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New year C25K. Anyone care to join me?

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CaptainBraandPants Sun 01-Jan-17 08:44:03

So, new year, new me, etc, etc.
I've done C25K before, then a program up to 10k.
Although I found lots of it hard, it did wonders for my health and fitness and also for my mental health.
But, then I stopped. I can't even remember why now.
So, I'm back at the beginning. The advantage I have this time is that I know I can do it as I've done it before.
It's pissing it down here, but I'm going to go and do it anyway. grin
Anyone else?

Howlongtillbedtime Sun 01-Jan-17 08:49:32

Ermmmm .......

Maybe not today someone seems to have swapped my brain for a mixture of cotton wool and a steel drum this morning . my exercise today needs to happen lying down .

But I do really want to do this . I have agreed to do a 5k in may . I only run on a treadmill ( I use the word run very loosely )

I am overly scared about seeing people I know outside ( fat and unfit and red of face after 1k )

I do admire you going out in the rain and today of all days .

SocksRock Sun 01-Jan-17 08:50:28

I will join you.

I have woken up to a new year and a 4yo with chickenpox. My life sucks and hopefully this can start the change.

CaptainBraandPants Sun 01-Jan-17 08:58:52

How one of the advantages of rain is that there aren't going to be many people out and about who will see me. I sometimes run on a treadmill, but find it boring. The time does pass quicker when I run outside.
Socks your poor DC, and poor you. flowers please do join me, it really is good for your mental well being, as much as for your physical. Having that half an hour to yourself can be quite reviving.

CaptainBraandPants Sun 01-Jan-17 11:38:14

Ok, first run done. Thought the playlist with the podcast was good, although I gave a somewhat wry smile as they were singing about sunshine near the end and I was doing my best impression of a drowned rat. grin
Next run Tuesday.

beanhunter Sun 01-Jan-17 16:12:16

Me too xx

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 01-Jan-17 16:15:42

Can I place my good intentions here? I really want to do it but am just recovering from a horrible virus and DD has spent the night vomiting.

St the moment I can just about manage to walk around the block but seriously need to build my fitness back up.

waiting4inspiration Sun 01-Jan-17 16:47:37

Another lapsed "runner" here, so starting over again but hopefully with a bit more discipline. Have gone so far as to download the NHS podcast on to my phone today but need to find my headphones. Day 1 tomorrow.

Thanks for a shiny new thread Captain.

PhyllisWig Sun 01-Jan-17 22:24:58

Yet another lapsed one here. Damaged my knee in October and haven't run since. Even when I did run it was terribly slow and I struggled to improve speed.

I did d1w1 on the treadmill today and managed fine. The knee bore up and I enjoyed it. Have also committed to doing knee strengthening exercises daily to help so wish me luck

Badhairday1001 Sun 01-Jan-17 22:27:10

I'm starting with a friend tomorrow. First run is at 10:30am, I am actually dreading it! I've also joined slimming world, I need to lose this fat.

EmilyDickinson Sun 01-Jan-17 22:33:15

I'm in. I've did C25K last year. It's a brilliant programme. I got to enjoy running for the first time in my life and I could feel that my stamina and fitness really improved. Unfortunately right at the end I pulled a muscle and it seemed to go again every time I ran for more than 10 minutes or so and I never really got going again.
I don't think that I'm right back where I started though. Hopefully I've retained some fitness. I'd love to have that feeling of running with ease again.
I did day 1 week 1 today in the rain and felt very virtuous. There's something about New Year that makes me feel more confident about making changes. Hoping to do day 2 week 2 tomorrow in better weather.

Greenfingeredfun Sun 01-Jan-17 23:18:21

I completed my first run yesterday.. doing the second one tomorrow!

Howlongtillbedtime Mon 02-Jan-17 08:32:15

captain do you find it a lot harder physically to run outside ? I am going to the gym after work today to make a start but am I kidding myself that if I can do it on a treadmill with a slight incline then I will manage the run outside ?

Good luck to all getting out today .

CaptainBraandPants Mon 02-Jan-17 09:11:21

Well done everyone who has started. Same time, same place tomorrow? grin
Hope you are feeling better today jilted
waiting I had to scour the house for equipment too, as its been so long since I ran last. Plus none of my old running clothes fit blush so I had to use DH's XL raincoat thingy.
Good luck to those starting today.
How I find it easier outside as you don't have to go at the pace you have set on the treadmill, you will naturally go faster/ slow down as the terrain undulates. For me, I just seem to have a better running action, I feel really clunky on the treadmill. The caveat to that, however, is that I avoid the big hill and I dislike it when it gets really windy because that does make it harder.

grannycake Mon 02-Jan-17 09:13:42

i'm in. Started today and feeling smug

jesstar Mon 02-Jan-17 09:16:35

Can I join? Went on my first run today, went quicker than I thought it would and I felt good afterwards. Hope I don't lose the motivation over time. Good luck all!

CaptainBraandPants Mon 02-Jan-17 09:20:55

Welcome jesstar and granny
We are allowed to feel smug, that's one of the benefits of doing it. grin

beanhunter Mon 02-Jan-17 10:16:38

I actually started 2 weeks ago so just off for wk3 r1. I'm still allowed right?

CaptainBraandPants Mon 02-Jan-17 11:42:16

bean definitely. Have a good run.

user1460571583 Mon 02-Jan-17 13:39:12

Hi can i join please, im going to start c25k tomorrow afternoon after I finish work and my kid's will be back at school. Feeling nervous, especially about what I will look like but I'm determined to do it. I lost 3 stone 3 years ago and then got crippling anxiety and put it all back on. My anxiety is loads better now and i think running will help me finally get rid of it once and for all.

Lilybensmum1 Mon 02-Jan-17 13:51:45

Can I join I'm starting for the 3rd time!!! Really need to do is for my mental health I love the feeling of running, can't remember why I stopped now. I will start next Monday as not feeling to great at the moment.

Well done to everyone who has started I'm so envious and good luck to those due to start.

waiting4inspiration Mon 02-Jan-17 14:41:53

W1D1 done today. Lovely sunny day helped the minutes go quickly. I enjoyed the podcast too, and by following the instructions of when to walk and when to run I finished feeling I'd had a good run rather than feeling I should have pushed harder. Already looking forward to the next session.

User - one thing I learned on my many re-starts is that people don't really pay attention to what others look like when they're out. Don't let the thought of what you think other people think put you off!

Lily hope you feel better soon - dealing with stress and mental health issues was the reason I took up running in the first place; i'm facing other health demons at the moment and the 30 minute switch off during my run today was the best 30 minutes I've had for a while.

savouryandsweet Mon 02-Jan-17 14:52:45

Can I join please?

I'm doing w1r1 today. Have done it once before, about 4 years ago. Hated it at first but I remember that happy rush of feeling fit and energetic as I got into it.

I'm now 6 stone heavier than I was when I did it back then blush so I'm going to take it slow today.

cuntspud Mon 02-Jan-17 15:48:56

Can I join please?
I've never been a runner and although I'm not overweight I'm very unfit!
Hoping to start Wednesday eveninggrin
I've downloaded the app but I've seen a lot of people are using podcasts, do you mind sharing which ones please?
Also, I'm a bit unsure what to wear on top. I've brought running shoes, leggings and a sports bra, I was going to wear a loose top and a light hoody, does this sound about right?

jesstar Mon 02-Jan-17 17:45:45

I think you can just wear what feels comfortable. I wear a loose T-shirt and hoodie in this cold weather. And some unflattering joggers. I try not to worry how I look; I don't have the confidence to wear the tight lycra outfits that the other runners seem to look so good in. Too wobbly at the moment sad

I have the NHS C25k podcasts, it was ok and glad I didn't have to worry about the timing. It would be nice to have a halfway 'marker' to remind you to turn around though, although the extra steps on the way home can only be a good thing.

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