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Swagger Inn 157 - Take me dancing naked in the rain.... I wish

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SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Tue 24-Jul-18 19:09:23

That works on so many levels -
Take me <ylt> said every wench to the HBFs of their choice
Take me dancing - well that would do, said every wench to the HBFs of their choice
Take me dancing naked - as long as you strip too, said every wench to the HBFs of their choice
Take me dancing naked in the rain - can we please, FFS have some rain here?

Welcome one and all to the new thread.

Pull up a barstool, pour a drink, state your preferences and order of FAF.

Herewith the obligatory HBF-in-the-rain GIF...

Now, get back and finish the last HBF thread off.... grin

WickedWenchOfTheNorth Tue 24-Jul-18 19:14:07


LetUsPrey Tue 24-Jul-18 19:22:03

And I’m a wench who actually has had some rain. Lucky me - in so many ways grin

Excellent new thread Helen

<sets airblades to full>
<pours cool drinks>
<restocks freezer with popsicles>

LetUsPrey Wed 25-Jul-18 17:46:16

Evening wenches.

<takes one of the wines Wicked left at the end of the last thread>

I think the physiotherapist nearly broke me this morning. My legs are really achey.

Hope wenches haven’t melted into nothingness.

ApricotCrush Wed 25-Jul-18 18:14:52

Evening. Thanks for the new thread Helen.

<takes the other wine>

<--- Here's Dr. Aramis to give you a gentle massage LetUs. Wherever needs attention. grin

I've spent another afternoon ferrying DH about. Latest gem: 'You're alright on the left.......... STOPPPPP!!!!!!'

LetUsPrey Wed 25-Jul-18 18:47:17

<assumes the position - all of them - on the massage table>

<pours another wine for Apricot> you sound like you need it. Bloody annoying when they do that angry

I have to take both DC shopping now. Apparently being off all week before we go on holiday isn’t enough time for DH to sort out some last minute clothes for the DC. No, I’ve been looking for stuff at lunchtime whilst at work and am now going out with them.

LetUsPrey Wed 25-Jul-18 22:10:10

Survived the shopping.

Thor and Loki are advancing on bad guys, using their big weapons. Niiiiiiice grin

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Wed 25-Jul-18 23:07:35

Evening. Have been out for lovely meal with friends... am tired now.

FFS at MrLetUs being unable to sort stuff out...

LetUsPrey Wed 25-Jul-18 23:31:03

I know he’s been doing other stuff this week too, but then again I’ve been at work so not exactly unbusy.

Meal out with friends sounds like a really lovely evening.

Do you know what else sounds really lovely? Rampant shagging in the hayloft with HBFs.

LetUsPrey Thu 26-Jul-18 07:57:02

Morning wenches.

Have just been putting the washing out. I’m already too hot. This is just silly.

I think I’ll stay in the tav where it’s lovely and cool.

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Thu 26-Jul-18 08:29:39

Morning LetUs I hope the rampant action in the hayloft went well.
What am I saying Of course it went well. it involved HBFs and lots of imagination. grin
I definitely recommend staying in the tav. I have been opening lots of windows and shutting lots of curtains in an effort to keep temperatures down.

I can't put the washing on because apparently our kitchen septic tanks are full shock sad. Normally we'd just get that pumped out, but in the light of the current weather I'm going to be lugging buckets of rather dubious old washing/dishwasher/kitchen water round the garden to give the flower beds a treat, and gradually emptying it (so I can put some washing on and re-fill it...)
The joys....

I'll see if I can find an HBF with a bucket to help out... grin

LetUsPrey Thu 26-Jul-18 08:32:27

HBF with a bucket - ask and you shall receive (if only it was that easy)

FancyFancy Thu 26-Jul-18 08:46:42


Yikes it's hot already this morning. Am actually looking forward to getting to work because of the air con grin

Cut my hand opening a tin of cat food this morning ffs.

Right, must get moving, laters

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Thu 26-Jul-18 08:51:23

<high-fives letUs> I love it when you set the joke and and someone gets right on it grin

Fancy - you need Dr Aramis, and a sick note to stay in bed all day (with him - obvs)

ApricotCrush Thu 26-Jul-18 18:25:40

Evening wenches. Still ridiculously hot but cloudy. It keeps going very dull but the sky seems to have forgotten how to let go of the rain. confused

Hope everyone has been able to keep cool.

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Thu 26-Jul-18 21:11:09

I took DS swimming - it was blissful smile and then he made a friend in the pool and played there for ages. Plus I emptied the tank (less blissful and a bit smelly) and did some washing. That was pretty much my day...

Except I haven't put the sheets back on DS's bed. Arse... It will have ot wait. I'm havig tea, and he's having a late night grin

LetUsPrey Thu 26-Jul-18 21:25:35

Evening wenches.

I got right on it so you could get right on it <ylt> Helen grin

You need an HBF to kiss it better Fancy

Excellent description Apricot. Even the rain can’t be arsed to move from the clouds.

For weeks and weeks I’ve been asking DH to go in the loft and get down the boxes of next size up clothes for DS2 - especially shorts. Tried to buy some but apparently I should have done shorts shopping in January. Anyway, DH kept claiming he’d not seen any relevant boxes last time he’d looked. He went up. I’ve just finished going through four boxes of clothes and have found about a dozen pairs of shorts of different sizes but which all seem to fit. Of course they all need washing because they’ve been in the loft for years and are a bit whiffy. Not like I’ve anything else to do before we go away on Saturday.

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Thu 26-Jul-18 22:53:27

Your *@Suburban*_Dic definition for today:
Heatwave -
The gesture you make when you need the waiter to bring you another jug of Pimms

oooh - space station going over, West to East at 22:22... Ds is still awake, but bet he's asleep by then.

Oh - forgot to hit post again. Went outside and DS saw space station. it's going over again at 21:30 tomorrow.

LetUsPrey Thu 26-Jul-18 23:03:51

grin at heatwave definition

We’re watching Lucky Man. James Nesbitt thing. S3 is starting so we’re catching up for the beginning. Is good.

FancyFancy Fri 27-Jul-18 00:07:11

ooh I saw that last night helen, was really clear smile

we just had rain. for about 2 minutes.....

WickedWenchOfTheNorth Fri 27-Jul-18 07:55:39

I woke up to a glorious cloudy sky with a bit of chill in the air but now the bloody sun is shining angry

LetUsPrey Fri 27-Jul-18 08:25:09

Morning wenches. Frrriiiidddaaayyyyyy!!!!

I’ve put the washing out at about 7.30. It was lovely then. Just been to bring the milk in. It’s not lovely any more.

How is it where you are Wicked? Not even a tiny bit cooler? sad

DH has already annoyed me and I had a dream about work. The day is off to a stellar start. Mind you, I’m off for a fortnight after today!

<switches airblades to full and aims at wenches>

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Fri 27-Jul-18 08:25:57

Sun, sun and more sun. They're talking about potential thunderstorms - I'll believe it when I see it <grouches>
Saying that, the sky my have some cloud now...

Have seen adverts for Lucky Man, but sinc eI can't even keep up with Versailles (given up on Poldark other than updates from you lot!)

Tonight's excitement is the lunar eclipse from 8:30pm...

LetUsPrey Fri 27-Jul-18 08:42:34

Bugger. I’d forgotten about this week’s Versailles. Wonder if I can watch it later today? Probably not. Arse.

I’ve just checked the weather again. You’ll all have to come with me on holiday next week. There appears to be a lot of rain. Just as well we don’t go for the weather grin

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Fri 27-Jul-18 08:53:13

Lots of the rain up there I think LetUs - Malc tweeted this morning that she was kept awake by thunder all night. Assume you're heading up in the sort of direction as usual?

Am tired... am waiting for 9am so I can book a tanker to come and de-sludge the tank. Then I'm meant to be taking DS shopping for books... but he's on Fortnite.

<wraps self round tav air-blade>

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