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Week 3 - the parting of the way! - Low Carb Bootcamp

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BIWI Mon 23-Oct-17 07:26:25

Morning all

Here's the Spreadsheet

Hope you've seen a good result, making for a very satisfying first two weeks.

Now. Those two weeks were probably quite tough, so if you want to, you can now move on to Bootcamp Light - the rules are on the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

Essentially this means you can start to skip breakfast (or another meal) if you want to - if you're finding that you're not hungry. (Please don't skip meals for any other reason)

You can also introduce some fruit - mainly berries - in moderation, and also nuts and seeks - again, in moderation - and alcohol - IN MODERATION!

But. It's very often the case that in weeks 3 and 4 your weight loss will slow right down. Sometimes you may see a slight gain, even though you know you've been following Bootcamp to the letter. So you may not want to relax things quite yet.

Entirely up to you.

Remember, though, if you choose to stay on Bootcamp, please remember to make sure you're getting your carbs in the most part from vegetables and fruit - you need that for proper nutrition.

If you like you can do a hybrid - Bootcamp during the week and Bootcamp Light at the weekend.

But whatever you choose - good luck and I hope you have a good week. flowers

GuyMartinsSideburns Mon 23-Oct-17 07:35:37


One more pound off, could someone add my weight please - 130 thanks very much smile

Hope you all have a great day

wecantallbeperfect Mon 23-Oct-17 07:36:11

Good Morning smile

Thank you BIWI, lost a pound and I am pleased about that. NSV this weekend where I went out with friends and they all had cocktails, pizza and pudding - I had salmon, sparkling water and espresso :D

I enjoy this WOE and feel so much healthier, and believe me I have been feeling awful for months.

I am going to continue, I need to get back to drinking more water though as I have let this slip this week.

Good luck for this week everyone KOKO!

GrumpyOldFucker Mon 23-Oct-17 07:39:01

Morning - my lowest weight of the week was as expected on Thursday - 8st 8.4, loss of 0.9lb and a BMI of 21!

A couple of pounds on over the weekend where I stuck to low carb apart from wine but relaxed portion size. Three very strict days coming up as I get back into my normal rhythm of fast and feast a little.

Hope the scales were kind to everyone!

GrumpyOldFucker Mon 23-Oct-17 07:39:41

@GuyMartinsSideburns done.

SayrraT Mon 23-Oct-17 07:44:27

3 lbs off so I am very pleased grin

Was looking in friends fridge for breakfast stuff and I couldn't see anything suitable then I realised that I could have ham and cheese smile

Good luck on the weigh in. Hopefully your hard work will have paid off, if you don't get the results you want think honestly if you've stuck to the rules. If you have, then ask for help/advice.

RaskolnikovsGarret Mon 23-Oct-17 07:45:02

Down 2, which I'm pleased with. Need to lose 3 more to get to target of 7 st 13.

We are going to Spain for three nights this week for our 20th anniversary. I think I will slacken the rules a bit, so expect to be about 8 4 next Monday. Don't think I'll go mad. We went on an amazing holiday to the Far East for two weeks over summer, with the most spectacular food all around, but I only put on one or two pounds, which I was ok with. I think I might just have the odd slice of toast for breakfast, and maybe fries one evening.

I know these last few pounds will be the hardest to lose, but I was 11 2 five months ago, so to be 8 2 (in pyjamas!) is a real thrill for me.

NSV - DD1 insisted I buy a size 10 dress when I was in Top Shop (!) with her yesterday. When I tried it on at home, DD2 (14) couldn't speak, as she thought I looked so good. I looked ok I think, but her OTT reaction was so sweet. I think it's because I am still wearing all my size 16 baggy clothes, with safety pins etc, that she hasn't seen me before with clothes that fit.

Good luck all today.

RaskolnikovsGarret Mon 23-Oct-17 07:47:17

Hi Grumpy, glad it's still going well for you - we are a similar height I recall.

I still have layers of stomach and back fat though, despite being 8 2 ish. I hope I don't have to be 7 stone like my sister to wave goodbye to those (albeit smaller) tyres.

Scabbersley Mon 23-Oct-17 07:48:47

Morning all. 2lb down this week, that's 7lb in total for 2 weeks of bootcamp. Am staying on bootcamp proper for the rest of the week as I am not drinking (sober October) so may as well combine the two. My goal this week is to eat proper meals and not snack.

TheMonkeysOnTheTable Mon 23-Oct-17 07:49:29

Morning. Thank you for the new thread BIWI.
I've lost 4lbs this week. Pretty pleased with that.
I think I'll mainly stick to boot camp again this week. Although I'd like a glass of wine.

B: scrambled egg, chorizo and spinach.
L: salmon and sour cream with celery and broccoli.
D: lamb chops and grilled aubergine.

TimbuktuTimbuktu Mon 23-Oct-17 07:50:59

Today was not the lowest I’ve seen but still a good loss. My scales are playing up a bit though so that adds a pleasing randomness. Occasionally I step on and find I’ve lost 4 stone! grin

I picked the lowest sensible number instead. I should probably go and weigh in the gym --or buy new scal--es

Well done this morning everyone. KOKO

CarbyDeadUn Mon 23-Oct-17 07:55:14


Finally! 3lb off. Hurrah!

Scabbersley Mon 23-Oct-17 07:56:54

Well done carby!!

I think if I could actually poo my loss mught have been greater hmm

Cherrypi Mon 23-Oct-17 07:57:49

1lb off. Must try and drink more water as I know this helps. Had one glass yesterday blush. Have stopped breastfeeding and started on hormonal contraception just before bootcamp so really challenging my body all at once.

StuntNun Mon 23-Oct-17 07:59:28

Thanks for the new thread BIWI. I was up a pound last week (due to TOTM) and down two pounds this week so one pound off in total so far this Bootcamp. Actually it's only 15 ounces but who's counting?!

Scabbersley Mon 23-Oct-17 08:08:43

So after a fortnight of pretty good Bootcamp and no alcohol I can report the following :

Tummy flab greatly reduced
A bit more energy
Feeling quietly proud of myself for doing it
Losing weight!

Still a grumpy fucker hmm
Still missing croissants
Hard to remember to make myself proper meals
Libido has disappeared shock

singadream Mon 23-Oct-17 08:11:41

Can someone put me in spreadsheet at 248lb please. 2lb down

Thiswillbemyusername Mon 23-Oct-17 08:12:00

Thanks for the new thread @BIWI. I'm pleased to announce I lost 1lb, on weighing day no less. To say I was surprised is an understatement, I really wasn't expecting to lose anymore.

I think I'll get some strawberries today, I really miss fruit.

Well done on everyone's losses I'm sure more will be announced as the days goes on smile

Hippadippadation Mon 23-Oct-17 08:17:12

Not much loss for me this week, so going to KOKO. I was so hoping to be in the 8s this week as well. Never mind!

I think I'll do a hybrid of BC and BC Lite as suggested by BIWI in the main post.

Food plan:
L - leftover salad and meat
D - microwave scrambled eggs & salad

FurryTurnip Mon 23-Oct-17 08:19:56

Thanks for adding me to spreadsheet ClearEyes.

Well done to everyone! Onwards and upwards.

RaininSummer Mon 23-Oct-17 08:27:36

My pound off stayed for monday! Will do sheet later. Well done losers.

ASDismynormality Mon 23-Oct-17 08:28:24

0.5lbs off, better than nothing!

toomuchicecream Mon 23-Oct-17 08:28:57

Maxing out on the water clearly has had an impact - 7lb down this week, to go with the 4 in week 1. Mind you, I do have a lot to lose....

CarbyDeadUn Mon 23-Oct-17 08:30:14

My fat problem is clearly alcohol related. I am not a raging alcoholic but I do like red wine. And gin. And the occasional beer. And it’s the one glass an evening habit, that then turns into 2 big glasses. Most evenings. But I like it. Particularly if the day has been busy or stressed ir I’m feeling a bit sad or lonely. Or D1 has been difficult. Or work has been hard. Or it’s tuesday. Or the weekend. There’s always a good reason.
But it makes me fat.

HolgerDanske Mon 23-Oct-17 08:31:10

Happy Week 3 everybody! flowers

I have weighed in at 147.2, but I can't actually remember what my weight was last Monday so I'm not sure what the difference is. However I do know that I am not far off where I wanted to be as my interim goal for bootcamp and my actual goal of being able to fit into a certain pantsuit I've got will probably be reached by the end of the year.

Mostly I will keep focusing on NSVs as those are the most important for me:

Better health overall, I know without even having to check that this woe is much better for my blog glucose levels.

No cravings for sweets, cakes, bread, etc, so no daily struggle with 'being good'.

My figure is vastly different to what it was a month ago - if I never lose any more weight I am in a much better position now and feel like myself again.

Successful meals this week, and a few really nice ones at my o/h's house which weren't strictly on plan but I had to work with it as it was food we already had and didn't want to waste, plus I am good at tweaking my intake to match what I have got, and I think I did well.

Jamie's Thai chicken soup (from the Five Ingredients book) - not officially bootcamp as has butternut squash and coconut milk, but I just had only a small amount of the soup/broth and didn't have much squash at all. It was really good, and as it's made with a whole chicken it is so easy - just stick everything in the pot and leave to simmer. Plus you have lovely leftovers for the next couple of days.

Mexican fajitas (again not strictly bootcamp as it had peppers in it, but I just made sure to only have one piece of pepper per wrap). Chicken, shallots and peppers fried in a good glug of oil with a range of spices (can't remember what they were as my o/h did that bit), with grated cheese and homemade guacamole on the side plus lots of coriander for garnish/freshness. He had the usual wraps and I had mine in mini cos lettuce leaves. Perfect as a wrap and adds crunch and you really don't miss the traditional wraps at all.

Also had a quick meal midweek that was very easy and satisfying - a pack of calamari in olive oil black pepper and paprika from M&S. I fried a small bit of chorizo first and then added in the calamari and just warmed it through. Was delicious. Had a few frozen peppers in as well but literally only about a dessert spoon full, just to add a little bit of veg and a counterpoint to all the protein and oil.

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