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Share your funniest baby parenting moments - £200 voucher to be won

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BellaMumsnet · 15/11/2021 10:06

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What moments with your baby brought you unexpected happiness? Whether it was a questionable first ‘word’ or your baby (loudly) breaking wind in public, we’d like to hear about them.

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Share your funniest baby parenting moments - £200 voucher to be won
OP posts:
Gingerspice100 · 21/11/2021 01:51

After DS (now 5months) was born, my DH went back to work after 1.5 weeks and he works long days and in to the nights. So from that point on I was doing solo bed time, 5 nights a week with a new born and a four year old DD... and it was absolute madness. One night stands out in particular: DS was about 3 weeks old and in full on 5-hour witching hour mode at bed time. I have him in the sling, bouncing, singing (crying) while begging my DD to get ready for bed... she disappears for a minute and then reappears - buck naked apart from her blue sparky wellies. I ask her what the fuck she is doing (I hope I didn't actually say fuck, but I can't be sure) she says, with ultimate nonchalance, 'I peed on the bathroom floor and I'm going for a splash'. WTF! I asked her ' are you trying to break me'... she said 'yep'! 🙈😡😳

Doofas · 21/11/2021 09:13

After taking one nappy off daddy decided on some nappy free time and thought he'd blow a raspberry on ds's tummy. This caused soon to wee straight in husband's ear. I've never seen him move so quickly, it was rather funny!!

Summergarden · 21/11/2021 14:25

I had an awful stomach bug when DD was 5 weeks old. After throwing up I flopped down on the bed next to her, feeling exhausted after a sleepless night.

She chose that moment to give me her first ever gummy smile. Melted my heart and I’ve always remembered the circumstances!

Mammma91 · 21/11/2021 15:11

My lovely DS, aged 2 has an immature bowl. He has been severely constipated since birth, so has been on laxatives from 2.5 weeks old.
Every time he does a poo now he starts dancing and clapping and shouting ‘wooohooo mummy, poo!’

Myself and DP always celebrate with him. Its widely known in our family as the ‘poo dance’ 😂

SnowyMouse · 21/11/2021 16:41

When my DS at 15 months insisted on trying elderflower cordial, his face!

Vroomed · 21/11/2021 18:08

When my DC walked for the first time while swinging a full nappy bag (for balance)!

Imhereforthecake · 21/11/2021 18:24

When my DS was about a year old he climbed on top of my head to cuddle me while I was laying down. Unbeknown to me he had taken off his nappy and proceeded to wee right in my ear! Needless to say I moved sharpish and he thought it was hilarious!

PrettyMaMa · 21/11/2021 22:12

My partner has a bald head & works in a high vis jacket (so illumines orange) and my 20 month old at the time always sees him off before work and welcomes him home

However arriving at wedding with a massive crowd quietly walking in all was quiet and silent & a bald man in a high vis jacket (who was guiding guests in ) walked out of the door into the grounds with his back to us to guide a car into the grounds & my daughter shouted loudly DADDY DADDY COME !!

Had us in stitches for hours

JennyForeigner · 21/11/2021 22:33

I have baby twins and a husband with terrible taste in art. When we moved in together he came with one picture - an oil painting he paid far too much for, and which is hideous. Think Ikea postcard, but in brighter colours and having been told it'll be worth a lot of money one day.

After fighting over this picture for years I managed to get away with hanging it in the bathroom, a couple of feet away from the changing table.

Genuinely did not expect my beautiful dainty two month old girl to projectile shit it out of existence and the house.

So proud 😊

MumC2141 · 22/11/2021 08:18

Soon after she had first discovered the joy of opening presents for her birthday, she came across some Christmas presents I had started wrapping and excitedly started opening them all.

inigomontoyahwillcox · 22/11/2021 10:00

DD will kill me for telling you this - she's now 13 - but here goes anyway.

Toddler DD had a particularly nasty case of nappy rash and I had liberally applied a layer of cornflour to her adorable backside and was letting her wander about in her birthday suit for a while to get some air to where it was needed.

She was standing in the kitchen and let out a pretty impressive fart; my mum, brother (who were both visiting) and I turned around towards the direction of the noise just in time to see a large cloud of cornflour being emitted from her behind. We were in stitches, she looked confused.

Geneswoman · 22/11/2021 17:49

Mine was introducing my about 6 week old DS1 to a good friend for the first time. She arrived in the middle of his bathtime so I shouted for her to come upstairs and meet DS1. Baby was lying back, obv totally naked in his baby bath facing friend when she walked in to meet him. 'Ooh' says friend 'He's just like his Dad!!'. Just makes me smile every time I think of it.

wolfmom · 22/11/2021 17:52

My child is now 20 and around 11 months to a year went through a phase of handing visitors their bag or keys and saying "bye" when she had enough of the visit.

FourteenSixteenTwentyTwo · 22/11/2021 17:55

I remember when DS first properly laughed. DS was a smiley baby very early on, but I used to sing and move his arms and legs to the music. We would do lots of nursery rhymes and he’d smile away, but one time I tried out the Hokey Cokey and he had a proper little fit of giggles. It was absolutely lovely!

MizzFizz · 22/11/2021 18:24

One day, when my daughter was about a month old, and I was home alone with her first the first time, I smelled gas in our house. I got really worried and rang the letting agents, who told me to phone the gas company. I rang them with my concerns, and the quickly put me at that there was no gas supply in my building... I was so embarrassed when I realised I was smelling my newborn's nappy, not a gas leak 😅

StickChildNumberTwo · 22/11/2021 19:57

My daughter toddling down the aisle towards me at her uncle and aunt's wedding was pretty adorable.

MrsColon · 22/11/2021 20:42

We attended my Grandad's funeral when DS was 7 weeks old. During the consecration (we're Catholic - it's the most important moment of the Mass) DS let out a silent but deadly trump. We could track its progress through the pews by the sniffing and horrified expressions on people's faces - DSis and I were silently crying, laughing and hiccupping as we observed the progress of the stench through the church Grin

DinosApple · 22/11/2021 22:06

DD2 was just under 6 months old when she crawled for the first time... Right across the room and swiped a fairy cake from a visiting 2yo.

She looked so proud of herself chomping on her first proper food, and it was cake!
The visiting toddler looked so surprised Grin. (And got a replacement.)

Herewiththepopcorn · 22/11/2021 22:38

My son used to wave and shout ‘die’ at people whenever we left anywhere when he was about 1.5/2, he was trying to say ‘bye’ but couldn’t quite get it haha! Adorable, awkward and very funny all at the same time Grin

Childrenofthestones · 22/11/2021 23:59

Not a baby but our eldest was about two and a half when she put her shoes on the wrong feet. I smiled and said to her, "Look you've put your shoes on the wrong feet."
Her response was "But they're my shoes..... and they're my feet"

GreenLunchBox · 23/11/2021 01:37

My six week old was on the changing mat on the floor. I turned my back for one second and my two year old throws himself to the floor and says 'waaah, he pushed me!' 🤣

awonderfuladventure · 23/11/2021 07:11

A long car journey in France where DS3, age 18 months, was being taught to say all sorts of silly sentences by his 2 older brothers. Made us laugh which meant they just got sillier and sillier.

Asiama · 23/11/2021 08:19

We started weaning DS and the first food we gave him was mushed up avocado. He opened his mouth wide open for the spoon, took the avocado and munched on it, but kept screwing up his face as if he was eating a lemon. I thought he would get upset but no, he kept reaching for the spoon over and over again because mummy wasn't shovelling the avocado in quickly enough, while scrunching up his face with each mouthful. Was hilarious and adorable Smile

Chocolatewheatos · 23/11/2021 14:56

When the health visitor came to weight DS as I took his nappy off he started pooing and apparently was very gassy aswell. A fart shot a bit off poo about 2ft. I caught it in my hand and plopped it back onto the nappy much to the horror/bemusement of the health visitor. He still does most of his poos during nappy changes 🤷‍♀️

Thalia21 · 23/11/2021 16:05

My 2 year old recently asked me to stick my tongue out, I did so and then rolled my tongue. He grinned widely and then asked "is that you're penis mummy?" Grin

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