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I've placed my first Stitch Fix order!

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trevigirl · 22/03/2021 14:44

Been thinking of trying this for a while, as I've felt in need of some style inspiration.
My parcel is due for delivery on 3rd April, but I think I get to know what's in it before that: I've said that I'd like a Spring dress for upcoming pub lunches.
Excited now.

OP posts:

TheLittleRedToothbrush · 03/04/2021 16:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bonfireheart · 03/04/2021 17:12

@thelittleredtoothbrush, you can set a budget, so my skirt was £25, the black top £28 and all the dresses were £50.


Imkindreally · 03/04/2021 18:48

Got my first box! Pleasantly surprised - although I’ll only be keeping 2 items. I received:

High waist jeans - slightly too big but I lost weight so not their fault and not the right wash for me

A wrap top - loved this but the sleeves were just a weird length- not short but not quite elbow either

A cream cardi - far too thin and pricey for what it was

A green zebra print dress - definitely not for me but actually the fit was quite nice and not something I’d usually even try

A blouse - I never wear blouses as my boobs are too big compared to my waist so they are either super tight on my chest or boxy looking but it’s lovely! I’ll be keeping it.

I’ve returned 4 of the 5 items but have ordered another to try again Grin


Cluckycluck · 03/04/2021 21:39

I was really worried after I rejected everything on the preview but the box came today and I was pleasantly surprised.

I'm keeping 2 out of 5 items and I'm going to exchange a third for a smaller size. The other items are being return not because they're hideous but they just don't fit quite right (jeans too long, shoes too wide).

Providing returns/exchange go smoothly I would order again.


EuroTrashed · 03/04/2021 21:54

I've had 3 boxes and not kept a thing :( a whole lot of polyester from obscure brands, a gigantic mohair blanket scarf despite the fact they know i'm very short and just lots and lots of really frumpy clothes. Awful. Insultingly awful! They have really enticing ads, but nothing they sent was remotely like the ads, and despite asking repeatedly for tailored black trousers, they were unable to find any (!???) - patterned pull on trousers, jeans, dresses. No black tailored trousers in the whole plac.e


MummingAlong · 04/04/2021 00:09

I’m on my 4th box and they definitely seem to get better and more specific to your requests as they go on. Also something nice to look forward to arriving each month having done all the ratings on the app. Encourages me to step out of the same old outfits too.
Feel free to use my friend code for £15 off!


crumblypie · 04/04/2021 00:55

I've just signed up. Going to give it a go.

Another £15 code to try it free if anyone wants to


RosyPrimroseDoll · 04/04/2021 06:23

This is the 2nd stitch fix thread I've seen on here today! If anyone is placing their first order and wants £15 then here's my referral link! Means I get £15 off too


Smashmallow · 04/04/2021 07:52

I have a lookiero code if anyone wants to try them instead of stitch fix


bonfireheart · 04/04/2021 09:09

@smashmallow what is Lookiero like?


Smashmallow · 04/04/2021 09:45

bonfireheart I haven't received my first order yet, but seems to get decent reviews. I'm going to give it maybe 4 boxes worth of a go and see.


TheLittleRedToothbrush · 04/04/2021 12:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bonfireheart · 04/04/2021 12:36

@thelittleredtoothbrush yes please love seeing what other people have got, am happy to post the pics of what I washing too.


happytoday73 · 04/04/2021 13:04

Another code for £15off.

My first box arrived yesterday... they'd really listened.. Trousers didn't fit (my belly), 2 tops similar to what I have so need to decide if keep, other two tops I will definitely keep. All my colours and shape despite fact current fashion doesn't suit me and I'm a 16.
Tops in £30s, trousers £80


cravingthelook · 04/04/2021 13:26

@TheLittleRedToothbrush yes please. I'm considering another box soon (not this month) but I'd love to see what others get


Fallsballs · 04/04/2021 15:51
Here’s a stitch fix link if anyone is interested - we both get £15 off 😁
I’m returning my box in full but I am hoping next time will be better. It’s quite good fun anyway.


Midnightstar76 · 04/04/2021 15:57

OP me too! Mine is due 9th April although had a look of the preview of 10 items and did not like any of them as have the same sort of stuff already. I’ve told them this and have done the style selections everyday so fingers crossed. Well looking forward to the box arriving 😁


Brokenrecord3006 · 04/04/2021 19:26

I enquired about the referral credit but they've said they can't check whether the person checked out properly without their email address. But it was someone in this thread! It says 'first fix scheduled' so I assumed that qualified for the credit. I also used someone else's referral code and that hasn't given me any credit either. Perhaps I'm doing it wrong?


TheLittleRedToothbrush · 04/04/2021 19:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Brokenrecord3006 · 04/04/2021 22:21

@TheLittleRedToothbrush thank you, but I've already got my first box and used a referral link from here. Other people then also used my referral link from this thread and I've got £0 credit so I'm a bit confused about how it works.

I thought perhaps you don't get it until you've actually bought an item of clothing but it says on the website that you only need to order your box to qualify for the credit. I'm sure I've just misunderstood it.


bellabride · 05/04/2021 14:49

I've received my first parcel, and I'm returning everything: all too big, shapeless and poor quality.
But, I've scheduled another fix for next week, in the hope of receiving a more suitable selection.
I've given feedback, and have also increased prices that I'd pay.


twolipstulip · 05/04/2021 15:02

Also it really helps if you have a Pinterest board of clothes/styles you like then link it to the app- your stylist can look at it in addition to the thumbs up/down feedback you give on there to help them get good style selections


bellabride · 05/04/2021 15:08

I think I was banking on a little extra sensory perception on the part of the stylist!


Dellabob123 · 05/04/2021 15:16

I received my first box on Saturday - I was so excited. The stylist had nailed it. I was very specific after the preview that I didn’t want polyester stuff.
They sent a pair of superga’s, fabulous navy utility skinny trousers, a dark green blouse that I just wouldn’t have chosen but was beautiful and felt fabulous quality, an American apparel long sleeve jumper and a mauvette jumper. I kept 4 out of 5 as the mauvette jumper was an absolute monstrosity!!! The stylist note said they’d listened to my feedback about choosing more natural fibres and had included the trousers. Really felt personal. Was so chuffed that I ordered another for next month. Didn’t know about the referral code for discount thoughShock


twolipstulip · 05/04/2021 16:15


I think I was banking on a little extra sensory perception on the part of the stylist!

Grin just be sure to specify as feedback! Or request a different stylist
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