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DS malfunctioning

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soapybubbles123 Mon 29-Sep-14 20:25:27

Purchased new directly from the manufacturer six months ago. Beautiful outer packing, all parts intact and delivered quickly.

However, keeps malfunctioning at night; will shut down perfectly for several days and then develops a glitch and makes a high pitched shrieking noise when returned to the night charging unit.

Neither me nor DH have the technical knowledge to fix this fault but I'm hoping there might be an update we can install?

Bulbasaur Mon 29-Sep-14 20:27:01

I read the title as "Dear Son malfunctioning". grin

What's a DS?

GoldfishSpy Mon 29-Sep-14 20:27:44

Have you tried applying Calpol 1.0? That worked intermittently with my DS when it developed a similar fault.

ClapHandsIfYouBelieveInFatties Mon 29-Sep-14 20:27:48

They won't give you your money back. We got ours 10 years ago and the second 6 years ago and while they still LOOK good, they both do the whine whenever they've been on too long. Basically manufacturer says it's my problem as I failed to do "set up" properly.

SecretSpy Mon 29-Sep-14 20:28:39

It's a known fault I'm afraid.

Do you have the receipt? A return is likely very difficult now...

ClapHandsIfYouBelieveInFatties Mon 29-Sep-14 20:29:01

Agree that oiling with Calpol can work temporarily. But really...that's it now. You're buggered.

IAmAPaleontologist Mon 29-Sep-14 20:31:02

I have had this problem. It is a well known fault but I have found (I have 3 of these devices now installed in different rooms in the house) then over a period of several years the shrieking noise becomes less and less at night. However it is replaced by daytime shrieking and wailing. I'm not sure how to fix that one hmm.

indigo18 Mon 29-Sep-14 20:31:18

Fault will appear intermittently for years, I'm afraid....

LadySybilLikesCake Mon 29-Sep-14 20:31:27

They are rubbish. Ds has had several and none have lasted. I'd take it back and not bother getting another one.

soapybubbles123 Mon 29-Sep-14 20:31:28

DH is currently attempting a manual Cow&Gate shut down.
clap I have no idea if I set my model up correctly, the red instruction manual was, quite frankly, useless.

fanjobiscuits Mon 29-Sep-14 20:31:30

Mine is doing exactly that shrieking thing right now, OP. apparently this is 'normal'. No relevant consumer rights body either.

Fabulassie Mon 29-Sep-14 20:31:57

Remember back in the day when you could fix the television picture by giving thing a good whack?

That probably wouldn't work in this situation. However, gentle jiggling and rocking might.

MrsKCastle Mon 29-Sep-14 20:32:56

I'm afraid what you have described is a common manufacturing fault, with no easy fix.

I can however tell you that the units tend to improve their 'night charging' function if given enough time. Sadly, this can take months or even years.

Most owners tend to feel that the benefits outweigh the faults- especially as the units develop more functions.

AuntieStella Mon 29-Sep-14 20:34:07

I have had one since late 1990s, and acquired a second unit shortly after that.

I have to say that early problems often resolve spontaneously, but can take a surprisingly long time so to do (and frustratingly, there is no way to secure an adequate prognosis for how long it might take).

Mine have become exceptionally volatile, and I fear there is a real risk of explosion. Maintenance has become significantly more expensive.

GeraldineFangedVagine Mon 29-Sep-14 20:34:17

You cant really jam it back in the box and leave it in a wardrobe either. I tried freecycling mine but apparently thats frowned upon.

soapybubbles123 Mon 29-Sep-14 20:34:23

Fabulassie I have 'fixed' many items by bashing them but unfortunately in this case I think it might cause my owners licence to be revoked.

SaucyJack Mon 29-Sep-14 20:35:45

I'm rather afraid it's a manufacturing fault that affects the entire batch.

We purchased a pink version in March have been experiencing this fault nightly ever since, however I can get it to shut down quietly if I hold it plugged in to the energy source all night.

puntasticusername Mon 29-Sep-14 20:36:34

Some models don't respond all that well to being dipped in warm soapy water before the night charging cycle. However, in this case, I fear that storing in a bag of rice in the airing cupboard overnight is unlikely to help sad

Instead, how about alcohol? For you, not the DS.

soapybubbles123 Mon 29-Sep-14 20:36:35

Geraldine Jam it back in, oof shock

LumpenproletariatAndProud Mon 29-Sep-14 20:37:20

I had two of these models. There must have been a bad batch of them. However, they are so beautiful and seem to work so well during the day its hard to consider sending them back.

In fact, I found with time that they improved, although the earlier models (2007) took much longer. They improved some what after 2010.

I definitely recommend applying Calpol 1.0 as a previous poster suggested and you could even consider Asthon and Parsons.

Failing that, having the item in bed with you at night always seemed to help. Odd, I know. But it did help. [confusec]

IAmAPaleontologist Mon 29-Sep-14 20:37:42

Have just managed to stop my 2 and a half year old model by covering it with a blanket on the sofa and ignoring it. It appears to have shut down.

I'm not sure bashing would be the way to go no, could well cause problems. Rocking, patting, singing and pacing up and down and round and round the room while jiggling may have some effect.

GeraldineFangedVagine Mon 29-Sep-14 20:38:15

I know andf mine was the xl version. The box was in tatters after taking it out.

LumpenproletariatAndProud Mon 29-Sep-14 20:38:59

Ah yes, mine spent many many hours plugged into the energy source.

This is incredibly draining of your energy though and costs a bomb in tea and biscuits to make up for it the following day.

BasketzatDawn Mon 29-Sep-14 20:40:12

Sorry to upset you, but DS4 continues to 'malfunction' at night - and he is 16YO. In fact it's such a common malfunction that maybe it's not one at all. <wise and encouraging thought, I hope>

ElephantsNeverForgive Mon 29-Sep-14 20:41:30

My early 2000 model has uninstalled it's times tables upgrade fitted over four years ago.

It's been sitting on the sofa ask me and my 1998 model what 7x8 and 27x7 is.

Since both DD1 and me have the dyslexia 'upgrade' this is most unwise.

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