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IVF - A supportive group of ladies at various stages of the ivf journey.

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Dbear35 Fri 01-Dec-17 11:16:32

A super group of women supporting each other and sharing their personal journeys and experiences during the IVF processs. All are welcome !

Atikakck Fri 01-Dec-17 11:33:57

So they rang me and it's positive awww they sed numbers was abt 150 nd next app is on the 18th xxx

RoseWrites Wed 06-Dec-17 10:15:30

I'm glad this has been set up for when the other one runs out of room! smile

Starlumiere Wed 06-Dec-17 15:44:31

Found it! smile

Minster2012 Wed 06-Dec-17 22:20:00

Ha ha here we are!!

Minster2012 Wed 06-Dec-17 22:21:13

I’ve just seen G4 in concert in my lovely local minster and it was amazing! Took my parents & parents in law as their Christmas present & was fab, feeling festive now! They also sung a song from our wedding which made me well up!!

Aliona19 Wed 06-Dec-17 22:29:47

Here I am like a moron Keep checking other tread for messages when u all moved on 😅
Happy for you Minster, just about time to feel better and have your spirit up! How’s puppy doing?

dinksandbinks Thu 07-Dec-17 10:09:42

I am trying to fill up the other thread with animal pics but I have run out 😂

RoseWrites Thu 07-Dec-17 13:24:57

I love the animal picture on the other thread.

Dinks I can't believe you have a chicken! and your cats are very cute.

Minster the christmas concert sounds lovely.

We still don't have any decorations up... i think i'll go and get our tree tomorrow. I can't believe how quickly christmas is approaching!

We had our 6 week scan this morning. And all is well. PHEW! We saw a little grain of rice sized baby and a heart beat. it's all starting to feel a bit more real now smile We have another scan in 2 weeks (so roughly 8.5 weeks) and all being well we will go into the normal system. I shall calm down a bit now! smile


Aliona19 Thu 07-Dec-17 13:29:56

Congratulations Rose 🎉

Aliona19 Thu 07-Dec-17 13:39:41

Lol Dinks perfect word to describe pets, they r jerks. Well maybe not all but ours defiantly are! Maybe you can train yours to get more cash instead of telling them off 😅😈😈

Starlumiere Thu 07-Dec-17 14:06:52

Dinks lol lol I love your story!!! Did you get the whole £500 back? Really only soups? Bless you! Love your animals and their personalities!

Minster G4 is not bad at all! Glad you enjoyed it!

Rose this is fabulous! Very happy for you smile

Aliona your dog is so beautiful despite the naughtiness! How re you feeling today?

dinksandbinks Thu 07-Dec-17 14:09:46

Afternoon everyone,

We filled up the 2nd thread!! Woohoo!! Gosh we are chatterboxes.

Minster the concert sounds fabulous... I love harmony singing, it gives me goosebumps. And how wonderful they played one of your wedding songs!! Oh my gosh so many potatoes... As an Irishwoman I love potatoes. It kills me that I can't eat them yet! I just sniff them lol. I did manage to eat a bit of the skin from a baked potato (the best bit) but I got really bad heartburn. Roll on 2nd trimester! How is the puppy doing? Hopefully she's better?

Rose Wonderful news about your scan!! Could you actually see the heartbeat? The sonographer kept pointing it out to me, but I couldn't see a thing lol. And yes we have several chickens!! We've lost three this year though, foxes have been prolific sad The eggs are amazing, they taste so rich and creamy.

Star Welcome back from your silent retreat! Tbh after this week at work I am sorely tempted. Wish I could just tell my colleagues "Sorry I am having a silent week I won't be able to reply to your inane emails" lol. Thanks for the tip about Dr Bronner!! I have heard of the brand. I used to get eczema quite a bit in the past, when I wasn't particularly careful with my health. I wonder if its recurrence is more to do with the lack of nutrition I'm getting rather than pregnancy itself... I might treat myself to some of that nice stuff for Christmas though smile

How are you feeling now? So strange that you are more unwell after the ET than EC. I would have blamed the progesterone (it made me feel awful) but you have been taking that since EC haven't you? I hope you feel better soon (or that the unease is for good reason/ reasons!!)

Atik How are you feeling? Any more symptoms cropping up? Is the next appointment for your scan?

I have a consultant appointment (says allow 2-3 hours!!) and my dating and screening scan next Friday. Quite nervous about both, though mostly what the screening might say. I'm still bleeding a little, on and off, though it's not got worse so I am taking that as a good sign. Also, feel dreadful, so that's got to count for something!

Hope you are all staying warm today, it's really cold and windy here!! xxx

dinksandbinks Thu 07-Dec-17 14:11:10

LOL Aliona I will be Fagin and he can be the Artful Dodger, going out and robbing people!! Except Mr Cheese would rather have a cuddle too... "Excuse me I know I've just stolen your money but you look squidgy and I need a cuddle"

Dbear35 Thu 07-Dec-17 16:30:04

Ha ha dinks you really made me chuckle with your story I love a naughty Cat , my old cat Buster was the size of a small dog and thought he was a dog..he used to growl at the postman and play fetch! LOL I am trying to convince the DH to get a cat far no good!

If you want food pics then check out my instagram I'm a little obsessed.

rose how exciting lovely news so so pleased for you! eakkk and now relax!

star I hope you are OK and starting to feel better and staying strong...the 12th is not that far away now your' dong so well the 2WW can mes with your mind even if you are as calm and chilled as you smile

Aliona or should I say facebook buddy! smile glad you got some emotions and feelings off your chest it's good to have a good cry!

minster how are you!?

I think I can feel AF coming so looks like we maybe able to start meds a bit earlier or it could be just the remainder of my stomach bug! LOL

So I'm off out to LND again, Brixton this time for a gig and maybe some Mexican food before hand ...(not sure that's a good idea just after my stomach bug but im starving! LOL)

Dbear35 Thu 07-Dec-17 16:41:24

Nope I was right AF has arrived 5 days early! shock

Dbear35 Thu 07-Dec-17 17:09:48

So I was right AF has arrived!
Looks like I’ll be starting meds at the end of the year (quiet NYE for me then) 😊

Aliona19 Thu 07-Dec-17 17:30:18

Dinks 😅 2-3 hours that’s probably coz of the constant delays 😂 doubt they gonna spend more than 10 min with u

Dbear (yes, Friend 😂) Mexican after a bug 😅 reminds me of “Bridesmaids” movie 🤣 but have a good time 😊 and yay for the AF, less waiting for u. Starting on day 21?! And why would u have quiet nye?!

Atikakck Thu 07-Dec-17 17:37:52

dinks a fink atm am okay just obviously a guna worried cz last time around dis tym a started bleeding so yh every1 tym a good toilet a checking, still feel Lil pains now nd then under ma stomach BT a fink it's cz of sum air hanging around der... Ma scan is on the 18th xx how r ya is ur bleeding stopped xx

Minster2012 Thu 07-Dec-17 18:40:02

Hello ladies!!

So Atik it seems lots of us have had bleeding and it’s ok as I said to dinks, my consultant nurse says it happens in 25% of IVF cases and nothing to worry about so unless it’s reallt heavy then it should be ok, however, we got an EPAU scab at pinderfields for reassurance so u can do that as u are leeds area, u can self check in u don’t need a referral so u can get it checked.

dbear early AF is great, your body wants you to start!!! Woooooo!!!!
All systems goooo, quiet new year but all for good reason so that’s fine! You go girl!

aliona then it will be you... so did you have the counselling? Puppy is ok, it seems there’s a 24 hour sickness bug going round the village so I think she picked that up, apparently most dogs round here have been a bit sick she’s fine now!!

star the 12th isn’t far away, that’s our wedding anniversary, 12th of the 12th we didn’t even realise that when we booked it but easy to remember, those embies are hopefully doing their thing, I hope your lovely inner peace & karma for good things means your dreams will come true as well!

My spuds are not all for Xmas day I just did the whole bag, they are just par boiled for 6 mins once cold water has boiled with rosemary & salt & pepper then some oil & flour tossed over & cooled & frozen & apparently cook from frozen then in 40 mins, I’m testing some tomorrow night to see!!

So pleased rose you got to see your bean today, that’s ace you also get another scan, we don’t that’s why we have booked a private one before we tell ppl...G4 were awesome & my mum said she hoped I get my treatment back on track & bought me an angel for the top of my tree it was soooo hard to know she will be ecstatic for her first grandchild 😍💕

Ive just made 11 hampers for DH’s work clients, he’s not even here gone away for 5 days but it keeps me from thinking baby stuff!!

Minster2012 Thu 07-Dec-17 21:17:08

Sorry aliona I’ve just read back about and I missed about your counselling I’m pleased it went well!!

Aliona19 Thu 07-Dec-17 21:50:47

😅 yeah Minster, had it. But not sure 🤔 just hard to believe someone can talk me into thinking differently about things I have been through. Can’t imagine someone fixing how I brain works. We ll see, if I commit to it
Man this little gift packages look amazing! Don’t understand why you have to deal with this though 🤔🤔 but looks great. I am absolute 💩 in packing things haha that’s not only thing that I am 💩 at 😅 I am very talented 😂
Glad puppy is better. Hate seeing them unwell 🤒
Thinking here not sure if I missed it. Your mum doesn’t know about the baby. How did u explain the break in your treatment?
Watching celebrity sooo annoyed with all this MF😡😡

Minster2012 Thu 07-Dec-17 22:12:48

I have to make hampers because you can spend £100 on buying hampers for clients and all you get is a posh hamper basket (that everyone throws away) and biscuits, and a fruit cake, and shortbread and chutney and coffee and a bottle of wine that’s it for £100 each!! So last year he said Can I make better ones for about £65 with nicer things that ppl would actually like & something local so I did & so I’ve done it again. So posh hot chocolate, posh biscuits, biscuits for cheese, truffles, red wine, white wine, chilli chocolate popcorn, tea pigs tea, a local t towel, cherry shimmer for gin, chutney. If they end up splitting it & giving it away fine but still ends up better value for company & nicer stuff (there’s only so much fruit cake & shortbread u can eat every year!!)

My parents know about the break for IVF & embryos in storage & we were going to start looking for a surrogate but we said it takes years (it does if u have to find a “normal” surrogate, but no one knows about us “finding a surrogate” or my friend. DH’s parents don’t even know we’ve done the IVF. So it will be a MASSIVE shock to everyone. Literally no one knows on our side, everyone knows on my friends side as she has told everyone (she’s one of my oldest friends but mine & her circle don’t mix outside of my hen do & couple of times since). 3 of my & DH’s friends know about embryos but they think they are still in storage so again massive shock, everyone else ASSUMES we can have kids naturally so yeah, that will be fun!!! 🙈🙈🙈🙈

Minster2012 Thu 07-Dec-17 22:13:51

And to parents in law for instance I just pretended I was still having treatment, no one really asks me as I don’t usually let it affect me, I just hide when I feel sick

Minster2012 Thu 07-Dec-17 22:21:53

My parents have to know when I’m having treatment or not as we rely on them for looking after the dogs when I go as it’s 5 hours in total, the same will apply for a child, we will massively rely on them for support as I can’t take a child into the chemo suite for instance and if I’m having treatment which hopefully I will still be on then from birth I will be leaving a young baby with DH and either his parents or mine for a while afternoon which most parents don’t do EVERY 3 weeks then DH will go back to work & leave the baby with grandparents every 3 weeks for that length of time. It’s something the ethics team drilled into before letting us go ahead 😞😞 but tough shit, life go on, babies deal

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