Reasons as to why you voted leave?

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Firstimemam Tue 02-Jul-19 15:17:06

Ladies & Gents,

This is really old news but I am new to mumsnet & would be interested as to why exactly you voted "leave" rather than "remain". Just your very honest opinion, I am not here to judge, just very intrigued.

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prettyLittlefool Tue 02-Jul-19 15:23:23

Immigration. biscuit

TheRealTitaniaMcGrath Tue 02-Jul-19 21:51:21

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Emilyontmoor Tue 02-Jul-19 22:12:51

Hmm, Manchester and Leeds, York, to my immediate recollection voted remain. And the biggest demographic in the remain vote were comfortably off Tories in the Home Counties, after that comfortably off in rural northern towns, like Ripon, biggest Tory majority in the country. Basically those who splutter with indignation at what the country has become according to the Daily Mail and Telegraph. And they are who are voting for our next PM........ sad

letsrunfar Tue 02-Jul-19 22:15:44

Because being in the EU does nothing for me.

TheRealTitaniaMcGrath Tue 02-Jul-19 22:19:56

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Todaythiscouldbe Tue 02-Jul-19 22:21:16

Nobody will answer you because it will turn into yet another attack on people who voted leave. Try searching the five thousand other threads on the same topic


TheRealTitaniaMcGrath Tue 02-Jul-19 22:22:03

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Emilyontmoor Tue 02-Jul-19 22:48:36

Actually Ripon, and most northern rural towns, have Booths which does great cheese from the UK and Europe, so much better than Waitrose. They are used to having their cheese and eating it, that is the problem.....

Emilyontmoor Tue 02-Jul-19 22:51:44

Read and weep, if you are not in "one of the foodie gems of the five Northwest counties where we have our stores" ttps://

Emilyontmoor Tue 02-Jul-19 22:52:38

Emilyontmoor Tue 02-Jul-19 22:58:05

Not just decent Manchego but "great European cheeses including Spanish Montenebro, wonderful served drizzled with honey." .....

1tisILeClerc Tue 02-Jul-19 22:58:33

Your'e a sadist!

Finerumpus Tue 02-Jul-19 22:58:41

I voted leave and would be happy to explain why but many posters on here either don’t understand or pretend not to understand or say ‘but how will Brexit make me financially better off the day we leave’. Posters in support of leave are often subjected to ignorant abuse (see post 3).

Here’s one reason: I don’t want to be associated with the shameful behaviour of fortress Europe.

Stillstrawberrywater Tue 02-Jul-19 23:01:00

I'm against an ever closer political, financial, economic, and military union to the point it becomes practically a superstate.

1tisILeClerc Tue 02-Jul-19 23:02:07

{Here’s one reason: I don’t want to be associated with the shameful behaviour of fortress Europe.}

What shameful behaviour would that be, and where is the fortress?

Finerumpus Tue 02-Jul-19 23:05:16

Google it. Shameful behaviour.

Antigonads Tue 02-Jul-19 23:05:59

Common Market - great idea.

United States of Europe - no thanks.

SpitefulBreasts Tue 02-Jul-19 23:06:05

Ok, I'll bite. I usually hide these threads because of the amount of nastiness from each side to the other.
My parents voted in the referendum to join the Common Market, I've no idea how they voted,
The U.K. did vote to join the Common Market. It was sold to them that it would be much easier to trade with Europe. I'm not sure if it was clear that the U.K. couldn't trade with a country outside of Europe. And would have massive trade restrictions against companies that tried to do this.
There was no vote in the U.K. to set up a European Parliament, however it was set up and the European Parliament spends about €60k every month to move the governance of the EU from Brussels to Strasbourg. Every fucking month. There was also no vote to agree this.
The accounts of the EU Governmental departments have never been signed off by a professional accounting company. The corruption in the EU Government is too big and too toxic for any reputable company to get involved with.
My personal moment to vote Leave was. The lightbulbs. Yep, I know it sounds daft. The changeover from high energy bulbs to lower energy ones, was a great idea, but those low energy ones had mercury in them. A minuscule amount, there were scare stories everywhere and the stories weren't true. but it staggered me that a Government could push the orthodoxy that these light bulbs are better, when they clearly were not. How many people recycle lightbulbs correctly. So now all these 'Green' lightbulbs will end up in landfill. So that means Mercury in landfill. Not good for the environment.
I'm not bothered about immigration, the U.K. was grown by people from other countries and cultures, it's an island ffs. Thousands of people have migrated to th U.K. in the hope of a better life. And I hope they achieve their aspirations.
So that's my answer.

elasticfantastic Tue 02-Jul-19 23:11:57

@SpitefulBreasts genuinely thank you for taking the time to explain your reasons, I genuinely found it interesting to read. I am a remainer and really have struggled to find a brexiter who actually can explain why they feel that we would be better to leave other than a very vague line that doesn't actually explain anything.

If other brexiter could follow your lead maybe we could all try and understand each other more. I understand why you made your choice.

KennDodd Tue 02-Jul-19 23:12:49

I met a pub landlord last week, he said most of his customers voted Leave, as he did himself. When he asked them why every single one of them said 'immigration' not one other reason given. This was Dartmoor. Most of my family voted Leave, all of them because of immigration (and yes my family actually are racist). They will then expand on this trotting out the usual lies about immigrants. If you look at research why people voted Leave you will find it was because of immigration. Only on mumsnet will you find that no a single Leave voter voted because of immigration.

Finerumpus Tue 02-Jul-19 23:15:01

I voted to leave. Immigration was not an issue at all (not in the way you mean it anyway).

Finerumpus Tue 02-Jul-19 23:17:12

I am not alone in that stance either. Undoubtedly it was a reason for some as it was for some.

KennDodd Tue 02-Jul-19 23:18:41

There was one Leave voter on here recently who said she voted for peace, or that peace was a factor, or something like that. I really wish she'd come back and expand on that a little. As I've said on other threads I think leavers and Remainers can both look at the same thing and have a completely different take on it that's why I really wanted to try and see what this poster could see.

Coppersulphate Tue 02-Jul-19 23:23:01

I voted leave because I do not the fact that our courts can be overruled by the ECJ.
I want our laws made here, interpreted here and enforced here.
I know that the WTO will have a court of arbitration but that only deals with trade disputes.

I try to stay away from these threads now because LeClerc or Peregrina will immediately say which law has affected you adversely whereas it is the principle of it I object to.

To be honest I am fed up,with posts like post 3 on here where leavers are accused of being racist, thick, uneducated, old, readers of the Mail and the Sun and Xenophobic

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