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anyone tried Johnsons holiday skin body lotion?

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pleaserewind · 03/05/2005 17:48

looked quite good on the tele, apparently it has a bit of self tan in it too.
everywhere seems to have sold out tho

OP posts:
Enid · 15/07/2005 20:44

its rubbish!!!!!

makes you go all streaky after a couple of weeks.

Clarins new one however is brill but v expensive

Surfermum · 15/07/2005 20:46

I'm cultivating a lovely tan, but I'm not sure how much of my tan is Bournemouth beach and how much is with the aid of Johnsons! Whichever it is, I love the smell.

Flossam · 15/07/2005 20:47

It makes me stink Only use it before I go to bed if I remember so I can shower away the smell the next day. Thats a big if to remember!

ja9 · 15/07/2005 20:52

the only good thing about it is the price - when its on bogof.

i'll second clarins. you get what you pay for

Surfermum · 15/07/2005 20:52

I've always been a weirdy when it comes to perfume!

peaceandlight · 15/07/2005 20:54

whats the clarins one called?

ja9 · 15/07/2005 20:55

not sure of the name of the clarins one.....

i use the one that has spf6 - i think there is only one of them. hth.

Carla · 16/07/2005 07:34

Well, I don't look any blinking different this morning. I was a big girl's blouse about it though, and put it on while my skin was still wet

mandyc66 · 16/07/2005 07:43

like the johnsons stuff cos you can always patch up what goes wrong!! Cant build up a big tan with it but it does help blend t.shirt marks etc!! I got mine from Asda when everywhere else had none!!

serenity · 16/07/2005 09:53

carla - it's not like fake tan, where you get instant mega tan. It starts off very faint, and builds up the more you use it. I never ever use proper fake tan (find it a bit scarey and unpredicable) but with this one it's subtle and controllable, use it often to build it up and then do it less often to maintain it. You can't really compare it to 'proper' tanning products as it's not really doing the same thing iyswim. If you're looking for instant holiday tan, then this isn't for you.

essbee · 16/07/2005 09:59

Message withdrawn

mandyc66 · 16/07/2005 12:06

they do it in different shades!
I liked it but didnt use it for long. Would use it coming up to a night out or something!

essbee · 16/07/2005 21:48

Message withdrawn

mandyc66 · 16/07/2005 22:49

oh not sure . that might be the lightest!

Enid · 16/07/2005 22:53

the fair one made me sooo streaky - I had to really really scrub to get it off

the clarins one is new, its the same kind of idea as the johnsons one but much milder - it takes a couple of days to get some colour but is a very lovely glow and hasnt streaked yet (after 2 weeks use). I think you really could use it every day quite happily.

Blossomhill · 16/07/2005 23:01

I use the Johnsons one but apply it with a tanning mitt. No streaks at all!

Blossomhill · 16/07/2005 23:01

I use the Johnsons one but apply it with a tanning mitt. No streaks at all!

mandyc66 · 16/07/2005 23:03

not had any probs myself although I probably wouldnt notice and dont use it a lot!

Enid · 16/07/2005 23:04

what is a tanning mitt?

chipmonkey · 17/07/2005 00:00

Enid, its a type of rough glove which apparently leaves fewer streaks and normal-looking palms!

Catsmother · 27/07/2005 16:02

Hummphhh !!!! ..... I saw the very fair skinned Nigella Lawson going on about this yesterday lunchtime so finally decided to try out the bottle I've been keeping in my drawer for ages.

Well - far from being subtle, the fair version has made me look very orange - especially my feet .... I look like an oompa loompa !

Am not happy. Have used regular fake tan before which achieved much more natural results, but admittedly after a lot of preparation (exfoliation & moisturiser) beforehand. Thought that as this is pushed as a "body lotion" first and foremost, I could dispense with all that fuffing about ....

.... next time, I'll go back to "regular" fake tan, even if it is a bit of a performance.

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