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Shopping our Wardrobes! Outfit of the Day Thread

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happytobemrsg Tue 17-Dec-19 21:55:19

Looking forward to seeing all the lovely outfits we can make by shopping our wardrobes. I’m day one of my no spend & pretty pleased with myself 😂

(Sorry if I’ve missed anyone)

happytobemrsg Tue 17-Dec-19 21:59:21

As promised, my outfit from today.

Dress: Zara
Belt: Gucci
Blazer: Miss Selfridge
Boots & socks: M&S

Miseryisabutterfly Tue 17-Dec-19 22:00:13

Can I join? I need this thread to keep me on the straight and narrow 😂

Miseryisabutterfly Tue 17-Dec-19 22:00:48

You look lovely btw, love the dress and socks combo!

Ellapaella Tue 17-Dec-19 22:22:13

Thanks for the new thread happy - can't seem to tag you for some reason. Love today's outfit 👌

PinkDaydreams Wed 18-Dec-19 07:07:53

@happytobemrsg thank you! I love your Gucci belt by the way, I’ve seen you wear it both casual and formal/dressy and it really works!

Laska2Meryls Wed 18-Dec-19 07:26:38

Hi, can I join? I've recently left work , have ( a wardrobe of lovely things and need to make sure that I continue to wear them and not collapse into the easy option every day. Here's what I wore yesterday ( because today it will be scruffies as I need to clear out some room in the loft!

Laska2Meryls Wed 18-Dec-19 07:27:49

It was Toast jumper, Hush Skirt and boots from Celt and co.

Splodgetastic Wed 18-Dec-19 07:45:35

What is shopping your wardrobe? I get that it might involve not buying more stuff and trying new combos, but what else is involved?

myidentitymycrisis Wed 18-Dec-19 07:48:37

I want to join.
In the new year I plan to stop buying and continue selling on eBay

Wool dress- Oasis
Wool cardigan- Uniqlo
Both charity shop
Cashmere tights- wolford
Black boots-old

OublietteBravo Wed 18-Dec-19 08:01:41

Hello everyone. Welcome @myidentitymycrisis.

Here is my outfit from last night’s Christmas party. It’s not very good as the light in my house is awful.

Sparkly green fine knit jumper (Oasis)
Velvet leggings (Mint Velvet)
Boots (Phase Eight)

So far I’m the only one in the office. Presumably some slightly hungover people will be in later...

OublietteBravo Wed 18-Dec-19 08:03:40

I think I have those boots @Laska2Meryls - I love them. welcome to the thread!

OublietteBravo Wed 18-Dec-19 08:52:56

Today I’m wearing serious heels in the office for the first time since I sprained my ankle in July. I have my annual appraisal today. I’m taller than my (male) boss in these heels. This wasn’t a deliberate choice, although I do sometimes wonder about my subconscious....

Jumper: Warehouse
Culottes: Phase Eight
Boots: Moda in Pelle

(With apologies for the toilets in the background - the work looks are the only place with a full-length mirror and decent lighting).

KiteflyingKat Wed 18-Dec-19 08:58:35

Thanks for the new thread @happytobemrsg
You look very smart.

@Laska2Meryls welcome. Like you I joined this thread as I transitioned to working from home a lot & needed motivation to wear “proper” clothes and not lapse into scruffy clothes each day.

@Splodgetastic yes shopping your wardrobe means forming outfits from what you have rather than spending more on new stuff. Some people on this thread (not everyone) are trying to do no spend on clothes. Some of us have lists of “permitted items” eg. I am allowed to replace things that are beyond repair and I’m allowed to buy new stuff if I sell old stuff to raise the cash.

Welcome @myidentitymycrisis

@Oubliette nice leggings hope the party was fun

Sooverthemill Wed 18-Dec-19 09:17:14

Welcome new people, ( waves to *@Laska2Meryls*) it's lovely to see new faces and I was new not so long ago.

So I'm on no spend but just been gasping at the new jeans my dog walker has on from M&S at £19.99 she has them in all the colours! Similarly I shocked her with my sale bargains.

Love the outfits @happy, @OublietteBravoand @Laska2Meryls . @happytobemrsg
@Splodgetastic I think several of us felt guilty we were buying so much when we already have some lovely clothes in our wardrobes so vowed no spend for a period ( I'm meant to be until end of March unless I need new underwear) and to look closely at what we had to make new and interesting outfits. It's challenge but @Ellapaella did a no spend September which impressed me for one and one of my resolutions is not to buy 'cheap' stuff on a whim but to invest in quality stuff which would be more lasting

Sooverthemill Wed 18-Dec-19 09:19:10

My outfit is
Top: hush AW 2019
Jeans: Boden velvet I think AW 2017
Trainers : jigsaw 2018

KiteflyingKat Wed 18-Dec-19 14:45:35

Day out at a National Trust place today with DC.

Jumper - Whistles
Shirt - Cloth & Stone via TK Maxx
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - TU

happytobemrsg Wed 18-Dec-19 15:16:48

Welcome to all the newbies! Waves

@PinkDaydreams I’m so lucky to have two Gucci belts - a thin & wider version. They only became a staple after I learnt I was an hourglass- before that I had never worn a belt with trousers/jeans!

@OublietteBravo I love your killer heels!! How did your appraisal go? Now I’m a contractor I don’t get 1-2-1s anymore.

Love, love, love your outfit @Kiteflyingkat

happytobemrsg Wed 18-Dec-19 15:21:29

My no spend has been made easier by the fact that my credit card data may have been compromised whilst shopping during Black Friday so I had to cancel my card 😩

Luckily my new black OB cardigan & Hush t-shirt (arriving tomorrow 😬) were bought before I had to chop up my card!!!

KiteflyingKat Wed 18-Dec-19 15:44:16

Oh no sorry to hear about the card @mrsg. Good for no spend though fgrin

happytobemrsg Wed 18-Dec-19 15:57:13

It’s lucky I’ve already bought my Christmas presents!

Ellapaella Wed 18-Dec-19 16:27:50

@OublietteBravo I love the flared trousers.
@KiteflyingKat your outfit looks super cosy and chic.
I'm not posting a pic today as my day has been dog walking and cleaning the house so tracksuit bottoms, old hoodie and no makeup at all.
I got these yesterday though from Hush and love them.

happytobemrsg Wed 18-Dec-19 16:45:43

The perfect chunky shoes for an hourglass @Ellapaella 👍🏻

myidentitymycrisis Wed 18-Dec-19 18:31:18

I don’t buy lots of new stuff but I find it hard to resist a charity shop, and still feel guilty about adding to my wardrobe from them.

KiteflyingKat Wed 18-Dec-19 18:39:35

I don’t buy lots of new stuff but I find it hard to resist a charity shop, and still feel guilty about adding to my wardrobe from them

Me too! And the charity shops around here are so good I can actually spend serious money - I’ve spent £100 in one go before. So my “no spend” includes charity shops.

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