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Ashamed of my beauty product hoard - part 4

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kwick Sun 11-Dec-16 13:22:05

My name is kwick and I am a beauty product addict...

Continuing the great work achieved in previous threads - come join us and rejoice in the joy of using (up) beauty products grin

kwick Sun 11-Dec-16 13:25:27

Old thread: Ashamed of my beauty product hoard - Part 3

FiveShelties Sun 11-Dec-16 13:26:58

Thank you ^kwick* for a shiney new thread. flowers

Just wondering how many threads we will get up to before I have a 'reasonable' amount of beauty products. It could be a lot! grin

kwick Sun 11-Dec-16 13:41:02

five I feel like we may be here for a looooong time wink

woodhill Sun 11-Dec-16 14:03:02

Marking place

ememem84 Sun 11-Dec-16 14:08:29

Place marking. Am not going anywhere today so no make up. But have moisturised to the nth degree. Face feels lovely.

Dh asked why I'm so tan. Wanted to know where my tan came from. Told him the bottle.

About half a bottle of the palmers tanning body lotion to use up - am slathering it on. Feel pale and uninteresting and also hate it.

HooArghhhEwe Sun 11-Dec-16 14:10:55

Hello Hello!

No empties here but make up moved out of bathroom <tiny win> Tomorrow I'm going to do my bathroom make up bag.

I feel the urge to do a mass foundation test for bottles I own. I think the one I thought was perfect is waaaaaaay too pink. My skin is not pink. Might need to go get re colour matched as I adore it as a foundation.

kwick Sun 11-Dec-16 14:12:59

hoo please share your foundation reviews on here!
I must say I am very pleased with Kiko cream foundation - I have already hit pan on it though.

DragonNoodleCake Sun 11-Dec-16 14:29:25

Thanks kwick!! Fresh thread is a good plan

I used Lancôme la base pro - everywhere on my face and then my Lancôme foundation everywhere and over my lids prior to the eye makeup, going to do the same next weekend and hope it withstands the crazy dancing (and therefore sweating) we have planned.

It was an Avon super extend liquid liner (felt tip type) I love them have them in black, plum and real!

Frustrated I loved your selfie red lipstick is always amazing and it suits you.

I'm got a slightly squiffy tummy today...too many drinks me thinks.

DragonNoodleCake Sun 11-Dec-16 15:25:49

Some days DH drives me insane, other times I remembered why I married him! I've just been sent up to our room (top floor of 3 story is all ours) to have an hour of rest/chill --hangover recovery--/ mess around on Mumsnet before I take him to airport and start the week again.

He works away Sunday night until Thursday night every week.

kwick Sun 11-Dec-16 15:36:11

dragon that must be hard.

I am on plane ready for last work trip of the year!!! Yipee!!!

DragonNoodleCake Sun 11-Dec-16 15:54:35

Anywhere exciting kwick? I'm now been on a works trip for a wee while, it's all about slashing budgets and cost improvement projects at the moment at work

DragonNoodleCake Sun 11-Dec-16 16:08:06

I've not - not - I'm now

FrustratedFrugal Sun 11-Dec-16 16:12:49

Thanks for the new thread Kwick!
Marking place! <slams down the Tupperware full of lipsticks>
Nars Jungle Red still going strong wink

I have a feeling I'll be around for a while...

I'm also having a rare lonely moment in a clean house - DH and DC will burst in any minute...

FrustratedFrugal Sun 11-Dec-16 18:00:22

Kwick where are you headed? Or is it a secret?

applesandpears33 Sun 11-Dec-16 18:57:38

Signing in to new thread. Still working my way through products but should manage ten by the new year.

kwick Sun 11-Dec-16 19:07:57

I am in Barcelona until Wednesday - definitely worst places to be... and look what I have just ordered...

Indecisivejo Sun 11-Dec-16 19:20:28

Hi again!
I really need a new foundation, can anyone recommend one...I have these requirements...
*fragrance free
*not loaded with silicones
*light but buildable coverage
*not too thin and watery but not too heavy (greasy!)
*doesnt sit in lines or dryness
*not shiny.

Am I asking too much??

mowglik Sun 11-Dec-16 19:25:14

Oo new thread! I've been on most of these use up threads since the start and I still have a stash to use up blush but it's better than before and a lot of the things I have left are my HGs so I'm getting there slowly!

indecisive sorry I can't help my favourite foundation is ysl inkfusion, very light and watery and probably loaded with silicones due to the feel confused

Dior forever or star might fit the bill for you though, another favourite of mine, not sure if it contains silicones or not though??

Indecisivejo Sun 11-Dec-16 19:28:48

Thanks mowglik isn't Dior fragranced?? My two HG foundations were both discontinued ffs

bunnybleu Sun 11-Dec-16 19:37:49

Jo did you try the Body Shop moisture foundation?

AnotherPinkiePieStory Sun 11-Dec-16 19:57:26

Hi all
kwick love your finishing flourish!
I'm properly hungover but busting out a revlon matte lip. Will channel my inner frustrated and post lip selfie!
You look great lady and not really how I picture you!

dragon ugh to solo parenting. I work a long distance away and do 24hr on-calls so my DH does a lot by himself. Hate it. Would fancy a wee trip to Barcelona and that food but appreciate that work isn't same as fun!

Fake tanning too to get through 4 open bottles. I realise (4 threads in) that I am a sucker for a new product despite having others open so my New Years resolution is not to buy another cosmetic until 1 runs out. Obviously can't do this with lipstick or eye shadow or world might end!
But I am going to go no-spend beauty and fashion January (except underwear: I'm embarrassed by my smalls!)
My foundation is bougois fruit serum one which I love but is scented.

DragonNoodleCake Sun 11-Dec-16 20:01:56

Oops - I went in boots and made some spontaneous purchases because the colours were pretty and I fancied them for next weekend. I've never used maybeline before...this could go horribly wrong.

DragonNoodleCake Sun 11-Dec-16 20:03:46

Indecisive not sure I can help. I'm a slave to Lancôme foundation and it probably does not fit your needs

DragonNoodleCake Sun 11-Dec-16 20:04:49

Kwick wishing I could join you for dinner! Looks yummy.

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