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BellaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 15-Nov-21 10:06:12

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What moments with your baby brought you unexpected happiness? Whether it was a questionable first ‘word’ or your baby (loudly) breaking wind in public, we’d like to hear about them.

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hannahbjm Mon 15-Nov-21 13:05:22

My son is 8 months now and I would never have thought I would be so happy when he does a poo ( he suffers from long periods without going ) It honestly makes my day!

Aroundtheworldin80moves Mon 15-Nov-21 13:33:31

DH had to go away when DD1 was only 10 days old (Army). He returned for the weekend 3 weeks later, and happily went off to Bath and change DD for bed. I told him fresh clothes were on the changing table in the bathroom. He returned 20mins later with a nice clean baby dressed in a sleepsuit... with a vest over the top.

minimecantrollerskate Mon 15-Nov-21 14:50:16

@MNHQ isn't the thread title a bit misleading? It says "funniest moments" whereas it then asks for moments that brought you unexpected happiness? Which is it?

lovemyflipflops Mon 15-Nov-21 16:13:26

When DS1 shared his Christmas sweets with all of the family., then watching his eyes fill with tears when he reached in and the packet was empty - he had a big cuddle them opened another packet

m0jit0 Mon 15-Nov-21 17:51:53

So many funny moments but one that springs to mind is when we had a new born photo shoot for our pfb at 10 days old. She was quite windy and colicky and in quite a bad mood but as the photographer was getting her swaddled up she let out a HUGE fart and fell fast asleep immediately. The photographer was impressed and horrified in equal measure. 😂

Lsquiggles Mon 15-Nov-21 19:28:32

We'd been trying to encourage our DD to speak for a while, she naturally ignored all our efforts and her first word was "poo" which she liked to exclaim repeatedly grin we were very glad when she learned more words haha


Cotswoldmama Mon 15-Nov-21 19:50:35

When my eldest son was about 2 I asked him if he was a boy. He said no, I asked him if he was a girl, he said no. I said what are you then? And he said gorgeous! I asked my youngest the same question and again he said he wasn't a boy or a girl, so I asked what he was and he said a vampire!

sharond101 Mon 15-Nov-21 19:58:29

I exclaimed in Tesco once he ate a carrot!

Vicky1989x Mon 15-Nov-21 21:27:28

Whenever my 18 month old daughter farts, she waves her hands around her bum and laughs… no idea where she got that from! grin

Hopezibah Mon 15-Nov-21 22:56:24

Something we giggle about now but thought disgusting at the time... the nappy change poo when the "korma" stage of poo came squirting out - all over me and weeks later found little dried bits of it on the door and wall behind! Jumped in the shower immediately! Little did I know that by the time baby 2 and 3 would come along a quick wipe with a baby wipe and carry on as usual would have to do as there was no chance of having a quick shower when there were 3 to look after! Also love some of the early funny words... my daughter would say "bubbish" instead of "pretty" to describe fireworks, she also said "poo poo" in place of "beautiful". My son would say "joo joo" for Squirrel and my other son said "itch" in place of pig so we still have toys names "joo joo squirrel" and "itch pig" and that is where the names came from!

CatNamedEaster Tue 16-Nov-21 05:05:57

Having DS ask for "cockporn" in a cafe made quite a few people's day.grin

voyager50 Tue 16-Nov-21 07:32:06

I experienced unexpected happiness when the baby's incessant crying when he was teething got me out of going out with my partner's work function that I really didn't want to go to!! (it wouldn't have bee fair to leave him with a sitter.)

Stinkyslippers Tue 16-Nov-21 08:46:22

My son was a Velcro baby-I couldn’t leave him for a second
He was about 18 months when we where in the car one day and my brother was trying to teach him to say ‘fish kebab’ as his first words
The little sod leaned forward-looked out of the window and clear as anything said ‘duck’ while pointing at ducks flying overhead
After all I’d done for him-his first word wasn’t ‘mummy!’

hiddenmichelle Tue 16-Nov-21 09:37:31

My older toddler spent so much time climbing on window ledges and I had to keep telling him that it was dangerous. My younger childs first words were "Get down"!

jellybeanpopper Tue 16-Nov-21 15:02:18

We have a google mini and one of the first things DD learned to say was "hello google". It took us a while to understand what she wanted to say but it did give us a laugh when we finally worked it out!

jellybeanpopper Tue 16-Nov-21 15:03:43

I took DD to some 'sign and rhyme' baby groups but I was still surprised and impressed when she started to use basic signs for milk, play etc before she could speak!

FuggyPidding Tue 16-Nov-21 16:11:16

Before my DD could say 'cl' properly and pronounced it 'c', it was interesting whenever she saw a clock...
And one time, she saw a man randomly carrying a clock in the street and went out to shout 'cock' at him!

Lemonysherbet Tue 16-Nov-21 19:34:16

I was cooking in the kitchen and jack went very quiet, walked into the lounge to see him sitting on the sofa holding my pint of water. I shout "no jack put that down", as he tries to "drink it", and tipped it all down himself. He was so shocked by the water he just had the funniest look on his face. I laughed so hard I actually sat down, and a dripping wet jack came over and sat with me on the floor and joined in laughing. Honestly wish I'd caught it on camera it brings me such joy

SmileyClare Tue 16-Nov-21 19:42:03

The first time my toddler tried lemon mousse. His little face scrunched up every time he had a mouthful and he did a little shiver. Every time I laughed, he did too. He's 20 now but I still laugh thinking about it.

EsmeeMerlin Tue 16-Nov-21 19:52:05

When ds1 was a newborn his dad gave him a bath and then took off his shirt to have some skin on skin. I went to take a picture of this moment of dad and baby when the baby promptly shat all over him.

AmazingBouncingFerret Tue 16-Nov-21 20:02:19

It was a beautiful day so my mother and I decided to take my son to a national trust property.
I was in the middle of toilet training him and he was in ‘big boy pants’ so it was a slight risk.
Not long after we arrived he informed me he needed the toilet, the nearest toilets were situated just outside the gorgeous orangery that had been renovated into a delightful tearoom with little tables all along the outside, because of said beautiful day these tables were naturally full of people enjoying their cream teas and ice creams.
I waited outside whilst my mum took him to the toilet.
I’ll never forget the look of pure joy on his face as he came running out and bellowing at the top of his lungs, “mummy I did a poo in the toilet!”
This was the day that not only his mother congratulated him on his bowel movements but so did a number of strangers. One lady even gave him a round of applause.

flowersfromheaven Tue 16-Nov-21 20:03:20

My friend said to my daughter whom was around 2 years old, Hello beautiful, My daughter gave her a proper funny look as if she didn't understand what she had just said by saying No I'm not beautiful I'm Chloe. It still tickles me pink just thinking about it.

Anotheronestatisticssuck Tue 16-Nov-21 20:03:25

Endless references to poo and bums, lots of farts and being very proud of them grin

tearinghairout Tue 16-Nov-21 20:18:13

We were having Sunday roast. DH was dishing out the veg and went to give DS carrots, and DD said, "He doesn't want carrots, but he wants potatoes", which was true. So then DH said, "What does Mummy want?" and DD said, "Peace and quiet!".

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