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Classic Corrie 6! Leanne’s not a hero - she lied; Linda and Alison will be brides; and Martin’s got a bit on the side

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WomanStanleyWoman · 19/01/2022 17:17

Let the 00s begin…

OP posts:
Akire · 19/01/2022 17:20

Excellent thanks for new thread

GreenClock · 19/01/2022 17:26

Martin and Rebecca are a very believable affair couple. Good acting and chemistry.

eggandonion · 19/01/2022 18:09

Martin is being led astray, David will be left without a father figure.

WomanStanleyWoman · 19/01/2022 18:18

Luckily, it doesn’t damage him in any way Grin

OP posts:
Gumbomambo · 19/01/2022 18:28

Hi new thread, love the title.

MrFsAunt · 19/01/2022 18:46

Yes great title and thanks for new thread WSW.

Guacamole001 · 19/01/2022 19:39

Lovely title.

x2boys · 20/01/2022 08:52

Martin is being awful making out it's all Gail,s fault for nagging Hmm

MrFsAunt · 20/01/2022 09:26

He's accurately following the 'Script' (from the relationships board) isn't he?

x2boys · 20/01/2022 09:29


He's accurately following the 'Script' (from the relationships board) isn't he?

Yes 😂 ,he would be a " gaslighting narcissist " on here ,Gail needs to LTB!
MrFsAunt · 20/01/2022 11:06

Gail, get yer 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆s in a row Wink

Akire · 20/01/2022 11:07

We are only missing the Lippy on work collar and Martin splashing out on new hair cut and smart shirt.

Housewife2010 · 20/01/2022 14:52

The actor who played the second incarnation of Robert Preston (Tracey's late Silver Fox husband) is Leanne's drug counsellor today.

SwankyPants · 20/01/2022 14:58

Oh blimey so young!

Iwantacampervan · 20/01/2022 15:05

Housewife2010 You beat me to it - I had to wait for the credits to make sure that I was right.

BrambleRoses · 20/01/2022 15:07

How strange!

WomanStanleyWoman · 20/01/2022 16:30

Wasn’t he posh? I noticed he had the obligatory big sideburns!

OP posts:
FlibbertyGibbitt · 20/01/2022 17:14

Thanks for the new thread ! Wow I didn’t recognise him at all !

Cherrypies · 20/01/2022 17:18

Hello, do you just keep up with the old episodes, or also the new?

I don't watch the new at all now, much prefer old. Don't have a clue what is going on now!

Iwantacampervan · 20/01/2022 17:19

Cherrypies I watch both - sometimes one after the other which is very confusing at times!

thenightsky · 20/01/2022 17:22

I watch both. Some days one after the other. I don't really get confused as 'modern' Corrie is a totally different show now. Crap acting, shite story lines etc. The drop in quality really stands out if you watch them side by side.

Akire · 20/01/2022 17:36

I like save up old ones few days then have blitz it helps I pay for itv no adverts at £3.99 month so no adverts for me! You really notice old ones that story lines last for months. Even The proposal answer took least 3 episodes that never happen now. They have got engaged had fight, snogged someone else and split up in same time.

eggandonion · 20/01/2022 17:42

I live outside the uk and can't record episodes or watch catch up. It's like going back in time, if you missed it you had to ask someone in work to let you know what happened!

Akire · 20/01/2022 17:43

Ah good old days when you couldn’t programme video timer had press record before you went out and Hope tape was long enough! I’ve missed from here until least 2010 so all new to me!

eggandonion · 20/01/2022 18:50

We got a second hand video machine about 1993 that I could work the timing on. It has been downhill ever since for me and technology. Confused

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