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champs · 26/11/2004 14:35

Hello!!! welcome to our new home let the virtual house warming begin

OP posts:
bran · 26/11/2004 16:47

Didn't that last thread grow quickly? Are we the most popular club on Mumsnet?

champs · 26/11/2004 18:48

it has deffinetly taken off in the last couple of months.
Have you seen this months WW magazine? lady on the front lost 11stone! very motivating for us larger ladies!!

OP posts:
miam · 27/11/2004 21:15

I dont even weigh that!!! It makes me feel a bit silly for moaning about having another stone to go. What an inspiration - we could do with her on here!

Dior · 28/11/2004 20:25

Message withdrawn

miam · 28/11/2004 20:43

Thanks Dior. I am aiming for 8.7 or thereabouts too. I think it will take a while though, as things seem to be slowing down now. I really need to exercise!!!

Dior · 28/11/2004 20:51

Message withdrawn

Jennisaurus · 28/11/2004 22:07

Oooh a nice new thread

I pigged yesterday and managed to eat 3 MARSBARS! Yes 3! My excuse is that I was at work ALL day and I had no time for any other food. Can I lie to myself and I say I worked it off by running around. Hmmm.

Diet starts tomorrow and all.

bran · 28/11/2004 22:37


miam · 29/11/2004 09:17

All the best Jenni!

Dior, I'm 5ft2" (in my heels anyway - prob 1/2" shorter) so 8.7 is about midway for me. I would like to get down to nearer 8, but think it may be a bit too extreme. I will know when I get there I suppose! In 1996 I got down to 8.2 but dh said I was too thin. (What would he know??) Where did you get your weight chart from because I have had trouble finding one that is more recent than 1954 which says I should weigh 7.7 in my clothes with my shoes on!!!!!!!!!!!

monkeygirl · 29/11/2004 11:04

Jennisauraus - if you only ate 3 mars bar then you still wouldn't have had enough to eat so hope you are not stressing out about it - and hope it was nothing to do with that horrible comment you got the other day which was not nice but some people are completely witless. Once a man lent out of a car and yelled at me 'big tits' - wtf - and his point was???

Anyway, I usually weigh myself today but got up so early thanks to baby that I didn't get a chance...but I ain't been that good....

Champs - presume the woman who lost 11 stone did it through dieting/exercise alone - how long did it take her??

woodpops · 29/11/2004 13:43

48½lbs in 9 weeks now. Stupid that I am I was a bit miffed last week that I'd only lost 2½lb. If I'd have been doing WW I'd have been really chuffed but because I've been averaging 6lb a week I was upset. Stupid aren't I??

bran · 29/11/2004 14:18

at Woodpops.

jnbsmum, I didn't have time to post earlier and then I forgot, but if you're afraid of sabotaging yourself then you could just concentrate on sticking to your points as a health thing (rather than always thinking about how much you've lost and how much you have to go). Your body doesn't know about your lack of confidence in yourself so it will continue to lose weight so long as you stick to the diet. I have definitely found that sticking to my points as a 'lifestyle' choice is easier than thinking of it as a diet and always looking forward to when it finishes.

woodpops · 29/11/2004 14:24

Please don't be mad with me.

Jennisaurus · 29/11/2004 14:33

Yesterday I was v.good. I had a nice health sandwich for my lunch, and had a healthy pizza after work

I really want to be 10.7 by the new year but can seem to break the 11 stone mark! Must not be too dishearted though. I am wearing a size 14 skirt today.

Woodpops thats amazing.

I am 5ft 3 and my first real goal weight is 10 stone, then I want to work down to 9. I think that still makes me hugely obsese according to the charts, but I can't imagine being 7.7!

I must leave the house now as I think my DD is going to explode from being inside all morning!!

woodpops · 29/11/2004 14:48

I'm finding it such hard going at the moment. Yesterday I put a piece of pork in my mouth, started chewing, felt guilty so spat it out. I'm starting to really worry about eating again as I don't want to pile the pounds back on.

Normally I'd be comfort eating now as last week we recieved some very bad news about my grandma (another thread) and I would have normally just turned to food to try and blott out that she won't be here for Xmas.

On a happier note though dh told me at the weekend he wanted to take me out and show me off because he's so proud of me

bran · 29/11/2004 15:17

Woodpops I'm sorry to hear about your bad news, and I'm not mad with you just totally, insanely jealous . I saw your weight loss and thought if I had been doing your diet I'd be half-way to goal by now, but after thinking it over I realised that as you are a much, much stronger person than me if I were actually doing your diet I would still be my original weight as I wouldn't have lasted more than 2 weeks . Your husband sounds lovely.

Jennisaurus this weight chart from WeightWatchers is more realistic than the one your looking at I think. It says that you should be between 8.1 and 8.11, so not too far to go. You can also calculate your BMI there if you're interested.

soapbox · 29/11/2004 15:18

Oh good found you all

Gosh Woodpops you are doing really well. How much more do you want to lose??

I lost 3lbs this week which was good - now at 64lbs! I managed to fit into the size 12 gap jeans that have been hanging in my wardrobe since I started this diet. They are very tight but I managed to do them up and sit down in them!! I think I probably only have about another stone or so to lose now which is fantastic! I probably won't manage it for christmas, but allowing for a bit of Christmas slack I hope to go onto management sometime in mid Jan.

Jennisarus and MIAM- you sound like you are almost there too! Oh and drool at the thought of Mars bars or even any chocolate

Bran, Champs and Monkeygirl - you really do helo me stay motivated although your talk of WW points and real food does make me really at times!

bran · 29/11/2004 15:26

Ooops, that link should have been for Miam not Jennisaurus.

Hi Soapbox, 64 lbs is fab, I'm of you too. Size 12 is still a distant dream for me (in fact I have a big rib-cage so I don't think I'll ever be smaller than a 14 on top), but I am thinking that perhaps I should buy a couple of pairs of size 18 before the shops get too busy with Christmas shoppers because at long last my tummy has started to shrink a bit.

bran · 29/11/2004 15:44

Good grief, not only did I tell the wrong person about the link, but I got the weight range wrong. It should have been 8.1 ? 10.1. i should really take the rest of the day off, there's no chance that my work will be correct at this rate.

woodpops · 29/11/2004 16:05

Soapbox, I expect we'll be going onto maintenance about the same time. I'm starting to get really worried about it!!! 64lbs is fab, what do you family think?? My ds told me last week that I looked really pretty. I could have eaten him up whole bless him.

I have at long last decided to have Christmas day dinner, but it'll only be a small one. I don't think my stomach could take it after going for so long without 'real' food.

I don't know how much more I want to loose. I tend to go by the mirror, how I look and how I feel.

soapbox · 29/11/2004 16:12

Woodpops - what size are you now compared to where you want to be?

My DH is delighted - he was astonished when I came down parading my size 12 jeans around Said he was really proud of me.

Children just keep telling me I'm still fat - cheeky blighters

I think another stone will get me to the point of being really comfortable in size 12's which was my goal all the way from the outset. Like you the management thing freaks me out a bit - but we'll be okay - just a day at a time

bottle · 29/11/2004 16:19

can i join your thread, the desperate to loose a stone by christmas has gone eerily quiet and i am virtually talking to myself which i do quite a bit but pointless logging in for
i am 12.5 going down hopefully and 5.5 and i have NEVER been my ideal weigh as an adult, i lost 3 stone pre being pregnant and was about 13 when conceived and managed to not put on any extra - just want to finally finish the job off before i get pregnant again, anyway so far so good hope it is ok if i drop in from time to time


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woodpops · 29/11/2004 16:26

Soapbox, I'm a baggy 14 on bottom and a nice 12 on top as opposed to a very comforable 20 at the beginning!!! I'm so chuffed with it all. I even went into Oasis on Thursday and brought a top. I've not shopped in there for years. We'll have to start a maintenance thread in Jan. I'm trying not to think about it too much. I'm desperate to see my before picture that was taken. Have you seen yours yet??

It's really nice to know that our dh are behind us 110% isn't it??

Welcome bottle, what diet are you following??

Dior · 29/11/2004 19:47

Message withdrawn

bottle · 29/11/2004 19:59

atkins, south beach philosophy sort of, are the rest of you on lighter life? how did you get to yours dior

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