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February No Spend....28 days

(331 Posts)
ivykaty44 Sun 28-Jan-18 17:57:30

Here for 28 NSD and counting how much is left at the end of the month

Newbieuser1880 Sun 28-Jan-18 18:17:07

I would like to know more about this and the rules?

ivykaty44 Sun 28-Jan-18 18:34:44

Go 28 days without spending on anything but essentials- food and fuel

So look for ways to entertain yourselves without spending- date night at home for valentines, take snacks and hot drinks with you, look for free events. Take lunch to work, bake birthday cakes

Stop mindless spending

Leave your purse at home 😂

Invite friends to your home instead of having coffee and cake in a cafe - DIY

I purchased these and a cake for friends and now we are taking it in turns instead of going out

Just swapping a few habits

GreenTulips Sun 28-Jan-18 18:37:23

I'm in!

Need January badly as needed school shoes and got a bargain of a dress for a ball coming up (but free food and wine on that one!)

MiltonBurnedTheBuildingDown Sun 28-Jan-18 18:46:26

I'm in! Lurked on the other thread.

elvislives2012 Sun 28-Jan-18 22:26:26

Hello! I. In, loved the January thread....

1stMrsF Sun 28-Jan-18 23:11:03

I'm in. Mindful spending is my goal, to get out of the overdraft this month and not spend more than income so we can pay off credit cards and save for holidays and Christmas so as not to be in this mess next year. January went OK. Big spend yesterday in ALDI aiming to add just small weekly shops for the rest of Feb. Yolt is helping me keep track.

chickenowner Mon 29-Jan-18 08:57:09

I'm in!!

Food and petrol, plus I will allow myself one cinema trip. (But will take my own drink and snack!)

aconfinedharvester Mon 29-Jan-18 09:08:39

I'm in. We have my nephew coming to live with us for the next few months, he's a strapping lad (enormous appetite) and still at school so not earning. I don't mind and glad to help but the food budget is going to get hit hard! Just food, petrol and bills this month, may try to sort some clothes for the 'We buy clothes' place in town too.

PollyShelbyLifeCoachServices Mon 29-Jan-18 18:01:14

I'm in please, I lasted until the 29th of January so hopefully I can see this one through🤣if ya'll will have me that is...

coffeecow Mon 29-Jan-18 18:13:23

I'm in! Was planning to do this anyway so posting on here will keep me accountable.
Really want to go and see The Greatest Showman and have been offered two £6 tickets so that's probably going to be my only 'splurge'!

ivykaty44 Mon 29-Jan-18 18:23:21

1st Mrs

Have you thought about opening a bank account to get the money they offer?

Find a friend with a nationwide account and get them to recommend you / open the account and get £100 set up two direct debits from the account


Move the account to Nationwide and get a SO set up putting money in to cover the minimum and then back into your current account back to your original current account get another £100 quid

Then move the account to HSBC or M&S for another £100

The fake account keeps getting moved with the two random direct debits

But you can easily make £300 over a few month

Probably take about say 2 hours per bank - but that’s not a bad return

fleaflyflo Mon 29-Jan-18 19:12:47

Right I'm in!

Have got huge tax bill needing payment by 31/1 and have to put £1000 deposit on a rental property.
We will be totally cleared out and some sad

Lillylollylandy Tue 30-Jan-18 06:36:52

I’m in too please - lurked on the January thread. My goal is to save £500 this month.

PirateYellowbelly Tue 30-Jan-18 07:21:32

I'm in for Feb too. Have done so well in Jan but a little worried about Feb as half term will be a challenge. Determined to do this!

MiltonBurnedTheBuildingDown Tue 30-Jan-18 07:26:16

What ages are your children pirate. Our local council does free events over half term but you've gotta be sharp if you want a space. Maybe look online and book as much free stuff now.

fleaflyflo Tue 30-Jan-18 07:51:56

Yes half term a worry as I have tweens

MiltonBurnedTheBuildingDown Tue 30-Jan-18 08:07:15

I have a teen. Bloody expensive! I've got us set for a history talk at a local site, and a days litter picking at the beach. We'll do a hike and take a flask and tea. He'll be happy bumming round the house or with pals on the other days.

Maybe do a play date swap with their pals? Homemade pizza, film and popcorn at yours (pound land does popping corn) and then they spend a day at a pals?

ivykaty44 Tue 30-Jan-18 08:26:04

Search the internet for free events, event right is a good app.

Take drinks and snacks with you, pop a few boxes or drink in the boot of the car with a packet of mini chocolate bars for emergency

Give them pocket money for the week and explain once it’s gone it’s fine so they are in control £5 is better than constant pestering and it works out £1 per day

Equimum Tue 30-Jan-18 09:24:08

Can I jump in, please? We had a really expensive January, despite trying to cut back, so really need to make some progress this nonetheless. I have taken £50 out of the bank this morning, and that is to cover a planned evening out for a friend’s birthday and any small spends I feel are important (I.e toddler group that saves my sanity, parking etc.).

Hoping today will be a no spend day. Off to a pre-paid toddler class with DS2 this morning and nothing else planned. Should be the same for the rest of the week TBH

FreudianSlurp Tue 30-Jan-18 10:29:35

I'm in! Just made some stickers for my planner and diary, because I know my weak area...

1stMrsF Tue 30-Jan-18 11:23:50

ivykaty that's definitely worth some thought. May need to get out of overdraft first to feel confident about doing it.

chickenowner Tue 30-Jan-18 13:59:28


I love it! And completely understand. I also need some 'No Ebay' stickers.


OuchBollocks Tue 30-Jan-18 14:01:52

I deleted one click ordering on my Amazon app, which helped. Can I join but make an exception for DS's birthday present? It will only be a small present as he's just turning 1. DD wants to make him a Mickey mouse birthday cake, so that's sorted.

mamapants Tue 30-Jan-18 17:30:26

Didn't realise there was a new thread.
I did OK in January - got rid of the overdraft spend and spent on DS1s birthday present and garage and car tax.
Bought a few books kindle and real but have deducted them from my Christmas money.
Feb spends will be more in garage for car, DS1s birthday party and half term.
I have a season ticket for a kids park so can have a day there, maybe try to go to the free swimming and then beach/ walk type things and have the kids friends round maybe.
That's the plan anyway.

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