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anyone tried Johnsons holiday skin body lotion?

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pleaserewind · 03/05/2005 17:48

looked quite good on the tele, apparently it has a bit of self tan in it too.
everywhere seems to have sold out tho

OP posts:
Lucycat · 19/05/2005 14:20

oooh where?

crunchie · 19/05/2005 14:29

I have now used it for a week or so, about 3 - 4 times on my arms - really nice 'light brown' colour. Twice on my legs and they are looking good. I haven't used it on my face as I got given a Clarins face one. But I would use it on my face, probably once on my face to twice on arms/legs. I'll do legs again a couple of times, then 'top up' every 2 or 3 days. I am having a full on spray tan next week just before my hols, to look good in a bikini. Then I'll still use this to keep topping up a fading holiday glow

lilybird · 19/05/2005 15:23

dh found some in superdrug, but just been told that boots in chester (2 mins from where i work) have some bogof!!! gutted!!!

Lucycat · 20/05/2005 13:26

Go and get some then!! - you can always flog it on eBay if it doesn't suit you - or sell it on here

TwinSetAndPearls · 20/05/2005 18:21

Buy it! Buy it! Buy it!

I was laying in the bath this morning admiring my tanned limbs. Any product that makes you feel like that is worth the money, especially at £2.50 a bottle.

Other people spend thousands on surgery and don't love themselves as much as I do now!

deegward · 20/05/2005 18:22

I'm loving it, I was asked this week if I had been away on holiday!

chonky · 20/05/2005 18:25

A week in I've had loads of comments about how bronzed I'm looking, and have bored for England on it's merits too. If my friends haven't got the idea that this is an essential piece of beauty kit by now, there's no hope for them

TwinSetAndPearls · 20/05/2005 18:41

I have started telling people it is something else, i don't want Boots to sell out!

chonky · 20/05/2005 18:45

Hmmmm...good point, who needs to be sisterly?

I was on ebay earlier - people are selling it at profit

Gobbledigook · 20/05/2005 19:21

I'm still loving it too! My arms and upper body is a nice golden colour. Not using so much on my legs as I've always got trousers on!

pleaserewind · 21/05/2005 15:31

i've just bought some from e-bay coz i have looked EVERYWHERE to no avail.
can't wait, dying to get my pasty skin looking good!!

OP posts:
JoolsToo · 21/05/2005 16:20

our tesco have it in stock now

spykid · 21/05/2005 17:45

Second application today, still finding it hard to get past the smell though, have only put it on my legs and can smell it through my trousers!!

yoyo · 21/05/2005 18:45

Despite moisturising my knees every few hours I now have 2 bright orange patches on them! I knew they were dry but didn't realise just how bad they are. Any brilliant products out there for me? Otherwise legs are a nice shade too.

spykid · 21/05/2005 18:46

yoyo, avon had a self tan corrector in their last catalogue

yoyo · 21/05/2005 18:51

Thanks Spykid. Will look out for the rep at the school gate. Think St Tropez might do one too come to think of it. Probably rather pricey though. Usuually wear skirts below the knee so not a huge problem really.

champs · 21/05/2005 19:42

ok, I admit it I tried it after seeing this thread. Although I have caramel complexion I tend to look pale. I use bronzers formulated for caucasion skin and thought why not give the lotion a go. Boots only had one normal to darker skin left and it had a broken lid. As it was BOGOF I got it and asked lady to celetape lid for me and got light one with it as didn't want to loose free offer.

well it is fantastic!! I am glowing which is wonderful and everytime I look at my arms and legs I smile, which normally is a grimace as I have alot of weight to loose. being pg I have been paler than normal and this has made me feel down.
I used it on my face and it is a lot darker so much so I dont need to use blusher. wont put on any more tho as it is much darker than rest of me.

If anyone wants me to send them the the light one just let me know dont know how much postage will be but I'll let you have it half price as I got it BOGOF and so will be like we went halves.

champs · 21/05/2005 19:44

oh yes forgot to add boots near me has loads of fair variety BOGOF if anyone needs me to pick some up for them if there locals are out of stock. I go there quite often and will be going monday.

docket · 21/05/2005 20:51

tango alert! i agree this gives a lovely colour but i am totally streaky and have orange palms! i think i need to get the hang of application, any tips?!

champs · 22/05/2005 00:09

wash hands well afterwards with soap/handwash. or wear gloves while using.

Blossomhill · 22/05/2005 00:13

Tip, put vaseline in between fingers to stop orangey bits.
I have had a break this week as I had used it for a week and it started going patchy but am going to start again tomorrow!

lilybird · 24/05/2005 08:23

i used it on friday night, and was very impressed
went a bit orange on my feet, i've got a wedding on friday,don't know whether to apply more or leave it now!

lilybird · 24/05/2005 13:54

ooooh someone has just come upto me and asked whether i'd been away!
think i'll be slapping some more on tonight!

Lucycat · 24/05/2005 14:09

Buy it when you see it!! the big Boots in the town near us, got 400 bottles in on Friday and sold them all in the one day! needless to say I went to get some on Saturday.......

sweetmonkey · 26/05/2005 11:12

does anyone use this on their face too? i have managed to get 2 bottles put aside in my local store to go and collect later after work. this thread has made me desparate to get some.
just wondered whether people used this to give their face colour as i dont really tend to wear alot of makeup. didnt wanna be brown all over with a white face,

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