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Share your funniest baby parenting moments - £200 voucher to be won

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BellaMumsnet · 15/11/2021 10:06

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What moments with your baby brought you unexpected happiness? Whether it was a questionable first ‘word’ or your baby (loudly) breaking wind in public, we’d like to hear about them.

  • Post your stories in the thread below to be entered into a prize draw
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“Here at MAM we want to celebrate the joy of shared experiences and growing together. Growing together as a family, as parents, as mothers, as fathers, as siblings, as friends and as a company.”

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Share your funniest baby parenting moments - £200 voucher to be won
OP posts:
salemaxo · 08/12/2021 20:31

All babies smile to themselves and once DD was looking at a random spot and smiling. Then I heard her laughing and then stop. I looked at her and saw/heard her laughing again. It was so hilarious and so I started laughing. As soon as I started to laugh, DD stopped and had like a mad look on her face as if to say 'hey you're not part of this joke'. I just started cracking up.

Yellowbeansontoast · 09/12/2021 15:47

We let our 1yo DS pay with our phone when we go out for a family coffee date. The other day, another customer cut the line in front of us. Not paying enough attention to my DS, he leaned forward in my arms and tapped my phone on the card machine, paying for the other customer's order with a very proud grin on his face! 😅

mumonthehill · 09/12/2021 17:32

When ds was quite little we went into M and S one Christmas, he went up to a huge glass bauble filled with glitter and said “ look mummy a bouncy ball” he then went to prove his point by throwing it on the floor, needless to say it did not bounce it shattered in all its glittery glory, loudly!

pinacollama · 09/12/2021 21:33

The first night we used our baby monitor, it captured me sleepily reaching into our son’s bassinet and fishing him out upside down. I then proceeded to attempt to feed his feet for a good minute while he hung upside down like a bat without so much as a whimper until I realised my mistake!

MayLeaveADentInYourSofa · 10/12/2021 00:11

Sitting in a restuarant, discretely breastfeeding DD when something distracted her and she stopped drinking and started looking around. My milk, in full flow, shot across the table to the next table. The people at the table looked up and around wondering where the sudden liquid had come from.
DH and I were trying not to laugh but also wanting a hole to just open up and swallow us.

AugustRose · 10/12/2021 00:23

My youngest has always been quite a hungry child but we realised just how hungry when he was about 2. A newspaper was open at a big advert of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall with a plate of cakes and there was DS licking the cakes Grin

Chimley · 10/12/2021 13:37


my DS had been given a play shop till with plastic coins and a play credit card. He LOVED it. one day my DH had just got out of the shower and get had the unnerving example of DS running his credit card through his butt cheeks. I don't think DH has recovered from the shock yet

This is my absolute favourite!

Mine is that my youngest DD has always covertly wriggled herself onto my lap or to be next to me. No matter how close anyone else is. From the time she could crawl she would be literally on me as much as possible. But she always does it in the sweetest, unobtrusive way and just happily sits there. It makes me laugh every time and makes me so happy.
PurpleThistles84 · 11/12/2021 14:33

When my daughter was a baby, she began to talk around 9 months old. I was teaching her to eat with a fork, by showing her and saying 'stab stab' at meal times. One day we were at the local playgroup and she was playing with the toy kitchen there. She picked up a plastic fork and started shouting 'Fuck Fuck, Stab, Stab' over and over. The adults in the room fell silent as I tried to explain that she couldn't say Fork properly yet and the stab stab was me teaching her how to use a fork. I didn't go back for a good couple of weeks!

Icanflyhigh · 11/12/2021 22:53

The night my DD2 finally let her bowels go after changing from breast to bottle fed.
It was momentous. Mid nappy change, she let rip and managed to fire bright yellow shit the consistency of mustard up my right arm and over my shoulder, up the sofa and wall behind me and back down my left arm.
ExDH was so impressed, instead of fetching wipes as I asked him to, he went and woke our then 5 year old to show her what the baby did to mummy.
I was not impressed, and the new jeans I'd just managed to fit back in to were ruined.

PurpleThistles84 · 11/12/2021 23:24

Another one, same daughter. She was five years old, so not a baby. I had taken her and her two younger siblings for a dentist appointment with a new dentist. The new dentist was chatting away to my daughter and next thing I know, I hear my daughter tell the dentist that she has three dads. The dentist didn't know what to say, so I quickly explained that no she just has one dad and two GRANdads. The dentist looked at my pale skinned, ginger child and my other two olive skinned, dark haired children, said nothing for a few seconds then continued on with the appointment. It was quite clear she didn't believe my explanation!

Ashhead24 · 12/12/2021 13:20

Mine has always had a variety of excuses as to why he shouldn't have to go to sleep, but when he was around 2 he called me up to tell me he couldn't sleep because his leg had fallen off. Still makes me smile years later.

AlwaysWashing · 13/12/2021 01:18

My favourite is also poo related…DH and I had taken DS1 (about 4 months) out in the car and had parked up at a local beauty spot overlooking the sea. The car park was a decent size but as people are want to do the next car in parked right next to us. An elderly couple wound down their windows, laid out a fairly extensive picnic and began to eat. DS went bright red, made awful grunting noises and sharted for England. It was one of those where no item of clothing gets away, it was up his back, down his legs, it went in his hair….. we stripped him, cleaned him up, wrapped him in a blanket, because this was the day we’d not got a change of clothes, all the time gagging and giggling.
It STUNK! DH and I were giggling in horror at this poor couple who must have had a car full of chewy poo smells too.
We still remind DS1 every time we pass or park
In that car park.

BellaMumsnet · 13/12/2021 10:24

Thanks to everyone who shared their stories with us. The winner of the prize draw is @AlwaysWashing - congrats!

OP posts:
BellaMumsnet · 21/01/2022 16:04

We didn't hear back from the prize winner, so as per our T&Cs we are awarding the prize to a runner up. Congrats @Dontknowwhatsnormal Smile

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