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Propress MINI review: clothes steamer removes heavy creases in a flash

Looking for a handheld clothes steamer with a bit of oomph? The Propress MINI will make light work of wrinkles and creases.

By Laura Cooke | Last updated Jan 31, 2024

Overall star rating: 4.5/5

Price on writing: £110 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Tank Capacity: 130 ml | Transparent Water Tank: Yes | Hanging Equipment: No | Accessories: Travel bag, steam mitt | Power: 1350 watts | Dimensions: 34.4 x 18.4 x 14.6 cm | Weight: ‎790g

What we like

  • Water tank can be swapped for a bigger size

  • Continuous steam function

  • Auto shut-off safety feature

  • Available in a range of pastel shades

What we don’t like

  • Top heavy

  • Large capacity water tank is only available to buy separately

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What Mumsnet users say 

“A friend recently let me try their Propress MINI steamer and it was great, it really worked and now I've just got to have one.” Recommended by Mumsnetter shredder231

Our verdict

If you’re looking for a handheld clothes steamer with a bit of welly, then the Propress MINI is the one for you. The continuous steam function will help you to breeze through your mountain of clothes, making light work of wrinkles and creases, even in thick fabrics. You can even give your curtains and soft furnishings the once over too, as the Propress MINI can be used horizontally, without running the risk of spillages, spitting, or losing steam.

Yes, it is a bit on the pricey side, but it’s robust and efficient, and if your goal is to retire your steam iron for good, then the Propress MINI is worth every single penny.

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How easy is the Propress MINI to set up?

The Propress MINI clothes steamer is very easy to set up. First I unclipped the water tank by gripping the bottom and pulling it outwards. I removed the rubber tab at the top of the tank and filled it with water before replacing the rubber tab and clicking the tank back into place on the steamer. I used tap water, but Propress recommends using distilled or bottled water to prolong the life of the element. Don’t try and put anything else in the tank, otherwise you could damage the steamer and void your warranty. 

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What is the Propress MINI like to use day-to-day?

With just two buttons (power and steam), the Propress MINI is easy to operate. For a shot of steam, push and hold the steam button down while running the soleplate over the fabric. I loved the continuous steam mode, which helped me to power through my steaming without having to keep my finger on a button or repeatedly pressing the controls. I also liked the safety feature, where the steamer switches itself off if the steam button has not been pushed for longer than 30 minutes.

The Propress MINI feels notably heavier to hold than comparable clothes steamers, such as the Tefal Pure Pop, although it is still considerably lighter than an average steam iron. It is also quite top-heavy, so bear this in mind when setting the steamer down to ensure that it does not accidentally topple over. 

To clean the Propress MINI, just wipe with a soft, damp cloth, and avoid using detergents, cleaning agents or a descaling agent.

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Does the Propress MINI come with any accessories?

The Propress MINI came with a travel bag and heat-proof mitt. I admit that I scoffed at the mitt and made the mistake of using the clothes steamer without it. One slightly burnt hand later, I had learned my lesson, the mitt was on and doing a fine job. However it did feel slightly small on my average-sized hands, so this is something to bear in mind if you have large hands.

I also tested the Big Belly large capacity water tank, which can be switched in for the standard Propress MINI tank, increasing water capacity from 130ml to 230ml and steaming time from seven to 13 minutes, which is great for more substantial jobs. Unfortunately, the Big Belly is only available separately, priced at £27 on Amazon at the time of writing (January 9th, 2024). Although this does seem a bit on the pricey side, if you plan on steaming a large number of clothes regularly, it’s a worthwhile investment.

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Does the Propress MINI offer value for money?

The Propress MINI is expensive compared to other handheld clothes steamers, retailing at double the price of the Tefal Pure Pop. It is also weightier than other handheld clothes steamers, which would obviously make your suitcase heavier if you planned to take the Propress MINI away with you.

However, the Propress MINI does de-crease fabric quickly and efficiently, and, particularly with the Big Belly tank attached, it is capable of getting through several garments at a time, without needing to stop for a refill. If you are looking for a clothes steamer to use on a regular basis, the Propress MINI is a solid choice.

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How we tested

Reviewer Laura lives in Sussex with her husband and two kids, aged four and six. The Propress Mini clothes steamer and Big Belly large capacity water tank were tested on an assortment of light and heavy fabrics on their ability to remove creases and wrinkles. Our reviewer also took into account how easy the clothes steamer was to set up, use and clean.

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