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10 sex toys to spice up your sex life, according to Mumsnetters

A one-stop shop for all you need to make life in the bedroom (or wherever you fancy!) a little more interesting, Ann Summers has something for everyone. Here’s our pick of the best Ann Summers sex toys available now.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Jan 25, 2023

Best Ann Summers sex toys

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Ann Summers is a British institution and a rite of passage as far as erotic enjoyment goes. Whether you first giggled and experimented at an Ann Summers party, or sneaked a peek in the windows as a teen, the name is synonymous with sex and pleasure. 

These days, you’re probably more likely to browse online, and Ann Summers now has a huge range on their online store, all delivered discreetly in low-key packaging to your door, of course. There’s lots to choose from, too, from cock rings to couples’ toys, rampant rabbits to realistic dildos. Whether you’re a first-timer to the world of sex toys, or are an old hand (so to speak) and want to know what’s new, it can be a little daunting to be faced with the sheer array of products on the market. So, we’ve curated a list of the best Ann Summers sex toys for you to choose from. 

We’ve worked with Ann Summers many times to find out what Mumsnetters think and feel about sex and masturbation, so we’re confident that we know all about what women want and which sex toys will tick the boxes. 

In 2022, we conducted a survey about the sex lives of mums with Ann Summers, and the results were really interesting. Two thirds of Mumsnetters said that, for them, sex was one of the most important parts of a romantic relationship and 51% of respondents said they’d like to have more of it! So lots of you are definitely interested in investing more time and energy into your sex lives. 

In terms of toys, 41% of those who responded to the survey already used sex toys and a further 34% said they would like to try them. And it wasn’t all ‘me, me, me’ either. A whopping 71% agreed that sex toys enhanced a healthy sex life rather than taking away from it. 

Here are the best Ann Summers sex toys to buy now.

Ann Summers sex toys: Editor’s picks

1. Silicone Power Bullet

Silicone Power Bullet

RRP: £30 | Buy now from Ann Summers

Key specs

Type: Bullet vibrator | Waterproof: No | Material: Silicone | Battery type: USB charging cable) | Vibration modes: Three speeds; seven vibration patterns | Size: not listed

What Mumsnet users say

“Small inexpensive bullet with a wheel to control the speed for clitoral stimulation is just the BEST. Simple but perfect.” Thingamajiggy

Our verdict

Mumsnetters agree that a bullet is one of the best toys for beginners. This one is made from soft silicone that doesn’t feel too cold on the body and includes 10 vibration settings (three different speeds and seven vibration patterns) for you to experiment with, alone or with a partner. It has a contoured shape that lets you hit the exact spot you’re after. 

Fans say that this is a really quiet toy so nice and discreet if you have kids in the house (or paper thin walls) and it comes with a USB charging cable so no need to tear through the batteries. 

2. Rechargeable Power Bullet

Rechargeable Power Bullet

RRP: £25 | Buy now from Ann Summers

Key specs

Type: Bullet vibrator | Waterproof: Yes | Material: Metal | Battery type: USB charging cable (charging plug not included) | Vibration modes: Three speeds; seven vibration patterns | Size: Not listed

What Mumsnet users say

“If you get a bullet get a rechargeable one. There's nothing worse than the batteries running down halfway through!” Seachangeshell

Our verdict

There’s nothing more frustrating than the batteries running out on your bullet at precisely the wrong moment. Mumsnetters are big fans of rechargeable toys and this Rechargeable Power Bullet Vibrator from Ann Summers ticks all the boxes. It has 10 speed and vibration patterns to play with and a tapered point to give you more targeted control. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and is even waterproof so, once charged, you can take it into the shower with you, too. 

This is simple to use with one single button to press and hold for everything, making it a great choice for beginners. 

3. Three Speed Bullet Vibrator

3 Speed Bullet Vibrator

RRP: £12 | Buy now from Ann Summers

Key specs

Type: Vibrator | Waterproof: Yes | Battery type: 1 x AAA battery | Vibration modes: Three speeds

What Mumsnet users say

“I regularly climax with a vibey though. Ensure you use one with variable speed. Maybe a waterproof one in the bath. And experiment on your own!” StarlightLady

Our verdict

Designed for easy use by everybody and anybody, this bullet vibrator is smooth, stylish, and small enough to introduce in the bedroom without being too intimidating. At the push of a button, you can enjoy three speed settings with its tapered tip designed to send targeted vibrations to your desired pleasure point. It's great for solo play, or for turning up the heat during foreplay and is a great option so it's not a 'bit much' for anyone just starting out. It’s also pretty discreet-looking and the vibes are quiet, too. 

4. Curved G-Spot Rampant Rabbit

Curved G-Spot Rampant Rabbit

RRP: £52 | Buy now from Ann Summers

Key specs

Type: Rabbit vibrator | Waterproof: No | Material: Silicone | Battery type: rechargeable cable | Vibration modes: Three speeds; seven vibration patterns | Size: 4.5-inch insertable length; 1.25 inch girth

What Mumsnet users say

“A rabbit might be the best for a first toy. They aren't all noisy.” B1rdFlyingHigh

Our verdict

If you aren’t quite sure whether you want a dildo style or something more like a bullet for clitorial stimulation, a Rabbit gives you the best of both worlds. With its smooth, silicone shaft, which curves up into vibrating ‘ears’ to stimulate the clitoris, this gives really intense, blended orgasms. Users say it might take some experimenting to find the perfect position to hit all the right spots but it’s worth the wait. 

Because it’s completely hands free, you’re able to explore other erogenous zones or pay your partner some attention while it does its magic. Fans of the Rampant Rabbit say it’s really comfortable to use and gets you to orgasm in seconds. Lots of value for money. 

5. Self Love Massage Wand

Self Love Massage Wand

RRP: £48 | Buy now from Ann Summers

Key specs

Type: Wand | Waterproof: No | Material: Silicone head/plastic base | Battery type: rechargeable cable | Vibration modes: Three intensity levels; eight vibration patterns | Size: 1.75 inch diameter

What Mumsnet users say

“Ann Summers have a discount at the moment, on various models, however I'd recommend the plug in magic wands.” Hawkins001

Our verdict

For something a little subtler than some of the sex toys on the market, you might like to try a ‘wand’. This version from Ann Summers is designed for massaging any area of the body (and we do like a product that multitasks!). As a sex toy, Mumsnetters say this has a more relaxing feel to it; run the wand all over your body (or your partner’s) and then use the textured silicone head around erogenous zones to bring you to a slow, pleasurable orgasm. 

This has eight different vibration functions and three ‘intensity’ levels and it comes in a cotton bag to keep it out of sight and hygienic, too.

6. Fusion Rechargeable Remote Control Egg

Fusion Rechargeable Remote Control Egg

RRP: £42 | Buy now from Ann Summers

Key specs

Type: Remote control egg | Waterproof: Yes | Material: Silicone | Battery type: rechargeable cable | Vibration modes: Three intensity levels; seven vibration patterns | Size: 2.75 insertable length; 1.75 inches diameter

What Mumsnet users say

“It’s not either/or. Plenty of couples in loving relationships with good sex lives use toys to add a bit extra.” MrsMiggins37

Our verdict

If couples’ sex toys are on your shopping list, this remote control egg should bring some spice to the bedroom, or put a spring in your step during the supermarket shop. 

Designed to be used at home, in the bath or shower, or even out and about if you can bear it, the silicone egg is inserted easily and then you use the remote control to send vibrations straight to where they matter. Or you can hand the remote to your partner for a bit of added frisson. The egg has seven different vibration patterns and three speed settings for you both to try out. Lots of fun to be had, and it can be used as a hand-held bullet too, when you want to have a bit more control.

7. Fusion Remote Control Panty Vibe

Fusion Remote Control Panty Vibe

RRP: £42 | Buy now from Ann Summers

Key specs

Type: Remote control egg | Waterproof: No | Material: Silicone | Battery type: USB charging cable | Vibration modes: Three intensity levels; seven vibration patterns | Size: Not listed

What Mumsnet users say

“Not tried one but it does sound quite fun. I didn’t know there was such a thing!” ArmyGirl

Our verdict

Similar to the Fusion Egg above, this is a couple’s toy that allows one of you to control the vibes and one to enjoy them. This one isn’t designed to be inserted, but instead to lay against the clitoris, where you can enjoy its seven vibration patterns and three speeds. 

It’s made from smooth and tactile silicone and has a gently curved shape that fits neatly inside your underwear. Some people who bought it said it was a little noisier than expected but if you’re not quite brave enough to use it outside of the house, there’s definitely plenty of fun to be had indoors. It allows you to enjoy the vibrations while remaining totally hands free, and also has a removable bullet that you can use alone or during foreplay. 

8. Moregasm+ Bullet

Moregasm+ Bullet

RRP: £48 | Buy now from Ann Summers

Key specs

Type: Bullet vibrator | Waterproof: Yes | Material: Silicone | Battery type: Charging cable | Vibration modes: 5 speeds; 5 vibration patterns | Size: Not listed

What Mumsnet users say

“I second a bullet - quiet and discreet.” WooYa

Our verdict

The Moregasm+ lives up to its name; it’s a bullet - and then some. Its size and shape means you can use it for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation and the textured silicone adds a more intense feel to the vibrations. The shaft is soft and the tip gently flexible so it goes wherever you need it to. 

Ann Summers’ ‘climax technology’ promises to send low frequency vibrations throughout your body and customers agree that this bullet is definitely something special. It’s also waterproof so is perfect for enjoying a long soak in the bath with, as well as using it with a partner. There’s just one single button that controls the five speeds and five different styles of vibration, so it’s super simple to use, too. 

9. Moregasm Petite Rabbit

Moregasm Petite Rabbit

RRP: £58 | Buy now from Ann Summers

Key specs

Type: Rabbit vibrator | Waterproof: Yes | Material: Silicone | Battery type: charging cable | Vibration modes: Three speeds; three pulse patterns | Size: 4.5 inches insertable length; 1.25 inches girth

What Mumsnet users say

“The Ann Summers Moregasm set - couldn't recommend them more highly. Classy looking, rechargable, feel amazing, waterproof... Honestly, just the best toys I've ever owned!” JainaProudMum

Our verdict

If you like the look of a Rabbit vibrator but are a bit wary of taking the plunge, this Petite Rampant Rabbit from Ann Summers’ Moregasm range may fit the bill. It’s a very manageable 4.5 inches and made from soft silicone so it feels really smooth against the skin. Using Ann Summers’ famous Climax Technology it promises deep vibrations throughout the body that give stronger orgasms. What’s not to like?

There are three speed settings and three pulse patterns, so not enough to bamboozle you but plenty to play with, and it’s completely waterproof too, so fine to use in the bath or shower.  

10. Moregasm+ Petite G-Spot Vibrator

Moregasm+ Petite G-Spot Vibrator

RRP: £48 | Buy now from Ann Summers

Key specs

Type: Vibrator | Waterproof: Yes | Material: Silicone | Battery type: Charging cable | Vibration modes: Three speeds; three pulse patterns | Size: 4.5 inches insertable length; 1.5 inches girth

What Mumsnet users say

“Moregasm g spot vibrator from Ann Summers - feels incredible . Think it’s the ‘climax technology’ they talk about that.” SexForUMName

Our verdict

No messing about here, the Moregasm+ Petite G-Spot Vibrator hits the spot right where it should. And if you’re thinking size matters, this petite vibrator will prove that the best things definitely come in small packages. 

With three speeds and three vibration patterns, you can spend plenty of time experimenting and the Climax Technology promises to produce longer, deeper orgasms throughout your body. The shaft is made from a soft silicone and has been specially shaped to reach the G-spot with no problem at all. A single button lets you scroll through the settings, so you don’t have to think about anything else but your orgasm. It’s also waterproof for bathtub fun.

Where can I buy the best sex toys?

The internet has made a huge difference to shopping for sex toys and the Ann Summers website is packed with information, suggestions and real reviews to help you make your decision. However, there are still plenty of bricks and mortar stores, where you can speak to an expert in person and see the products in the flesh (or more likely in the silicone). 

If I buy sex toys online will it be sent discreetly?

Yes. Most companies are great at this so you won’t have the postman sniggering and even if your neighbours take in your parcel for you, they shouldn’t have a clue what’s in it. At Ann Summers they send out parcels in a plain box or heavy duty envelope with no branding or logos at all. Neither the return address label nor the entry on your bank statement will be listed as ‘Ann Summers’. 

Which sex toy should I get?

It really depends on what you want out of it. There are a few things to ask yourself before you go shopping, however, that might help make the decision.

  • Obviously, think about your budget first. You can get something pretty decent for around £20 (though sex toys start at much less) but at around £40-£60 you’ll get much higher quality toys with more bells and whistles (sometimes literally).
  • Think about whether it’s just for you, or for you and your partner. If you’re considering their needs too, then think about what they enjoy as well as maybe looking at toys that include a remote control element.
  • Consider where you want to use the toy. If you want to use it in the bath or shower, make sure it’s waterproof. 
  • Ask yourself whether you need a cordless toy or one that plugs in. USB is great as they can be recharged anywhere. 
  • Consider materials too. Glass dildos tend to scare beginners a bit but they’re actually perfectly safe and really hygienic. You might like to start off with something soft and silicone, however. 
  • Think about size and shape and how you generally orgasm. For those who are all about clitoral stimulation a small bullet will do the job nicely, but if you want G-spot stimulation, you’ll want something more like a traditional dildo - many toys do both at the same time. If you’re shopping for cock rings, think about your partner’s size, too - you want a snug fit but nothing that’s going to cut off the poor chap’s blood supply. 
  • Will you want to take the toy away with you when travelling? If so, look for something that’s easy to recharge and isn’t going to cause a scene at baggage check in. Something in silicone and discreet enough to go in your make-up bag is a good plan.

What is the best vibrator for a beginner?

A bullet vibrator is a popular first choice. They’re small, easy to use and discreet, and can bring pleasure to both partners during foreplay and sex, as well as being great for solo play, too. The Five-inch Rechargeable Beginner’s Vibrator from Ann Summers is a great choice. 

What is the best sex toy to buy for a couple?

Remote control toys are great for couples as one can wear and one can control the vibrations. Vibrating cock rings are also good for bringing a bit of zing to the bedroom. Many companies also sell ‘couples’ hampers’ which include a range of toys for you to try out together. Ann Summers’ Fusion Remote Control Panty Vibe is a nice toy to start with for couples. 

What’s the best vibrator you can buy?

We think the Ann Summers Silicone Powered Bullet is a great all rounder and definitely a good place to start if you aren’t sure. It’s easy to use and gets rave reviews. 

Silicone Power Bullet
“Small inexpensive bullet with a wheel to control the speed for clitoral stimulation is just the BEST. Simple but perfect.”


Silicone Power Bullet

Ann Summers

Buy now

What should I look for in a vibrator?

Decide what style you want first - there’s a big difference between the ‘realistic’ penis-a-like models of the 1980s and the much more subtle and smaller vibrators of today. Think about whether you want a bullet or a dildo style - or a bit of both, in which case go for a rabbit. 

Also, look at reviews to see what the vibrations are like - you might want something with quite ‘light’ buzzy vibes or something with deeper rumbles. It’s a personal decision but shop around and read reviews carefully. Consider materials too. Medical grade or ‘body safe’ silicone is good for vibrators or ABS plastic, which is non-porous and therefore more hygienic. Don’t forget that glass and stainless steel are also perfectly safe options. 

Once you’ve decided on style and size, look at ‘extras’. How many speeds and vibrations styles does it have? Are the controls easy to work? Is it rechargeable? If you want to use it in the bath check it’s waterproof. Some even come with their own storage bag, which is a nice extra. 

How do you keep sex toys clean?

Check the instructions it came with. Some need a specific type of cleaning product, eg one that is water based. Either way, always wash well after use, dry properly and put away (preferably in the bag it came in). Cotton drawstring bags are usually good. 

Where should you store your sex toys?

Preferably out of sight. Even if you don’t have kids in the house, your mother in law or cleaner don’t deserve an eyeful either! Some people buy a lockable box if they’re worried about kids snooping around, but what’s most important is that they are stored safely and hygienically so read the instructions and check what they suggest. 

About Ann Summers

Standing for female empowerment and sexual wellness, Ann Summers has been putting women at the heart of their conversations for over 50 years. Making its mark on the Great British high-street since 1972 and trailblazing ever since. With Jacqueline Gold CBE at the helm, they now have over 80 stores (and growing), and a flourishing network of over 5,000 direct selling party ambassadors establishing and expanding their own business. Not forgetting, they sell over 2 million Rampant Rabbits ® every year.

About the Pleasure Positivity Project

Going from strength to strength, 2019 saw the Pleasure Positivity Project come to fruition. The project was created to break down taboos surrounding sexuality, close the orgasm gap and to educate their followers. Creating yet another safe space for women to discuss all things sexual wellness, empowerment and even have a healthy debate over the comfiest lingerie sets, Fann Summers was created in 2022 and is home to over 8,000 loyal community members who are serious about the pursuit of pleasure.

It’s safe to say Ann Summers is a staple of the British high-street and isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Head to your nearest store or shop 24/7 here.