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INEOS Next Gen Laundry Liquid and cleaning product review: fruity range will help rejuvenate your home and laundry

Do you have a penchant for pomegranate? Giddy for grapefruit? If so, you'll love this fruity laundry range from INEOS.

By Laura Cooke | Last updated Jan 31, 2024

RRP: £7 (one litre) | Buy now from Morrisons

RRP: From £35 (six one-litre bottles) | Buy now from Amazon

What we like

  • Made with plant-based cleaners

  • Packaging is 100% recyclable

  • Laundry liquid is vegan-friendly

  • Suitable for sensitive skin

  • Available in a beautiful range of fruity and floral fragrances

What we don't like

  • No fabric conditioner available, which would help the scent stay longer

Our verdict

If you’re looking to inject some fruity freshness or fabulous florals into your laundry, INEOS Next Gen Laundry Liquid is a feast for the senses. As well as smelling delicious, the laundry liquid comes in 100% recyclable packaging, it's suitable for sensitive skin and made without animal enzymes, meaning it is suitable for vegans. Oh, and it washes pretty well too!

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What does INEOS Next Gen laundry liquid smell like?

The laundry liquid comes in a range of fruity and floral fragrances, including geranium and birch, rose and cashew flower, and peony and rice flower.

I tested the fruity rhubarb and pomegranate, which, as well as smelling delicious, aims to give a renewed vitality and promote a sense of wellbeing, according to INEOS. My washing came out smelling fresh and clean. 

However, I found that the fragrance didn’t last as long as the Wilton London laundry liquid. It would be really nice to see a fabric conditioner added to the range in the future to help keep the lovely fruity scent for longer.

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How do you use INEOS Next Gen laundry liquid?

For a standard 4-5kg wash load, you need to pour 30ml of liquid into the washing machine drawer when washing in soft or medium water. In hard water areas, just up the amount to 40ml. For heavy loads (6-8kg), put 40ml into your washing machine for soft or medium water areas or 60ml for hard water areas.

The concentrated formula performs well in shorter, cooler, wash cycles (I tried it for a 30min wash at 30°C) but INEOS promises high-performance stain removal even on a 30 minute 20°C setting. 

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Can you use the INEOS Next Gen laundry liquid on pet bedding?

Yes, the INEOS laundry liquid is safe to use on pet bedding. It easily removed the stains and smell of urine from fleece guinea pig bedding.

How well does the INEOS Next Gen laundry liquid tackle stains and odours?

As mentioned above, the laundry liquid was able to remove urine stains and smells from pet bedding and was able to deal with all the everyday stains thrown at it, including food and felt tip pens. It also left my husband's sweaty gym gear smelling a lot more pleasant.

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Are there other products in the INEOS Next Gen range?

I also tested out the INEOS Next Gen 2 in 1 Dish and Hand washing up liquid in Bergamot and Cedarwood. Once again, the product smelt beautiful and was kind to my hands, not drying out my skin as some other products have done in the past. I felt the liquid didn’t produce as many bubbles as other brands I had used, but that said, it managed to tackle greasy dishes and pans quickly and efficiently, so it certainly didn’t impact on performance.

I was also sent the antibac multi-room spray in pink grapefruit and tangelo. I really liked the chunky spray handle and the generous amount of liquid produced with each spray. It managed to get rid of stains and dirt, without leaving annoying streaks behind when wiped away.

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But of all the products, I was particularly impressed with the INEOS Next Gen Antibac Multi-Room Wipes. They kept their moisture for ages, even when I inadvertently ripped the packet from top to bottom. The biodegradable wipes performed better than my usual supermarket-own brands, managing to shift even the most stubborn stains from the hob, kitchen table, worktops and bathroom tiles without too much effort required.  

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Does it offer value for money?

The INEOS Next Gen rhubarb and pomegranate laundry liquid is selling for £7 at Morrisons at the time of writing (December 14th, 2023). A one litre bottle contains enough laundry liquid for 33 washes - that’s around 21 pence per wash. This compares to 27 pence per wash for a one litre bottle of Wilton London Jasmine Laundry Liquid, currently selling on Amazon for £7.60 each.

However, if you fall in love with a particular fruity fragrance, then Amazon offers INEOS Next Gen products as bulk buys, with a six-pack of rhubarb and pomegranate laundry liquid currently selling for £42, which should give you around 198 washes.

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How we tested

Reviewer Laura lives with her husband and two kids, aged four and six. The INEOS Next Gen Laundry Liquid was tested on bath towels, pet bedding, school uniform, running clothing and assorted children’s and adults’ clothing. After washing, these were dried indoors on a heated clothes airer or in a tumble dryer.

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