To think 2 hours is long enough for drinks with friends?

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Finallybroody Sat 24-Jul-21 18:13:25

I am out tonight with 2-3 friends for a couple of drinks. Meeting at 7:30. One of us isn’t drinking at all and I’m not a big drinker either. It’ll be lovely to have a chat and a catch up with a couple of gins but I am absolutely shattered after a long week at work - AIBU to leave at around 9:30? I always feel guilty leaving after such a short amount of time especially if I am first to leave but I am craving my bed blush I’m only 34!

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AlmostSummer21 Sat 24-Jul-21 18:15:08

It wouldn't be for me, but you do you

Notimeforaname Sat 24-Jul-21 18:15:32

No. Not unreasonable. Just mention it when you arrive. I find that helps stop the requests of ''stay for one more, come on'' rather than when I just suddenly say I'm heading home.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Sat 24-Jul-21 18:15:36

Why do you need anyone's permission to leave, just do what you likesmile

I don't drink but I'd have only just got warmed up at 9.30grin

princesslarmadrama Sat 24-Jul-21 18:17:10

Wouldn't be long enough for me. Why not leave at 10 looks a little better.

Attheheart Sat 24-Jul-21 18:17:45

I don't think you really like these people if you'd rather go home to bed at 9:30.

There are occasions when I want to leave after a couple of hours, but not catching up with friends I'm looking forward to seeing.

Inastatus Sat 24-Jul-21 18:19:03

Blimey, when I was your age I’d be just going out at that time! However, if you are that tired then just say so and leave when you want to.


Waspsarearseholes Sat 24-Jul-21 18:23:11

I think don't limit yourself. You might find that you're having a great time once you're there. It sounds as though you're expecting to clock-watch the entire evening and just be waiting for an 'acceptable' time to leave. I sometimes dread evenings out I've pre-planned as I'm tired from the week and just can't be arsed, etc, but have a great time when I'm there. Enjoy!

Comedycook Sat 24-Jul-21 18:24:41

I find time goes really quickly when having drinks with friends. Two hours isn't long enough for me

Singinghollybob Sat 24-Jul-21 18:26:02

On a Friday night with no work the next day, it'd be too early for me. Would you really be going to bed so early?

Singinghollybob Sat 24-Jul-21 18:26:27

Saturday night even!

gobbynorthernbird Sat 24-Jul-21 18:27:23

You're not even there yet and you're already planning your exit?

skippy67 Sat 24-Jul-21 18:27:47

If you're planning when to leave before you've even got there, maybe you should just stay in?

Skiptheheartsandflowers Sat 24-Jul-21 18:27:59

Do you need to fix the time in advance? I would just leave when I was tired, whether that was 9.30, 11 or 2am

debwong Sat 24-Jul-21 18:28:00


grapewine Sat 24-Jul-21 18:28:43

If you want to go home by then, go home. It'd be too early for me, though. Especially on the weekend.

UrAWizHarry Sat 24-Jul-21 18:29:00

Why don't you just see how you feel at the time? Radical idea, I know.

If you are decent friends with these people maybe you will find you want to spend more than 2 hours with them. Likewise they will understand if you want to bail early if you are tired.

grapewine Sat 24-Jul-21 18:29:19

It does sound like you just don't want to go tbh.

shouldistop Sat 24-Jul-21 18:31:03

I don't think you really like these people if you'd rather go home to bed at 9:30.

Nonsense. I'm going out with friends in a couple of weeks and I'll be going home at 10. I have a 4yo and breastfed 7mo at home. It's hard to even get out for a couple of hours but because I like my friends Im making an effort.
Op said she's had a hard week at work, it would be easier for her to cancel but im assuming she's not as she does like her friends.

LakeShoreD Sat 24-Jul-21 18:33:30

Bit weird to fix a time to leave when you haven’t even got there. Don’t clock watch, just enjoy your evening with friends and head home when you’re tired and/or things naturally wrap up. 2 hours isn’t very long though. If I actually like the group then I tend to find 2 hours fly by!

Starjammer Sat 24-Jul-21 18:35:31

Do you have to decide now? You might get there and have such a good time you don't want to leave!

Ohanaa Sat 24-Jul-21 18:36:32

I find people like you so annoying.

You haven’t even gone out yet and you are already planning to go home.

trappistkepler Sat 24-Jul-21 18:38:21

I wouldn't bother going if I were you, very depressing to see someone going home to bed when the Saturday night is just starting. Meet them for a coffee some morning instead.

Naimee87 Sat 24-Jul-21 18:38:25

I‘m 100% same as you! I love sleep! I‘m 34 too. A quiet life is all i‘m after nowadays 😇

shouldistop Sat 24-Jul-21 18:40:02

@Ohanaa why does it annoy you?

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