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Share your funniest baby parenting moments - £200 voucher to be won

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BellaMumsnet · 15/11/2021 10:06

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What moments with your baby brought you unexpected happiness? Whether it was a questionable first ‘word’ or your baby (loudly) breaking wind in public, we’d like to hear about them.

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Share your funniest baby parenting moments - £200 voucher to be won
OP posts:
Jowel · 30/11/2021 13:54

We were in a park when my son aged 4 fell into a pond. He said that he had been throwing a stick into the pond and forgot to let go!

Igmum · 30/11/2021 21:28

DD blowing a chorus of raspberries in Church in time to the hymn. I was dying of embarrassment and deeply regretting our raspberry blowing giggly sessions. The whole back row of respectable pensioners were having fits of the giggles

Mezema78 · 30/11/2021 21:30

My son was only a couple of weeks old. I led him on his nappy changer and took his nappy off. The next thing I see is him weeing on his face. Never seen that before. So after that I always kept the nappy on his togger whilst trying to clean him so we didn’t have a recurrence of what I call “rainbow wee”! I don’t mean it was colourful, just went round in an arc!

Mezema78 · 30/11/2021 21:36

Just another funny one I remember. We went to a theme park. There was a normal park inside this theme park. There were a few orange cones around. I guess they didn’t want you going into certain areas. My son who was 3 at the time decided he wanted to leapfrog over them. The first one he tried, he landed straight on it with his nuggets! Not over it! I still remember the scream of pain from his mouth. After a lot of crying, he said, “Mummy I think my nuggets have turned into pancakes!” I laughed so much even though my little boy was in pain but he saw the funny side of it eventually! Poor thing!

SuzCG · 01/12/2021 10:20

My eldest when he posted a screwdriver down the open sink pipe while DH was doing a job to 'help Daddy'. I've laughed about it for years now - still makes Daddy's face cloud over...

Katiejanej · 01/12/2021 23:54

When my eldest was newly potty trained she used to get down from the table to go to the loo in the middle of every meal. One evening I said, can you try and hold it, she looked confused and said, but my sleeves will get wet.

biwinoone · 02/12/2021 00:12


When my eldest was newly potty trained she used to get down from the table to go to the loo in the middle of every meal. One evening I said, can you try and hold it, she looked confused and said, but my sleeves will get wet.

this is funny. In my eyes she is the winner.
HidingInACupboard · 02/12/2021 06:42

My eldest when he was about 2/3 made a new friend called “a fanny full”…….the boys name was Nathanial 😂

TheFairPrincess · 02/12/2021 11:46

My 20 month old loves the hoover and loves to pick up anything he can find to brush along the floor and pretend his is hoovering! The actual funny bit though is his impression of the hoover noise, he makes a big loud OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH sound and really pushed his lips out and throws his head back to do it, it never fails to make me laugh :)

HaroldSteptoesHorse · 02/12/2021 18:59

DD 4, boiler being fixed and she shouts out Mummy the man is screwing in the kitchen 🤣

WhatWouldKalindaDo · 03/12/2021 09:33

My husband's first attempt at changing a nappy.....

He took the old one off and while he was faffing about with the new one, our newborn baby let out a stream of urine which shot into my husband's mouth.

I laughed so hard despite just coming round from a c section and being in agony!

NotMyselfWithoutCoffee · 03/12/2021 11:35

When my son was born and placed on my chest for the first time.
I looked at him, looked down and said he's peeing on me!
Of course that's my first memory of him. Grin

Newmumlake · 03/12/2021 20:40

I’m a first time mum and was due to visit the health visitor at a local clinic for the first time. I was a little sleep deprived and a bit anxious on attending the appointment on time. DS decided to have the biggest poo explosion on the way out of the door to get to the appointment.
I Felt really proud of myself for handling the situation but getting him changed, getting to the appointment and making it through the appointment - answering her questions and getting him weighed.
I got home ready to relax but happened to pass the hallway mirror to put the kettle on in the kitchen.

I had poo in my eyebrow……

Quite obviously had poo in my eyebrow…

No one said anything…

Duvetflower · 04/12/2021 12:50

My 2nd was a very windy baby. One day I was changing my baby on the coffee table. When I lifted her legs out shot a loud foamy poo. It was jet propelled across the room, all over me, the sofa, the floor... My toddler turns to me in a tell-tale voice, 'Mummy, the baby's pooed on the sofa'

MyLastUsernameWasRubbish · 04/12/2021 19:14

Took my eldest DS to a family wedding as a 9 month old. He was dressed up in his little waistcoat and looked super cute. Was beautifully behaved until the point when the bride was walking down the aisle to some lovely (unfortunately quiet) piano music. At which point he decided to strain very loudly for a poo, making straining and grunting noises for a few minutes before producing a horrendously smelly nappy... 🤦🏼‍♀️

redfox92 · 04/12/2021 22:55

I have a 23 month old and a 8 month old, I take my toddler to a tumble tots group and in a hurry to get ready recently I put him in a new jumper. Thinking it looked abit small, but with literally no time to contemplate I threw his jacket on and got out the door. When we got to class one of the other parents couldn't help but comment laughing saying how it looked abit on the small side I laughed back and in the slight embarrassment I defensively said I think it's 3/4 length. I giggled and changed the subject promptly. It was only when I got home I realised I had brought it for my 8 month old not my 23month old! It did look ridiculous he did look ridiculous I took him out in public like it! I could have died the following week seeing the parents. Never mind. It was funny all the same. Poor kids. Everything's such a challenge yet they're bloody worth it.

MrsFrTedCrilly · 07/12/2021 01:25

The beautiful moment that was registering my sons birth always makes me laugh.
The registrars was situated in a medieval building with vaulted ceilings as we were called in my son had the most enormous post feed belch, it felt as if the walls shook.
A tiny baby producing such a loud unexpected noise had everyone in the room giggling!

HeartvsBrain · 07/12/2021 05:44

I feel like you had to be there to understand just how funny this antic of my 9 month old son was...
Mum and I had gone shopping with my pfb in Selfrides (about 40 years ago now) and had gone into one of it's restaurants for lunch. After lunch, just before we started to get ready to leave, my son half stood up in his highchair and did what I can only describe as a blessing on all the other diners - he pulled himself as straight as possible, put both his arms up in front of himself with a gap between them just wider than the gap between his shoulders, and he looked just like pictures I have seen of the Pope at the Vatican, when he is blessing the gathering! I saw lots of people look up and laugh at him, and have since wondered if that was when his love of being a stand up comedian stemmed from 😂

As an aside, I can't remember how he was able to semi stand up in his highchair, whether the highchairs in the restaurant there didn't have straps (seems unlikely), or whether I hadn't tightened his shoulder straps up tight enough, but once my DM (now sadly departed) and I got over our stunned surprise and shock, we quickly got him out of the chair - we couldn't stop giggling for ages afterwards though!

HeartvsBrain · 07/12/2021 05:56

One more quick one about my pfb...

We didn't own a car at that time, but my DF used to very occassionally let us borrow his car so that my DxH, DM, Dpfb and I, could have a day out together. My DM tended to wear buttoned blouses with either a skirt or trousers. My DS (from about 7 months old) would sit in the back on my DM's knee - no baby seats in those days - and within about 5 minutes my DS would have managed to open nearly all the buttons on my DM's blouse, and she always claimed that she hadn't noticed him do it!

twinkletoedelephant · 07/12/2021 19:20

The twins playing peek-a-boo around the door...the full on belly laughs lasted a good 10minutes :)

An elderly man asked DD how old she while we were in lift, she said 2 and asked how old he was...he said 77 - she looked up at it him and said that really old your probably going to die soon

Ohdoleavemealone · 08/12/2021 09:56

Feeding DS is the changing rooms of a shop when he did a very loud fart. Was very embarrassing leaving the cubicle 5 minutes later. I am pretty sure everyone thought it was me!

Kweenxo · 08/12/2021 19:48

Saying 'I farted' even when outside.

ruqiya1965 · 08/12/2021 20:04

When DS used to go to the corner of the room to do a poo. It was hilarious as he'd squat down, look to see if anyone was watching him, and then let it all out. If anyone was watching, he'd get really upset. It was adorable.

saffysabir · 08/12/2021 20:21

I had a time when I was cleaning DD when she was a few months old and as I was changing her nappy, she pooed again. Tried changing again, the same thing! It was annoying but at the same time so funny. It then happened again in one of the later feeds.

alshareif · 08/12/2021 20:26

I invented another personality called 'Monkey Chinchilla' for when DD misbehaved and it's so funny how she asks to speak to this persona like she believes it's real. She's only 4.

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