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Rosemary Conley - anyone had success with this?

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KBear · 13/03/2006 20:56

I just joined tonight. Want to lose 1st 9lbs - wish me luck. Anyone got any tips?

OP posts:
KBear · 14/03/2006 21:18

I know nobody cares so I'm going to fill up my own thread....

blimey this is hard this slimming lark. I know I will be slim and gorgeous by the summer, I know my belly won't hang over my jeans anymore and all the clothes hanging in my wardrobe will fit me (ever the optimist!) BUT I can't stop thinking about food! Grin

Hats off to those slimmers who lose loads, I'm struggling on day one.

OP posts:
KBear · 14/03/2006 21:20

Oh and my knees are killing me after the exercise class yesterday and power walking home from school run today!

Feel about 80, limping about, mumbling about cake.....

OP posts:
KBear · 17/03/2006 11:19

Here I am again on my empty thread - Today I am wearing trousers that didn't fit me last week.

I am slim goddess.


OP posts:
Emma1404 · 17/03/2006 11:24

hi I did RC for about 8 months before i got married in july 2003. I weighed 10st 2lb at the start and weighed 8st 6lb on my wedding day. I loved it as it was exercise asell. Good luck

fairyjay · 17/03/2006 11:41

Didn't do too well at the club, but did my own diet (more a change of lifestyle), using the Rosemary Conley video that was issued about 15 years ago! It worked really well - along with drinking gallons of water etc. But I lost the video - and now I can't fit into those clothes again!!!!
Well done and Good luck!

alliebaba · 17/03/2006 11:43

i went when em1404 was there.. it is good, and the excercise class makes you feel like you haven't wasted a fiver to stand on some scales and talk abotu dust. I lost 10lb in 6 weeks, my sister lost 5lb in her first week! go for it

KBear · 17/03/2006 12:07

Finally, visitors to my lonely dull thread!!

It seems to be a healthy plan and do-able along side the family IYKWIM. And I agree, the exercise class after included in the price is what inspired me to go. My mum goes to WW and all they do is, as you say, talk about dust!

OP posts:
Emma1404 · 17/03/2006 12:11

i have to say that me and alibaba do ww know and ive lost 6lb in 3 weeks. its whatever suits your lifestyle as i can just about fit it in.

sorrel · 17/03/2006 12:21

hi kbear. i did rc -just from the book and it worked for me. i found the food not too dreadful. did the hip and thigh thing for a bout 3 months and this is the only time i have ever lost weight properly.However i was living on my own when i did it( no husband and kids to worry about feeding) and do not know if i could be quite so disciplined now. I was a size 18 when i started and a size 12 after 3 months. also i was not really very good at the exercises, but tried very hard to take the stairs and walk more than usual. wishing you all the best of luck.

lilibet · 17/03/2006 13:14

kbear, how does it work? do you get a calorie allowance?

been looking at the website and it looks quite good, fancy the salsacise.

KBear · 17/03/2006 13:17

It's a low-GI diet and it's really strict for the first two weeks (they call it the kick-start and boy I needed it).

No treats and no alcohol -

But already I feel it's working and I'm not hungry either.

The exercise class was a laugh - no pressure, great fun.

I will let you know what I lose when I go for my weigh in on Monday.

Think slim for summer.....

OP posts:
lilibet · 17/03/2006 19:43

So what sort of things are you eating? I'm not good at 'strict', I'm even worse at no alcohol!!

I would like to loose 2 stone, but we are out for the next three saturday nights and I can't do no alcohol for any of those Smile but if I leave it till mid april we are only talking about 14 weeks till hols.


KBear · 17/03/2006 19:57

Ok, leaving the no alcohol aside....

I am eating salad, multigrain bread, fruit, chicken, lean meat, basmati rice, porridge for breakfast, loads of veg, low fat yoghurt (use it in cooking too for sauces for pasta). It is basically a healthy diet that I suppose we should all eat.

No fat No fat No fat is the key. No butter on bread, no oil to stir-fry, no cheese on toast - it's hell - especially on a Friday night (treat night in our house!) after a hard week at work and I want wine and chocolate.

BUT I want to be slimmer more than I want chocolate. I want my clothes to fit me again and not have to buy new ones in a bigger size. That keeps me going.

Will be able to tell you more on Monday week when I get the second part of the books. You have to do the kick-start bit for two weeks which is supposed to make you lose weight quickly and, I guess, keep you motivated.

OP posts:
Jensmum · 19/03/2006 10:43

I did RC about 3 years ago, I turned up at the class got weighed and told off, struggled with the exercise and got given a book.

The woman doing it didn't explain anything to me just told me to look in the book (a ttiny thing with calories in it and not much else) she didn't tell me my allowance or how much fat I could have a day.

I tried looking fora different class but the same woman ran them all so I gave up. KBear it sounds like you've found a good class goood luck with it.

KBear · 19/03/2006 13:54

Jensmum - the book I was given was the starter booklet which sets out 7 breakfast, lunch and dinner choices. Some of them are not to my taste so I subsituted something else with the same calories. It's working though. I've already lost weight - but tomorrow night is the official weigh-in so I'll keep you posted! Why not find another class near you - are you a townie? Might be more difficult if you live a rural area. I'm in SE London so there are classes everywhere.

I'm the sort of person who can't eat one stick of KitKat I have to eat the whole thing so a blanket ban of sweet stuff is just what I need.

I am honestly not hungry though because the things I'm eating are healthier I suppose, ie multigrain bread instead of white (and I only ever ate white as a preference).

I am determined.....

OP posts:
Jensmum · 19/03/2006 16:21

I might have another look because it does seem like a sensible diet to do, I'm on slimfast at the minute and it just doesn't seem right and I'm hungry about an hour after having a shke.

Can I find classes through her website?
Whats the web address?

KBear · 19/03/2006 16:46


OP posts:
KBear · 19/03/2006 16:47

or perhaps....


OP posts:
lilibet · 19/03/2006 18:28

What are the food choices like for non meat eaters?

no fat? At all??? Sad

lilibet · 19/03/2006 18:36

Another question - is it like the others types of class where if you miss a week you still have to pay for it?

Jensmum · 19/03/2006 18:47

Thanks KBear - there are none near me, there are a couple that I could go to near my mums but it's the same woman from last time so I think I'll give it a miss.

Just had a look at the online option and it seems pretty good. May join up after I've finished my supply of slimfast (about 3 weeks!!!)

Good Luck with your weigh in tomorrow

KBear · 19/03/2006 20:19

Well it's a low-fat, low-Gi diet so some fat but, for example, no butter on bread or toast, no oil in the pan to stir-fry, no cakes, no biscuits etc.

Today I have had:

Breakfast - porridge (40g dry weight) with skimmed milk and 1 tsp of sugar (I had half a tsp actually!)

Lunch - one mackeral fillet with a ton of salad

Dinner - lean pork fillet with 115g new potatoes and unlimited veg

You have to have a piece of fruit mid morning and mid afternoon and I am honestly not hungry on this at the moment. Could be mind over matter cos I'm going for it....!

I'm sure you can replace the meat and fish with a veggie option - I'm not up on veggie alternatives - but if you know it's low fat you can probably work out the calories.

Jensmum - why not get a book from the library with low-GI and low-fat recipes, limit yourself to 1200 calories a day for the first two weeks and do it yourself at home without paying for classes. Do a bit of power walking or swimming or an exercise class.

Join me and we can compare notes...

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KBear · 19/03/2006 20:21

Lillibet - to answer your question - I paid up in advance (6 weeks) and I asked them that. My DH works shifts so there are occasional Mondays I won't be able to go but it seemed to be no problem.

OP posts:
JoolsToo · 19/03/2006 20:21

I did her Hip & THigh diet yonks ago - it deffo works, but it ain't rocket science - cut out fat and you're sorted!

lilibet · 19/03/2006 20:27

Think I'm going to go on Thursday kbear. Good Luck for tomorrow night!

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