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anyone tried Johnsons holiday skin body lotion?

221 replies

pleaserewind · 03/05/2005 17:48

looked quite good on the tele, apparently it has a bit of self tan in it too.
everywhere seems to have sold out tho

OP posts:
spykid · 14/05/2005 11:43

Used mine for the first time last night.
The smell is really putting me off , I've never used fake tan before so am new to this smell. DH wouldn't cuddle me last night in bed...said I smelt like sweaty feet!!!!
Have a V faint glow this morning. Does anyone use it on their face? I f not what do you do to stop yourself looking unbalanced!!!???

snafu · 14/05/2005 11:46

Oooh, I'm deffo going to get some of this. I look like I've been dug up.

nutcracker · 14/05/2005 12:17

Well i did my legs last night and now have one streaky one and one not so streaky one .....what did i do wrong ??

ja9 · 14/05/2005 12:18

i'm afraid i'm not loving it either...

spykid · 14/05/2005 12:31

Just noticed I have one very streaky foot!!
Not attractive

Gobbledigook · 14/05/2005 12:46

For some reason it's not working so well on my legs either though it's not streaky. I'm beginning to think the only way to get a decent tan is on a sunbed or on holiday! My legs normally go really nice and brown.

My top half has a lovely colour though - arms, shoulders, back, face. I've put a small amount on my face.

Blossomhill · 14/05/2005 16:59

Can I just say that body shop self tan mousse is great for the legs. I swear by it but you need to use the self tan mitt from body shop..

TwinSetAndPearls · 14/05/2005 19:42

I bought 4 bottles in Boots today , been trying to buy it for a week but it had sold out all over town. Managed to grab last ones of the shelf, didn't make myself popular as there were a few other women stood their discussing whether to buy or not when I just swooped in and grabbed the lot!

Have people been doing thir faces, as a fake tan devotee I know you are supposed to do your face a shade or two lighter, not sure if it applies with this one.

larlylou · 14/05/2005 20:07

I have been using this product for about a week now and I have to say, I don't notice any smell to it at all. I have been using a small amount on my face and it has definitely made me look more healthy! I don't think it looks as good on my legs as it does on my upper body though (although not streaky, just not as 'natural' looking as my upper body). Loads on our shelf in Sainsburys still!

TwinSetAndPearls · 14/05/2005 20:30

Well have applied it al over including my face and can't say I notice a smell, but as I have been using fake tan for years maybe I just don't notice it anymore.

chonky · 15/05/2005 13:20

I'm hooked on this - no streaks (unlike my St. Tropez disaster last summer ), no smell and no marks on my clothes.

Gobbledigook · 15/05/2005 13:29

Chonky - I had a 'St Tropez' disaster a few weeks ago! The top half of me was fine but my legs were a state - they were sooooo streaky and I was annoyed cos i'd had it done for ds3's christening and I couldn't wear the dress I wanted it looked so bad. What happened to you?

chonky · 15/05/2005 13:35

Similar thing to you GDG. I was a fake tan virgin so thought that splashing out for ST would be worth it as it was supposed to be so good. Hahaha... I ended up with streaks all over, despite tons of exfoliating and moisturising, and then ended up rubbing half my skin off just to get rid of the streaks. I ended up paranoid that I look Tangoed for the entire night. Nil points for St. Tropez. It naffed me off that I'd paid so much for it too.

Gobbledigook · 15/05/2005 13:39

Ditto chonky - I had it done professionally, did you? I was convinced it would be perfect but I'd never have it done again.

chonky · 15/05/2005 13:50

I did a DIY bodge job. I reckon that MN should do a fake tan review as we're all obsessed with the stuff at the mo. Well, I am

TwinSetAndPearls · 15/05/2005 15:09

I have a lovely goldenish glow after one application , better than anything I have tried - and I have tried them all, even as good as a proffesisonal san tropez at a top salon. The colour isn't as dark but as I am naturally very pale it suits me. My arms have a better colour than my legs though.

yoyo · 15/05/2005 15:21

At last I have managed to get some (Sains so BOGOF). Will get up earlier tomorrow to apply after shower. Hope to get good results soon.

BethAndHerBrood · 16/05/2005 20:40

I managed to get the last 2 bottles in our local sainsburys. Even though i'm pale as a corpse i bought the normal to dark one, it was that or nothing!!!So, 2 applications later, i am browner than i have ever been, and think it's fantastic!!!! It looks very natural to me, and is better than nature, as i don't have to go through the "red like a beetroot" stage to get there!!! I shall not be applying it every day though, or i shall look like David Dickinson!!!!!

TwinSetAndPearls · 16/05/2005 22:03

I am on my second day off application, my arms and face are a beauiful golden colour although my legs are still a bit pasty. But definetly the best product I have tried and great value.

lilybird · 19/05/2005 14:11

just sent dh out to hunt for this cream, but sold out everywhere!!aaarrgghhh!!

yoyo · 19/05/2005 14:15

Only done my arms but have a nice sun-kissed look. Legs next! Impressed so far.

Lucycat · 19/05/2005 14:17

Agree yoyo - fab stuff! put it on this morning and the nice smell is giving way a little to the fake tan smell - but still love it - managed to get the last bottle at Tesco so now on the hunt for some more!!

lilybird · 19/05/2005 14:17

any ideas where i can get some from????

lilybird · 19/05/2005 14:20

stop the clock,found some!!!!!

Lucycat · 19/05/2005 14:20

Boots and Sainsburys had a bogof offer! if not then it's down to the little shops!

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