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Little Beau Sheep laundry balls review: can they really cut drying time and save you money?

Looking to cut down on your laundry drying time and save some pennies? These woolly wonders are here to help.

By Laura Cooke | Last updated Nov 14, 2023


Price on writing: £22 | Buy now from Amazon

Overall star rating: 5/5

What we like

  • Super cute design

  • Very quiet

  • Substantially cuts laundry drying time

  • Handcrafted

  • Made of 100% British wool

  • Environmentally friendly and chemical-free

What we don’t like

  • They are pricier than other wool tumble dryer balls on the market

  • You may need to buy more balls for larger loads

Our verdict

I have tried and tested many products since I've been here at Mumsnet and, without exaggeration, these gorgeous wool dryer balls are one of my favourite products that I have ever reviewed.

It's hard not to fall in love with the beautiful sheep design, but these woolly wonders are so much more than just a pretty face.

The Little Beau Sheep laundry balls dramatically slashed my tumble drying time, without making a noisy song and dance about it all around the drum.

Yes, they are not the cheapest tumble dryer balls around, but they are excellent quality, do the job well and have a beautiful design - who could resist the adorable faces of this fabulous flock?

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How do you use Little Beau Sheep tumble dryer balls?


When you transfer your clean laundry from the washing machine to the tumble dryer, just pop the tumble dryer balls on top of the pile of clothes before running the machine as normal.

When you start the cycle, the balls will move around with your washing as it dries, preventing clothes from sticking together and improving the airflow around the dryer. This means a quicker drying time, saving you time and shaving money off your energy bills - result! 

Little Beau Sheep also sells a laundry fragrance that can be used in conjunction with the tumble dryer balls. I added a few drops of this oil to each wool ball, allowing them to dry before popping them into the tumble dryer. The result was fresh, beautiful-smelling laundry, rejuvenating my bath towels without affecting the performance of the dryer balls. Just remember to reapply the fragrance before each cycle to maintain the same results. And if you want to get into the Christmas spirit, Little Beau Sheep currently offers a special Festive Blend Laundry Fragrance too.


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How noisy are wool tumble dryer balls?

My only previous experience with tumble dryer balls was using some horrible plastic things that made an ungodly racket rattling around the machine. In contrast, the Little Beau Sheep Wool tumble dryer balls were silent, which is great if you are working from home or trying to watch TV without a cacophony of rattles and bangs coming from your kitchen or utility room.

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Do tumble dryer balls cut drying time?

Absolutely! I was very impressed with how much the Little Beau Sheep laundry balls were able to slash drying time. I washed six large towels in one load and adding the balls cut drying time to well under an hour.

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Are there other products in the Little Beau Sheep laundry range?


We also tested the Little Beau Sheep linen spray, which was great for freshening up ironing, as well as helping to remove stubborn creases. It also worked brilliantly freshening up everything from bed sheets to clothes between laundry days and even left the sofa smelling beautifully clean.

Little Beau Sheep also does a hand and body care range, including this gorgeous felted soap which will look adorable peering out from your soap dish.

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Do Little Beau Sheep drying balls offer good value for money?

Retailing at £22 on Amazon at the time of writing (November 10th 2023), it's true they are on the pricey side compared to similar wool tumble dryer balls. However, Little Beau Sheep says these felted laundry balls will last for thousands of loads, so after the initial outlay, you will soon be quids in. And with Christmas approaching, you may even decide that this flock will make the perfect stocking filler.

If you want to see how the Little Beau Sheep drying balls compare to other similar products, check out Mumsnet's guide to the best tumble dryer balls for fast and efficient clothes drying.

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