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Week 2 - Spring Low Carb Bootcamp - how was the first weigh-in?!

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BIWI Mon 13-Feb-17 07:19:20

Here's the Spreadsheet for you to confess all!

I hope that you've seen good results, and that they have convinced you that this WOE works - if you weren't already convinced, of course grin

Here's to a good second week. Hopefully all of you suffering from carb flu will be through that now, and will be feeling much more energised.

Good luck to all flowers

Veryflummoxed Mon 13-Feb-17 07:36:23

Cross posted with BIWI adding the new thread so posted again here. Apologies to anyone reading me twice. Thanks for new thread.

Good morning and congrats. Really good losses so far and hope everyone else does as well. .

I weighed midweek and was three pounds down. I weighed yesterday and was five pounds up (on starting weight, so eight pounds up) today I'm one pound up on starting weight.

Not sure what's going on. Having been pleased that I wasn't being constipated like others are and putting this down to my adherence to the water intake the last couple of days finds me "bunged up". Also the last couple of days my dairy intake shot up with a lot of cream. Plus I do have slightly wonky scales.

I know this woe works so grit my teeth and carry on.

Can you add me please

veryflummoxed 192

BursarsFrogs Mon 13-Feb-17 07:40:59

Morning all. I'm 4.5 lb down and very pleased! I know it's because I was bloated last week, but it's still nice to see the numbers. smile

Plan today:
B: fried eggs
L: avocado and tuna salad with olive oil
D: slow cooked coconut and ginger pork.

Kleptronic Mon 13-Feb-17 07:43:20

3lb down. Was 5lb down on Sat so feel a bit robbed!

Nyancat Mon 13-Feb-17 07:48:24

I fell off the wagon yesterday and had cake and crisps at DC party. It's the first I've eaten sugar since Xmas and even then I only took a day or two off. Feel grim. But onwards and upwards for week two and trying to shift this last 10 lbs.

SayrraT Mon 13-Feb-17 07:48:39

I've also gained weight but just 2lbs and I'm not surprised. I had a very carby meal (and drinks) on Friday as a 30th birthday celebration. Now I'm interested in seeing how long it takes to lose that additional 2lbs so that in future I can decide exactly how worth it it is to eat a carby meal.

Just realised that I am in week 6 so that might also be why I've had again -much more likely to be my Friday night-

Well done to all the losers. I've added your weight very

kleptronic sometimes I just record my lowest weight for the week grin

Musicianofbremen Mon 13-Feb-17 07:49:44

Maybe it's the weight of all the water flummoxed. At one point last week I has gained 3lbs then had some very busy days where I couldn't drink quite so much and it disappeared.

Having stuck rigidly to the plan I am delighted with my results. 4lbs off from my starting weight and 7 from that doomed day mid week so I am delighted.

Mostly I am happy to have broken the cycle of drinking cups of tea and eating biscuits all day long. I think I will just not go back to drinking normal tea or milky coffees I was using them as too much of a crutch. Can't wait to be able to have berries for breakfast again though.

OwlInAnOakTree Mon 13-Feb-17 07:50:16

Morning everyone. Hope everyone's scales are looking good this morning.

I'm 3lb down this week. Very happy with that. I started LCing 2 weeks ago, so total loss for me is 9lbs in 2 weeks which is just amazing. I've been faffing about trying to lose baby weight for years (my baby is nearly 4!) and this is it's all going, every last more faffing... smile

Chilli for tea tonight, but haven't figured out the rest of the day yet. Out for lunch at a very carby place, so maybe an omelette there.

Good luck all.

Flisspaps Mon 13-Feb-17 07:52:32

Terrible weekend and somehow have managed to STS which is utterly unbelievable and thoroughly undeserved. I am effectively starting again today after giving myself a bloody good talking to and a beating with a large stick.

Last week was too much dairy, not enough water or veg. Weekend - I won't go into detail for fear of derailing others.

Breakfast - broccoli, egg, bacon

Lunch - garlic and chilli olives, yoghurt and double cream

Tea - slow cooker chicken and a mountain of green buttery vegetables

Evybody Mon 13-Feb-17 07:58:14

veryflummoxed I weighed friday and was 4 down but this am just 1. I did have a few beers fri night that i shouldn't have (I rarely drink and it was a big celebration that I knew in advance I would have a few). My water intake was abysmal this weekend also so big effort today!

I spent last week learning this WOE and have really enjoyed it for the most part. I have had a few days where I just wanted to not have to 'think' what to eat!!! This weeks shop was much easier and I added a few new items to my trolley from tips here smile
Thanks everyone, looking forward to week 2

Musicianofbremen Mon 13-Feb-17 08:08:55

Meal Plan for today

B: Whipped Greek Yoghurt and Cream
L: Halloumi with roast peppers, Aubergine and salad leaves.
D: leftover roast pork with homemade coleslaw

Kleptronic Mon 13-Feb-17 08:09:10

SayrraT I so very nearly did that! Then I thought, it'll have a knock on effect to next week's weigh in, so didn't. Bah! Still, 3lb off, why am I moaning!

BursarsFrogs Mon 13-Feb-17 08:18:50

Well done everyone who's lost! smile

Looking at my food plan, I'll probably need some veg to go with my dinner! There's a forlorn cabbage from last week in my fridge, so I'll make something with that.

I have a few challenges ahead this week. Trying to think and plan ahead to avoid giving in to carbs.

I'm meeting friends at a cafe tomorrow. It's a quiet place, and we usually spend a good few hours with a couple of giant lattes and cake and a good catch up. I don't think they do anything low carb in that place, except black coffee. So the plan is to eat well before I go, and not look at the cakes and sandwiches! I feel a bit bad not ordering more, as it's a small family owned place and we sit there for ages, but can't be helped.

It's DH's birthday on Friday. He's got time off and everything. Usually this would mean homebaked cake, plenty of wine and going out etc. I'm not baking, but I'll try to find him a tiny individual portion cake instead. I'll buy him nice craft beers, which I won't be tempted to drink. And I'll cook some nice fatty ribeye steaks and roasted veggies, I think, which he'll appreciate. Might end up drinking something, but will stick to things that at least aren't sugary.

Biggest challenge might be that I'm feeling very stressed, have a hospital appointment coming and other stuff, and my usual coping mechanism is to stuff my face. hmm

Hesdeadjim Mon 13-Feb-17 08:46:08

Morning all smile

Eating humble pie (figuratively, * avoids the hovering big stick *) today after going on and on last week about how skeptical I was, then losing 8lbs in 3 days blush

Turns out this WOE does actually work, who'd have thought eh?? grin

Dinner tonight is satay prawns using a tiny teeny bit of peanut butter, I know the peanut butter is off the menu during bootcamp, but it's measured out and only 20g between 2 of us and I'm massively craving this particular meal blush


Fat: 57%
Protein: 34%
Carb: 9% (22g)

Total caloric intake: 1,065

BIWI Mon 13-Feb-17 08:56:13

I loveweek 2 of Bootcamp, because there's always someone (often several!) like you, Hesdeadjim grin

You won't believe me until you see the results for yourself! But if you have a read of the resources on the spreadsheet, and get to understand the science behind low carbing you'll be totally convinced.

For those of you who haven't lost, it's time to have a good, honest look at what you were eating and drinking last week.

If you can, hand on heart, tell me that you followed rules exactly, then the other things to consider are:

- your menstrual cycle; you retain water around this time, so it's not unusual to gain (or at least not lose) weight

- you may have a problem with dairy; try and cut this out for a few days and see what happens

- if you're taking any kind of regular medication, this can impede weight loss

- if you're a regular dieter, and have switched to low carbing from another plan - it seems that it can take a bit of time (anecdotally!) for your body to 'trust' you

Have a good read of the rules, and especially the list of allowed veg, and make sure that you really are focussing on keeping your day low carb (as well as high fat).

BowlFullofJelly Mon 13-Feb-17 09:01:09

6.25 pounds off, and haven't had a decent poo since Friday so that's pretty good. I will say though that my starting weight was after a particularly awful weekend (wine, kfc, Chinese) so I think at least 3lb of it was water retention. Fridge is empty until tomorrow so will have to get creative today. Had a super productive weekend of cleaning, painting, swimming and the shred, and sim to continue that into this week. Good luck all

Musicianofbremen Mon 13-Feb-17 09:01:30

Bursars leave what you would have spent on cake as a tip then everyone is a winner.

I have got a horrible cold. Sipping hot water with fresh lemon and ginger whilst the DCs run absolutely wild. I do at least tend to lose weight in half term because they don't leave me alone long enough to eat.

mistywillow17 Mon 13-Feb-17 09:14:02

5.6 pounds off – I can’t believe it! Can’t stop grinning, and full of motivation for the week ahead.
I have made a small mistake today – picked the wrong box out of the fridge this morning and instead of a lovingly prepared salad, I have a vat of leftover Bolognese. Not the worst disaster, as hopefully a few spoonfuls of that will get me through the day anyway, but not the world’s most exciting lunch. I guess I'm having salad for dinner!

nextchapterplease Mon 13-Feb-17 09:21:57

Well done to everyone with losses some of them are amazing - 8lbs !! Wow Hesdeadjim !
3lbs off for me which I feel thrilled by - partly just because it feels so damn good to be back on track eating in a way that I know makes me feel so much better than slipping into eating junky carbs does.
Also I am going on holiday at Easter and feel really excited about being able to slip into some of the lovely clothes I bought last spring.
This week might be a bit trickier as it's half term and I can't easily exercise but am feeling very motivated now.

Bambi356 Mon 13-Feb-17 09:25:25

Morning all.

Congrats to all the losers. I fell off a bit yesterday and had a couple of biscuits and a ham sandwich. Felt so guilty after, so that won't be happening again.

Can't quite believe I have lost 6.7lbs in the last week! This really is working, just hope it continues as I have a long long way to go.

Very excited for this week.

Plan for today:
B: FF Greek Yog (if hungry)
L: Left over roast chicken with veg
D: Grilled Lobster tail with Homemade burger wrapped in lettuce and side of veg

Imissmy0ldusername Mon 13-Feb-17 09:29:48

musician that is a brilliant idea, which I shall pinch. I'm not entirely sure why I've not thought of it myself, to be honest!

stealtheatingtunnocks Mon 13-Feb-17 09:35:08




feck me.

BursarsFrogs Mon 13-Feb-17 09:35:18

Musician good idea about the tip/cake. smile If we sit there for hours I'm sure I'll go through a couple of coffees, and can buy some mineral water or something, too. No excuses for cake!

CaptainBraandPants Mon 13-Feb-17 09:36:36

Congratulations you losers flowers
I've lost 0.8lbs, which i'm pleased about as it's been TOTM. Also, it's week 6 for me and I've managed to lose something every week. I've now lost 15.6lbs since 1st Jan.
Lunch is leftover roast beef, mashed garlic cauliflower, broccoli and sprouts sautéed with lardons.
Dinner is pork belly, yummy.

I won't be able to weigh in next Monday as we are going to Center Parcs on Friday. I'm going to try and stick with LCHFing, but will probably have a few treats alcohol . My DC keep going on about how many times they want to visit the Pancake House! Just as well they do omelettes there, too. I will weigh in on Tuesday, however nasty it is.

MyShinyThing Mon 13-Feb-17 09:40:04

Well done everyone on the losses!

I'm 2.6lbs down which I'm very happy with after the disaster that was the weekend. I know that if I stick to it properly I can lose more.

I know next weekend will be even worse though as it's my 30th so I will have to try to be extra strict.

Today will be:
B: Avocado mashed with olive oil
L: something from M&S
D: Bolognese with salad, lots of olive oil

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