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anyone tried Johnsons holiday skin body lotion?

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pleaserewind · 03/05/2005 17:48

looked quite good on the tele, apparently it has a bit of self tan in it too.
everywhere seems to have sold out tho

OP posts:
Blossomhill · 06/05/2005 18:53

Well mine went really streaky. What did I do wrong?

Gobbledigook · 06/05/2005 18:55

Really?? I don't know - I don't think it's an instant glowing tan so I wouldn't have thought you'd notice any streaks. I don't know if it makes a difference but I've put mine on straight after getting out of the shower so maybe if your skin is still moist-ish (even if you dried with a towel) it helps the lotion to spread. Does that make sense?!

Blossomhill · 06/05/2005 18:56

yes gdg it does. i am quite pale so not sure if that makes a difference but I did buy the one for paler skin!

nutcracker · 06/05/2005 18:57

I am not sure which shade to get. Also if you buy two in thr bogof offer,. do they both have to be the same shade cos me and my mom are getting it.

Blossomhill · 06/05/2005 18:58

Oh one other thing. Do you just do the top side of your arms or underneath as well?

hermykne · 06/05/2005 19:35

yes blossom, under over everywhere,
if the legs went streaky was it after a bath or shower - the right time to do it, it shouldnt.
mine came up fab from this morn, its very light but "glow"ish

Gobbledigook · 06/05/2005 20:05

My arms and shoulders look fab! Well chuffed as wearing a halter neck to go out tomorrow night.

Going to slap some more on in a bit actually and going out in the morning to buy a job lot to keep me going thru the summer - need to get it before it sells out!

Freckle · 06/05/2005 22:25

Can I make a suggestion? I would recommend moisturising your knees and elbows first with an ordinary moisturiser. These parts get very dry and, as a result, will soak up more of the moisturiser than the rest of your body, so knees and elbows can end up much darker than the rest if you use a fake tan. If you use a normal moisturiser first, you should find that the Johnsons stuff gives even coverage - unless of course you want dark knees and elbows .

Gobbledigook · 06/05/2005 23:19

Dh went out to Tesco earlier for some ice cream and I asked him to get me some more lotion so I can stock up before the world and his wife buys it all....too late! Out of stock!

Going on a hunt tomorrow am!

emmamama · 07/05/2005 12:37

Over the past 8 years or so, I have tried almost every fake tan on the market (well nearly) and this one is by far the best ever!!!!

No streaks or patches and I don't look orange. I reckon maybe twice a week should be enough to keep an even colour. I really am very pale and one application has given me the perfect colour. Sooo happy.

Gobbledigook · 07/05/2005 12:42

It's fab isn't it - no wonder it's selling out everywhere!! Heeeeeelp!

Tinker · 07/05/2005 12:48

Price please?

nutcracker · 07/05/2005 12:56

Yay my moms just rung to say she managed to get some

nutcracker · 07/05/2005 12:57

It is £4.99 i think but is BOGOF at Boots and Sainsburys at the mo.

emmamama · 07/05/2005 13:05

Went and did my big shopping (LOL) this morning and bought another two bottles from Sainsburys. Again, they were the last normal to fair skin ones but there was loads of the darker ones. Not that anyone here shops at my local one but ykwim.

Cannot recommend it highly enough.

Gobbledigook · 07/05/2005 14:29

Arrrghghghghghghgh - I've just been to a big boots and 2 tescos and I couldn't get any! All there was was an empty space

cupcakes · 07/05/2005 15:09

here's one on ebay if you're desperate! This seems the most reasonably priced... nowhere near as good as bogof though.

Gobbledigook · 07/05/2005 15:25

How sad is that?! I've still got an almost full bottle - just wanted to stock up before it was impossible to get it but seems I'm too late! Will now have to use sparingly!!

Anyway, dh has gone out and is checking in Sainsburys, Superdrug and another Boots so we'll see....

Gobbledigook · 07/05/2005 15:40

Hurrah!! dh got the last 2 bottles in Sainsburys - even better they are on BOGOF in there [smug]

cupcakes · 07/05/2005 16:10

well done your dh!

Blossomhill · 08/05/2005 16:06

Right going to try it again tonight. Now do I put it on all over and how much do I put on. I don't want to end up with streaky feet again. have a girls night out and need a glow for next Saturday! Oh and should I exfoliate?
Thanks :-)

Blossomhill · 08/05/2005 17:38

Anyone, please. Need to have a bath soon and put some on.

Gomez · 08/05/2005 17:47

Yip, have a good scrub, moisturise knees/heels/elbows. leave skin ever so slightly damp and go for it!

Dingle · 08/05/2005 17:51

He he he! MIL works at Sainsburys. She visited today and left me with 2 bottles I had asked her to try to get. She got 2 to try as well. I have tried down here and not been able to get it. Can't wait to get the kiddies to bed, so that I can have a nice long soak in the bath and then try it out!...rushes away..."come on's bed time!"....I wish!

Gobbledigook · 08/05/2005 17:54

Just to say, it does take a few days to build up so you may not see a difference straightaway. It's a lovely light tan though just like it says on the bottle!

Def best to put on after a bath or shower. Make sure you wash your hands afterwards because it does leave them ever so slightly orange if you don't.

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