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Self Love Massage Wand review: a great choice for sex toy beginners

This versatile, soft, and flexible sex wand by Ann Summers is perfect for solo and couples play.

By Rebecca Roberts | Last updated Aug 31, 2023

Ann Summers’ Self Love Massage Wand review

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery and intimacy is a bold step, and Ann Summers' Self Love Massage Wand promises to be a worthy companion. 

Which is why, as a beginner to sex toys, I’m appreciative of the features, experiences, and versatility this magic wand has to offer. Read on to find out my thoughts on Ann Summers’ Self Love Massage Wand, and discover why I think it’s worth every penny for sex toy beginners who are searching for something for solo and couples play. 

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Self Love Massage Wand by Ann Summers, £48

What we like
  • Soft silicone design

  • Can be used solo or with a partner

  • Stimulate any area of the body

What we don't like
  • Isn’t as powerful as other wands

  • Tricky to navigate the vibration settings

  • Not waterproof

Key specs

Material: Silicone | Waterproof: No | Diameter: 1.75” | Function settings: 3 x intensity, 8 vibration patterns | Power: Rechargeable, USB cable included | Suitable for internal use: No | Suitable for external use: Yes, on all body parts 

What Mumsnet users say
baileys6904 · Tried & Tested
“If clitoral stimulation is what makes your knees weak, then look for a wand.”
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bigchris · Tried & Tested
“The cordless wand is what you need, expensive but worth every penny.”
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Our verdict

Perfectly suited for sex toy beginners, the Self Love Massage Wand stands as an inviting entry point. It’s one of several products Ann Summers have created as part of their Self Love range, and it - like the other Self Love products available - has been specifically designed to help you learn about yourself, connect with your mind, and with your own sexuality. 

Unveiling an elegantly approachable design, the Self Love Massage Wand effortlessly bridges the gap between enticing aesthetics and user-friendly functionality. With its soft purple silicone and refined rose gold accents, it radiates sophistication while steering clear of intimidating or hyper-realistic adult toys - making it a great beginner sex toy for exploring solo or partner play. 

The vibrator comes in a box that's as sleek as the toy itself

With 24 diverse speeds and patterns - from subtle pulses to mesmerising waves - the Self Love Massage Wand indulges. While I found it tricky to find a setting I preferred, it is easy to change the intensity and vibrations while in use, and it wasn’t long until it became effective. Out of the sheets it transforms into a tension-relieving tool, helping to soothe your body’s stress points, from your shoulders and neck to muscles (don't forget some massage oil).

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As it has been designed for both solo and partner play, introducing the Self Love Massage Wand helps foster intimacy by allowing you and your DH to explore without phallic pressure. Take turns, explore your bodies, and journey together in discovery - a true testament to Ann Summers’ commitment to healthy connections. 

The back of the wand massager is smooth but easy to hold

Dive into luxury without a hefty price tag, too. Priced at just £48, the Self Love Massage Wand is your passport to a world of indulgence. Its non-intimidating approach, combined with its elegant design, makes it the ideal introduction to the realm of sex toys. Simple maintenance and the provided cotton drawstring bag ensure hassle-free care.

Final thoughts: The Self Love Massage Wand serves as the ideal entry point for both individual and partner exploration. With its inviting nature, it extends beyond the bedroom, making it a versatile choice and a great, affordable sex toy at just £48. Specifically designed for women who enjoy clitoral stimulation, achieving climax becomes a straightforward journey.

Ann Summers' Self Love range promotes body positivity and self confidence

Self Love Massage Wand: how we tested

Throughout several weeks of testing, I put the Self Love Massage Wand to the test, both alone and with my partner. At night, we easily incorporated the wand into our intercourse, while its versatility was showcased as a tension-relieving remedy for neck and shoulder discomfort after busy days with the kids.

As it has been specifically designed for clitoral stimulation, it was used both during foreplay and intercourse. It’s worth noting that the Self Love Massage Wand is not suitable for internal use, and isn’t waterproof - so avoid the bath, shower, or pool! 

Self Love Massage Wand: what’s in the box? 

Delivered in a box that’s as sultry as the wand itself, the Self Love Massage Wand is accompanied by a convenient storage bag and a charging cable. It's a complete package designed to provide you with everything you need for an enhanced and hassle-free experience.

You can see how big the toy is with the drawing on the side of the box

An inconspicuous cotton drawstring bag is included for safe storage

Self Love Massage Wand: how easy is it to set-up? 

Getting started with the Self Love Massage Wand is a breeze. While it arrived partially charged, following the instructions to achieve a full charge is recommended. We left it to charge for a couple of hours before our initial use. With the included USB cable, we found it convenient to use our own plug head for charging.

Storage is equally straightforward. The wand easily slips into the provided cotton drawstring bag, making it a cinch to keep organised. Its compact size ensures it neatly tucks away in a drawer, ready for your next moment of indulgence.

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Self Love Massage Wand: how does it look?

The Self Love Massage Wand boasts a visually approachable design with its soothing lilac colour, soft silicone texture, and delicate form. My Self Love Massage Wand is purple, with rose gold accents - Ann Summers also sells a pink and blue version of the wand. 

Rose gold accents add to the luxury look and feel of the vibrator

Smooth all over, with a textured and flexible head for comfortable use

The Self Love Massage Wand is for external use only

Self Love Massage Wand: what’s it like to use solo?

For those seeking clitoral stimulation, the Self Love Massage Wand is a worthy contender. 

While it might take a bit of patience to find your rhythm, movement can assist in getting the sensations just right. Initially, the intensity might feel overwhelming directly on the clitoris, but experimenting with slightly higher areas around the region can, as I found, lead to successful build-up.

Operational subtlety is its forte, producing a discreet buzz beneath the duvet. Yet, adjusting settings and intensity during use I found slightly challenging. It's worth noting that we also didn't need to use lube while using, although it'd probably feel just as good, if not better, with the help of lubrication.

Beyond the bedroom, it transforms into a tension-relief tool, offering respite from the trials of soft play with the kids, or for soothing sore muscles after a long day.

"Be someone that makes you happy" is inscribed inside the box

Self Love Massage Wand: what’s it like to use with a partner? 

For couples looking to embark on a shared journey into the world of intimacy-enhancing toys, the Self Love Massage Wand stands as a welcoming choice. Its user-friendly design makes it a great introductory option, fostering exploration and connection between partners.

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Self Love Massage Wand: how easy is it to clean?

Cleaning the Self Love Massage Wand is a straightforward process. Utilising Ann Summers' Buzz Fresh Wipes proves efficient, or opt for a gentle wash with warm water and soap. 

However, keep in mind that the wand isn't waterproof, so it's advisable to avoid using it in settings like the bath, shower, or pool to maintain its optimal performance.

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