t move on wooden or tiled flooring. Our parent tester Luci used the Cozy Bounce on both carpet and slate and the bouncer stayed firm in its original position, despite some fairly enthusiastic bouncing, under supervision, from her five-year-old to test stability.

She says, “The legs do stick out a little though and as such can catch between your toes if you pass too close. A few ‘ows’ for me and my five-year-old.”

The simple three-point safety harness has a buckle that fastens around your baby’s waist to keep them secure. This is hidden by fabric, ensuring the buckle doesn’t make contact with your baby’s skin. 

It’s important to note that the toy bar detaches quite easily, so this should never be used to carry the frame.

What’s the Red Kite Cozy Bounce Linen like to use day-to-day?

Our parent tester Luci mostly used the Red Kite Cozy Linen bouncer in the bathroom, allowing her to have a bath while her baby was close by. The lightweight design made it very easy to move around her home, and while there’s no carry handle or wheels, it was easy to move one-handed while Luci carried her baby in the other.

The buckle was easy to secure, although Luci found it best to place her baby into the seat at an angle to ensure she didn’t knock her baby’s head on the overhead toy bar.

Luci says, “While [my daughter] didn’t nap in the bouncer [which isn’t recommended anyway], the Red Kite Cozy Bounce was useful for short spells where I needed to put her down.”

The support cushion on the Cozy Bounce is in a fixed position but Luci found that this was located too high up the seat once her daughter was two months old (approximately 10lb). As a result, her baby looked slumped in the seat and didn’t fully relax. This experience was also reflected in retailer reviews, with many noting that the padded support cushion was too high for their newborn. An adjustable head cushion or head hugger-style insert would be an improvement, although this would undoubtedly add to the recommended retail price. 

The toy bar was a big hit with our tester’s baby, with the hanging star and cloud toy keeping her entertained for a short while. Unlike other bouncer seats such as the Chicco Hoopla, the toy bar is accessible even for small babies. Luci found that her baby was able to make contact with and bat the toys, even from just five weeks of age. 

While the soft grey colour palette is modern and attractive, Luci felt that monochrome or contrasting colours on the toy bar would have made it easier for her baby to see. 

The Red Kite Cozy Bounce Linen, unfortunately, doesn’t fold flat, so while it’s lightweight, it’s less suited to travel than some of the lie-flat options such as the Baby Bjorn. 

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Red Kite Cozy Bounce Linen toy bar

Is the Red Kite Cozy Bounce Linen comfortable for babies?

The Red Kite Cozy Bounce Linen is recommended for children up to six months. Our parent tester Luci felt that, given the space, a baby could outgrow the seat before the six-month mark, depending on their size and the amount they move around. 

Not surprisingly, given the bouncer’s budget price tag, the seat fabric isn’t the most luxurious we’ve seen, however the soft wipe-down fabric is practical and relatively easy to spot clean as required. 

The headrest offers comfort and support for babies. But, as mentioned above, our parent tester Luci found the positioning too high for newborns and non-adjustable, so the bouncer may be more suitable for larger babies. A small or premature baby simply wouldn’t be tall enough to reach, and with no newborn insert and a fixed recline, this may cause your baby to slump down a little in the seat.

Does it have any extra features?

Our parent tester Luci had some difficulties installing the music box to the Red Kite Cozy Bounce, however this accessory includes music and vibration options which are a positive addition to the bouncer, especially given the budget price tag. 

The music and vibration functions are powered by battery, so you’re not restricted to the location of your nearest plug socket, nor do you need to worry about trailing wires. You can quickly switch between music and vibration modes as required, or turn them off completely if you prefer some peace and quiet. 

Some Amazon reviewers noted that the choice of music was a little random (for example ‘sealed with a kiss’), however they found the music function useful for calming and soothing their baby. 

Is the Red Kite Cozy Bounce Linen easy to clean?

Yes, thanks to its practical wipe-down fabric, the Red Kite Cozy Bounce is relatively straightforward to clean.

Luci tested this with milk, noting that it simply pooled on the surface and was easy to wipe away. With more substantial stains (or in the event of an unexpected poonami), the entire cover can quickly and easily be removed from the frame.

Red Kite recommends that the cover is handwashed using a mild detergent solution, however Luci also washed this on a gentle 30 cycle in her washing machine and it came up like new. 

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Is the Red Kite Cozy Bounce Linen good value for money?

At just £32, the Red Kite Cozy Bounce Linen offers excellent value for money. While it’s relatively simple in design, it has lots of great features that most parents looking for a budget-friendly bouncer will like, including vibration, music modes and an entertaining toy bar for your baby. 

Its fabric isn’t as plush as you see on more luxurious bouncers like the BabyBjörn Bouncer Balance Soft, but that’s perhaps to be expected for the price. And while there are certainly better-performing bouncers out of there, most come at a premium. As such, if it’s simplicity and affordability you’re after, the Red Kite Cozy Bounce Linen ticks both of those boxes.

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