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anyone tried Johnsons holiday skin body lotion?

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pleaserewind · 03/05/2005 17:48

looked quite good on the tele, apparently it has a bit of self tan in it too.
everywhere seems to have sold out tho

OP posts:
Blossomhill · 09/05/2005 19:50

Oh no gdg. I shall be scouring the shops tomorrow in search of the BOGOF offers

Dingle · 09/05/2005 19:58

Didn't get around to doing my little white legs..yet...but I did quickly put some on my arms this morning. I have a slight colour, so very pleased after only 1 application, but I have had the smell of it up my nose all day!

Has anyone else found this?

emmamama · 09/05/2005 20:04

I quite like the smell, I've used much much worse. The spray tan makes you smell like a swamp monster, so in comparison it's lovely!

sammac · 09/05/2005 20:39

Just done my legs- how long does it take before the colour appears? Am off out, but can report progress later if interested!

Blossomhill · 09/05/2005 20:40

sammac you probably won't see any change until the morning

Dingle · 11/05/2005 18:12

Now I've been using it for a few day, I am quite used to the smell too! Perhaps I am getting used to eau de swamp!!

Enid · 11/05/2005 18:23

they have it on my tescos online

fairydust · 11/05/2005 18:27

what does it come under enid -don't seem to be able to find it

JoolsToo · 11/05/2005 18:28

just type in Johnsons Holiday Skin!

GDG ordered on line but it was 'out of stock' on her delivery list!

fairydust · 11/05/2005 18:30

doesn't bring anything up for me - maybe they think derbyshire gets enough sun with out having to fake

JoolsToo · 11/05/2005 18:33

in the search box? - I just did and it brought it up? how odd!

johnsons holiday skin (just as that?)

hunkermunker · 11/05/2005 18:34

I have fair skin, and can only find the darker skin one. Have you all been to my local shops to buy it? Hmm?

Enid · 12/05/2005 09:04

I had it delivered with no fuss from Tescos. Unfortunately I think it smells vile so shall not be using it. Am donating it to a friend.

pepsi · 12/05/2005 10:26

Have been using mine since Tuesday, morning and evening and I have a nice colour to me know, very natural, its a shame they cant get rid of the fake tan smell as I can really smell it. Is anyone else doing a product like this. From the feedback here I think its really going to catch on as it takes out the worry of streaking, just means you have to take a few days to get a tan for a special night out or something. I wonder if Clarins do one?

Gobbledigook · 12/05/2005 10:46

How come I can't smell anything?! I've used it every day and it doesn't really smell of much to me!

emmamama · 12/05/2005 10:58

I'm now getting paranoid as i can't really smell anything offensive adn I do quite like what I can smell.

Is there a chance that one shade is smellier that the other? I'm using the lighter one.

Gobbledigook · 12/05/2005 11:18

I'm using the darker one!! LOL! It doesn't smell bad to me!

pepsi · 12/05/2005 14:35

Im using the lighter one, perhaps it varies from person to person as perfume does. All fake tans stink on me.

Enid · 12/05/2005 14:44

yeah I had the lighter one. smelled just like all other fake tans to me.

have gone back to Fake Bake.

Enid · 12/05/2005 17:58

Have just bought No7 Pre-Holiday Firm Your Body balm - it promises to 'reduce the appearance of orange peel skin' and also has a tiny amount of fake tan to give you a glow. BOGOF at Boots.

Enid · 12/05/2005 17:59

and it smells nice-ish (that green tea fragrance that is everywhere)

yoyo · 12/05/2005 18:08

Enid - keep us informed on this one as I still can't get the Johnsons anywhere. Just had my legs done so desperately need some colour!

Blossomhill · 12/05/2005 18:17

Enid mine doesn't smell at all. Are you sure we are talking about the same thing???

spykid · 13/05/2005 16:31

Just bought some, got lots at superdrug!!!
So excited after reading this thread....hope I don't look like i've been tangoed!!!

crunchie · 13/05/2005 16:48

Well I went out and got some of this, thanks everyone. Got it at superdrug, no BOGOF Used it this morning on my arms. Yes there is a faint 'fake tan' smell but I quite like it, it is a 'summer' smell to me as I always use something I did my arms only, to avaoid streaks I would suggest a small amount and really rubbing it in well - like any fake tan. Streaks are becasue it is uneven. I can notice a slight colour, there is one mark on my hand that I can see, but no orange palms

Clarins do a great face and decollage fake tan, which you put on with cotton wool. Similar to this in that you need to use it for about 3 days bfore you notice a glow. So I have this on my face, johnsons on my arms and another spray tan on my legs. My legs are the brownest, but the most streaky! I haven't got the hang of the spray can. My face and arms look great so I am going to keep going over the weekend and let you know

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