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Share your funniest baby parenting moments - £200 voucher to be won

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BellaMumsnet · 15/11/2021 10:06

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What moments with your baby brought you unexpected happiness? Whether it was a questionable first ‘word’ or your baby (loudly) breaking wind in public, we’d like to hear about them.

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Share your funniest baby parenting moments - £200 voucher to be won
OP posts:
marytuda · 16/11/2021 21:29

Waiting for me outside the public toilet in a crowded train carriage, DS, 3, asks at top of voice through the door “Mummeee - are you doing a poo?”

Two yrs later in primary school Y1, class draws pictures of their parents which are pinned up for our inspection at end of term social. DS has drawn two wobbly figures, one with straight, one with curly hair . . and a little willy protruding between the legs. No other child has done this! I’m just grateful he didn’t do me with boobs.

ImJustMum · 16/11/2021 22:27

To be over the moon than my 2week daughter had poo'ed! Included texting every one to announce it. She was post bowel surgery so it had meant it had worked not i was just excited she had crapped!

HouseholdBubblesandEeeeek · 16/11/2021 22:51

When my daughter was a toddler she stripped off in a supermarket car park simply because she felt too hot. How lovely to have no inhibitions!! 😂

AdoraBell · 16/11/2021 23:14

When mine were babies I couldn’t swear when something went wrong so whenever something was dropped or a door slammed with wind etc I said - oh, crash bang wallop - in an amusing voice to calm the babies, twins.

Fast forward to toddler age and DD2 loudly exclaims crash bang bollock when at the uptight grandparents dinner table 🤣🤣

LassoOfTruth · 16/11/2021 23:18

So many things now they’re toddlers but DS is at the stage of waving at everyone. We were in the supermarket, he was resting over my my shoulder as I paid. Behind me I could hear some giggling and realised he was blowing extravagant kisses at a group of school girls on the next till over. I’m going to have to watch him in a few years I think!

TheFamousMrEd · 16/11/2021 23:18

Mine happened today!

I was quite proud of myself- I managed to walk the dog with the baby (5 weeks old) on my own and went into a cafe after. Baby decided to do a poonami but I couldn’t leave the dog at the table on her own as she’d howl or pull the table over. I had to tie her to my leg and we all shuffled into the loo for the baby change while I tried not to trip over the dog as she scavenged for leftovers on the floor. I’m sure people thought I was mad 😆

AdoraBell · 16/11/2021 23:20

Same DD, aged 7-ish, after a class in school. This was in Latin America and cannot remember what the class was. Anyway, DD at the top of her voice, in front all the parents at the gate. asks- Mummy, are you a virgin?

Danikm151 · 17/11/2021 11:09

At 19 months my son discovered the joy of farting. He laughed his head off the cocked his leg up to do another one!🤣

tearinghairout · 17/11/2021 14:00

When my twins were two, my very posh (child-free) ex-work colleague from London came to see us. She said, "What's that on the plug socket?". There was something brown smeared over the socket and skirting board. I realised what it was but said "Chocolate!"). But as I tried to distract the visitor, DD shoved her hand down her nappy and smeared on a bit more. Bless her.

MrsLeclerc · 17/11/2021 14:25

During lockdown when only garden visits were allowed, we were spending time with my parents. As my dad couldn’t go to his allotment he planted all of his veg in the back garden.

DS was 22 months old and DF was talking to him about his potatoes and letting him help pull them up. It was a really sweet grandchild/grandparent moment so I started filming it on my phone. After a few had been pulled up, DF shook the excess mud off to show him the potato and before anyone could blink he shoved the raw, muddy potato straight in his mouth!

He’s never been one to put things in his mouth so the completely out of character move startled everyone (especially himself!). He’s 3 now and still won’t eat potato Grin

lizziesiddal79 · 17/11/2021 17:47

Our daughter was born with hip dysplasia. We regularly attended the local Children’s Hospital. Our daughter would need to be stripped naked from the waist in order for her hips to be examined. Each time, our daughter would kick and scream when examined by the Doctor. One time, when she was about three months old, she was unnervingly calm. The Doctor commented on her change in mood. He smiled at her, and received a cheeky smile back. He commented on how today hopefully things would go more smoothly. The Doctor leaned over to examine her hips and legs. Our little girl suddenly let rip, and a combined ‘liquid’ from both orifices shot up covering the poor man’s startled face.

SearchingTheSkies · 17/11/2021 20:16

My DD is 16 months. I'm still breastfeeding her, and recently, whenever I get my boob out, she gives me a little round of applause. It's so funny!

Asuwere · 17/11/2021 22:32

We were in a restaurant and DH had ordered the speciality massive burger. DS was clearly impressed when it was brought to the table as he pointed to the waiter, looked at DH and shouted in full toddler volume "ooh, you big bugger!" (Obviously meaning, "oh, dad, there's your big burger!" Wink Grin)

KeyboardWorriers · 18/11/2021 00:03

We had a very fierce local MP who was always very strident in her campaigning. She rang our doorbell with her little entourage just around teatime, at the point DH usually came home.

I opened the door and DS (around 10 months old I think)!pointed in her direction and beamed at her and said "daddy"!

She was very definitely not amused.

Beurre · 18/11/2021 09:55

My 2 year old would shout 'big boobies' whenever he sees anyone with a cleavage. I remember the time I took him to stay and play and he almost exposed the poor playworker who was wearing a low cut top. I always thought I breastfed him too long hence the obsession with boobs.

TheLovelinessOfDemons · 18/11/2021 11:07

XH changing DS1, DS1 peed in XH's face, XH apparently tried to create a force field with his hand, waving it in a slicing motion from side to side. I was in hysterics and handed him a towel. Halloween Grin

Annonnimoouse42 · 18/11/2021 16:15

my DS had been given a play shop till with plastic coins and a play credit card. He LOVED it. one day my DH had just got out of the shower and get had the unnerving example of DS running his credit card through his butt cheeks. I don't think DH has recovered from the shock yet

santabetterwashhishands · 18/11/2021 20:42

My partner decided to pretend the baby was an aeroplane and fly him above his head,I was just about to warn him that he had a belly full of milk but it was too late 🤷‍♀️
Baby projectile vomited straight into his dad's mouth 🤣.
He never did the aeroplane game again now he pretends our sons a jockey and he's a horse as what could possibly go wrong 🤔

LadyLothbrook · 19/11/2021 17:50

This may be TMI for some on here so sorry if the picture offends. It's just not as funny without. My 2 year old was suffering with rectal prolapses and we were unbelievably worried as I had a sister with Cystic Fibrosis who was diagnosed after she herself had a rectal prolapse as a baby. While undergoing tests, our doctor advised us to put the brakes on potty training and remove her potty from the area and keep her strictly in nappies. We'll this was super confusing for my girl because one day I nipped in the kitchen for something and when I returned she had dug out her baby annabell toy potty from the toy box ans left me a present Confused... you can actually see that she placed it in the same spot as her actual potty as the lines remain in the carpet. I took one look at the toy potty and it's contents, one look at my little bare bottomed baby who was now playing without a care in the world, the discarded nappy on the floor in the middle of the living room, I just burst out laughing. It was exactly the laugh we needed at such a worrying time. And she is still very independent and strong minded to this day (now 6) Grin

Share your funniest baby parenting moments - £200 voucher to be won
fishnships · 19/11/2021 18:10

Desperate to give up breast feeding DS at the age of 18 months I painted my nipples with 'Stop'n'Grow' (meant to stop nail biting). The look on his face was priceless. Worked though.Grin

Treaclespongeandcustard · 19/11/2021 21:25

When my son was around two, we were in the supermarket and his face suddenly lit up with excitement. At the top of his lungs he screamed 'it's the fat controller' at a man standing close by in a black suit. I was mortified, even worse, it turned out to be one of my company directors Blush. I pretended to discuss Thomas the Tank and wheeled him quickly around the corner ... and avoided the director until I left my job for a new one Grin

lilly7221w · 20/11/2021 08:17

My youngest was running a temperature, so I got out the Calpol, I missed the spoon and spilt some on the floor. My eldest licked it up, delighted. 😁

Botanica · 20/11/2021 17:10

When it all went a little too quiet for my liking and I found her in the nursery with ALL of the hats on her head! 🤣

Share your funniest baby parenting moments - £200 voucher to be won
Nsmum14 · 20/11/2021 18:42

When my DD was a toddler, and already very defiant, her dad told her one day to "think about it" after she had misbehaved. She shouted back at him: "No, I will not think about it. I'm going to think about flowers!"

goose1964 · 20/11/2021 19:48

Our eldest was 5 weeks old and my darling FiL offered to change his nappy, my son promptly peed in his face. I had to take over but I was laughing so much it was the hardest nappy I have ever changed.

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