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emummy Fri 26-Mar-21 16:20:31

Last thread is nearly full so here is a new one.
All runners are welcome, regardless of age, experience, speed, distance etc. Just join in and chat about all things running.
The numbers in bold at the bottom of posts are the total we have run together that month, so just add your numbers as you go.

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Doublethecuddles Fri 26-Mar-21 16:45:32

Thank you for starting a new thread *

I didn’t watch the trials for the marathon but I’m sure if they had to run with a rucksack trying not too squash the hot crossed buns and smash the eggs while avoiding tripping over the dog their times would be much slower!

A lovely run with friends this morning which was into a howling gale when we turned to come back. The company was good.


PaddingtonPaddington Fri 26-Mar-21 19:37:20

Missed the marathon trials, they sound great.

4 miles to add from yesterday’s 30 min run and 8 from today’s trails. Seemed like at one point Gale force wind running over a ploughed field. Had a good laugh to myself about what I was doing. Enjoyed some new paths and scenery.


50FootWave Sat 27-Mar-21 04:18:23

Hello all...posting my 7 miles over 2 runs this week..

...and a little victory dance, too. Yesterday I finished my PhD! I formally submit next week, but it's all done! Woo hoo!

More time for running!


UnaOfStormhold Sat 27-Mar-21 08:54:25

Hello all, nice shiny new thread!

Congratulations on the PhD @50footwave.

Easy week so far in preparation for my first attempt at a half tomorrow - wish me luck!


emummy Sat 27-Mar-21 11:17:26

Congratulations @50FootWave!
Good luck with the half @UnaOfStormhold, hope the weather is kind.
Gorgeous sunny run today, one of my favourite routes with lovely views.


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Iamblossom Sat 27-Mar-21 12:23:32

Adding my 3 from this morning. During which I felt every single sip of the two beers, one G&T and glass of red wine I had instead of eating a meal last night. hmm #eliterunning #optimumnutritionregime #willineverlearn

We''ll pass 1000 in March won't we!



Iamblossom Sat 27-Mar-21 12:24:11

Lovely photos

emummy Sat 27-Mar-21 13:06:13

923 I think

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emummy Sat 27-Mar-21 13:07:56

We can definitely hit 1000.
I think you & I may be in the same nutrition plan @Iamblossom!

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50FootWave Sat 27-Mar-21 13:47:04

Thanks, gang!

@Iamblossom sounds like you got all of your 5 a day in!

Purpleraindeer Sat 27-Mar-21 15:06:43

Congrats @50FootWave! Must be a great feeling!

Lovely photos @emummy. I thought I had a pretty run today but yours is lovely.

I also fuelled on booze last night. Oh dear. Did my intervals but I’m feeling a bit knackered now. Long run tomorrow which might feel like hard work.


Amaura Sat 27-Mar-21 16:05:14

Well done @50FootWave, is that first submission or with corrections complete?

40 miles to add. Missed a run on Tuesday (just fell asleep). Hamstring a bit funny today (did do 1600ft of hills so probably pushed it too far) so will review plan for next week tomorrow. Children have a virtual walk so probably won’t run as well.


Doublethecuddles Sat 27-Mar-21 16:49:25

Well done 50FootWave it must be a great relief.

Lovely photos emummy. I should take my phone and take a few photos.

Good luck with your 1/2 marathon UnaOfStormhold and enjoy.

A pleasant 8 miles this morning


50FootWave Sat 27-Mar-21 16:58:20

Thank you @Doublethecuddles!

@Amaura - first submission, so viva still to come!

Loving all your running pics, will be out running tmrw so will try and take a few of the beach.

50FootWave Sat 27-Mar-21 16:59:28

And thank you @Purpleraindeer!

Spudlet Sat 27-Mar-21 19:28:59

Need some advice you guys - I’m starting marathon training in May, but the plan I’ve chosen (the Women’s Running beginners one) stipulates running four days a week and I’ve never actually done that - only ever three days a week with at least one day off between runs. Considering The Grumbly Foot, do you think I should start introducing a short Friday run sooner rather than later? I’m thinking just a mile or so to start with then build up over a few weeks until I’m doing an extra 5k a week (which is what the plan starts on).

Amaura Sat 27-Mar-21 20:11:38

I think if you do a mile or two at a slow pace to start the pattern, that would be a good thing. Aim to make sure your heart rate stays in zone 3 and walk if it gets too high

PaddingtonPaddington Sat 27-Mar-21 20:43:23

Such a lovely supportive thread this one. We’ll definitely make over 1000 miles this month.

Another 12.5 miles of trails from me today. Such lovely scenery bringing me to a 40.5 mile week. Rest day tomorrow and the running club starts back on Monday. Hurrah.


emummy Sun 28-Mar-21 11:38:30

Easy run in the sunshine thi morning, enjoying the spring flowers.


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IRun4Me Sun 28-Mar-21 12:15:25

Well done on the PhD 50fotwave that’s an excellent achievement.
Good luck today UnaOfStormhold

I am definitely on the same nutrition plan grin when someone asked about recovery drinks I wanted to say red wine and crisps.

Very blowy 10k with the dog this morning. Tired legs but really enjoyed it

Yay emummy you took us past the 1000 miles for the month mark

Spudlet Sun 28-Mar-21 13:21:32

Congratulations @50FootWave! That’s really awesome 👍

5 miles in the wind for me today. I gave blood on Friday and really felt it today - needed lots of walk breaks on my way around. Hopefully I’ll feel a bit more lively on Tuesday as I’m planning on taking DS with me on his bike, and he doesn’t hang about these days... need an energy drink or something before we start to keep up 😂


schoolcook Sun 28-Mar-21 13:37:18

Hi all I don't add my miles on here as I'm not very consistent but I do read daily to motivate me.
A very windy 10K today but I was grateful for it on the way home as a jumper was a bit over the top by the time I warmed up !

Doublethecuddles Sun 28-Mar-21 14:00:00

A different run of 8.5 miles this morning, still had the turning the corner into a full blown gale.

Good luck with the run on Tuesday Spudlet. If your sin is anything like mine they certainly don’t wait for you. I feel like the dog chasing behind.


Iamblossom Sun 28-Mar-21 15:51:36

9ish km this morning with my friend, a jognchat so not fast.

35km run this week.


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