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I've placed my first Stitch Fix order!

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trevigirl · 22/03/2021 14:44

Been thinking of trying this for a while, as I've felt in need of some style inspiration.
My parcel is due for delivery on 3rd April, but I think I get to know what's in it before that: I've said that I'd like a Spring dress for upcoming pub lunches.
Excited now.

OP posts:

seasonalremarks · 13/07/2021 08:51

My 2nd stitch fit box and am keeping all 5 items again although not too keen on the Whistles t- shirt but not worth sending back.

I love how all the colours compliment each other.

I have a pair of lovely dark grey superga trainers.

A beautiful top and cardigan by Saint

A pair of khaki mauvette light cotton trousers.

Whistles white t-shirt.

Although everything is safe, the clothes are perfect for me and will definitely keep going.

Here's my code I would recommend having a


seasonalremarks · 13/07/2021 08:52


thewalkers · 14/07/2021 11:51

Received my 1st box a day early, 3 things I love and 2 tops to send back. 2 lovely tops and a pair of jeans I really like but the jeans are a bit pricey.


SilverOtter · 29/07/2021 20:39

If anyone else is considering trying Stitch Fix, here is a fresh linkSmile

I've had to defer my last Fix as I'm extremely skinny, but got one due at the end of August which I'm very excited aboutGrin


Goshitstricky · 02/08/2021 12:34

I've just received my third Stitich fix in as many months and again, I love it!

This time I wouldn't have picked anything they sent off the shelf for myself but after trying it all on I really love the look/quality of everything.

I've noticed I receive a lot of Mauvette stuff.

I'm trying to get DH to try it because he has next to no clothes and isn't very confident at all, does anyone know of a man who's used it with success?


EachandEveryone · 13/08/2021 10:52

Im going to a posh festival so Im abit nervous. Ive told the stylist i need something for the banquets. I cant be bothered to go to actual shops so lets see what comes. It is exciting.


gingercat02 · 14/08/2021 09:42

I have had 3 boxes now. The first was hit and miss. The second I loved and kept all if it. This month's I sent it all back expect a pair of Part Two shorts. I bought the Kalidscope dress and the Liverpool LA demin jacket online for almost half of what Stitch Fix wanted. Cancelled my subscription after that


thewalkers · 18/08/2021 14:01

Got my 2nd fix yesterday and keeping 5/5 this time. 1 top I'm not overly bothered on but works out cheaper to keep it.
Got a lovely blazer that I would never have picked myself but absolutely love it on 😊
My link if anyone wants to use it.


Hereforthedramaz · 18/08/2021 16:32

Received a stitch fix yesterday.

An expensive one!!

I've placed my first Stitch Fix order!
I've placed my first Stitch Fix order!
I've placed my first Stitch Fix order!

Hereforthedramaz · 18/08/2021 16:33

Other 2 pieces.

Keeping the dress (and buying the whistle sweat in a different size)

Slightly irritated to find the joules jumper is already in the sale elsewhere!

I've placed my first Stitch Fix order!
I've placed my first Stitch Fix order!

SilverOtter · 21/08/2021 16:23

Thanks to the lovely person who used my link and got a Fix!Grin

I cannot wait to get my next fix in about 3 weeks (I've had a really long gap between my last one and this next one because I'm utterly skint, so I'm thrilled to have a little credit off it!Smile).

If anyone else is thinking of trying Stitch Fix, here is my current discount code:


WhyDoesItAlways · 22/08/2021 23:25

Got another fix on Thursday. It had 2 smart tops, one black button up with tie front which is not what I'd choose but actually looked good on and wasn't too expensive so keeping. A navy polka dot tie front top from mauvette which felt horrible and scratchy, definitely going back. A more casual maroon top with Criss cross back which is lovely and soft so kept. Some black trousers which didn't fit and a pair of Kurt Geiger white pumps which didn't look anything special for the £99 price so didn't even bother to try on.

They've offered me a free fix for some reason so got another box coming beginning of next month.

Here's a code if anyone wants it


SilverOtter · 19/09/2021 15:37

Finally got my latest Fix on Wednesday (have been putting it back for a couple of months because I have been so skint recently)! I was SO excited, and it didn't disappoint.

I got:

  • A little tan leather cross body bag
  • A stretchy black slouchy blazer
  • a green and white button through Whistles midi dress
  • a pink patterned midi skirt
  • a dark green notch neck short sleeve blouse

I like everything but was very disappointed by the quality of the blazer material - it was very thin for a blazer, not lined and felt very 'cheap'. It looked good on me though. I was all set to send it back and keep everything else, but when I did the maths the blazer only ended up costing me an extra £3.60 (when factoring in getting %20 off everything when you keep it all) so I kept it😂

Counting down to the next Fix now!❤️

Here's my up to date code if any fancies giving it a go:

InJest · 20/09/2021 14:27

I've just signed up and i'm waiting to see what they send me.

I'm curious, it says I can preview online and decline anything I dont want. For the first box though, should I just have it be a suprise because some of you say its things you wouldnt have chosen but which look good? Wondering if I might decline things that would actually be good out of habit.


Limejuiceandrum · 20/09/2021 14:41

I was so disappointed in all of it. I have over 4 goes kept 3 things.
Don’t think I’ll bother again.


WhyDoesItAlways · 20/09/2021 14:59

@InJest I tend to select one or two things I think I really like the look of and then leave the rest as a surprise. More often than not it's the surprise items I end up keeping though!


InJest · 20/09/2021 19:14

Thanks both, sounds like you've had different experiences. Perhaps its down to stylist. Excited to see what I get.


OnceMoreOnToTheBeach · 20/09/2021 19:47

I wonder if the stylist doesn't pick the preview items and it's just the algorithm or something. Maybe if you leave the stylist to it, they go back and actually read what you've said (which the algorithm can't) and they can select things based on your words. I wonder that anyway. Tempted not to look at the preview this time!

I had a terrible haul last time. Sent everything back as it was all ghastly stuff.

They did give me a free 'fix', so I'm giving it another go, but I'm wary. I've been really specific with what I want (only tops and jeans for me), so hoping I get a few things to try and can keep at least one item. The thing is I really do need new tops, so really do want to keep things, but the things I've got recently have been awful. Just don't fit or are the lowest quality or massively overpriced or all of those things.


InJest · 20/09/2021 20:29

Humm, sounds like this may not solve all my problems!

I'm maybe just going to see what happens. I have gained weight and struggling to find things that skim. Everything is oversized or spray on, neither of which work. Also, I have a very clear style, which I've had for years. Would be nice to update myself a bit.


SilverOtter · 22/09/2021 22:39

I've definitely been lucky. I know other people have not liked stuff they've been sent. I hope my next box isn't awful, id be gutted!
Hope you get some good stuff too @InJest Smile


OnceMoreOnToTheBeach · 22/09/2021 22:51

Got my preview 🤢👎

I've selected one thing but I'm not convinced even about that one. Hope the stylist has some ideas!


Limejuiceandrum · 22/09/2021 22:54

The thing that annoys me, is it’s supposed to break your boundaries a bit.
All they did was sen me what I would buy already
Even though that’s not what I asked


SilverOtter · 22/09/2021 23:03


Got my preview 🤢👎

I've selected one thing but I'm not convinced even about that one. Hope the stylist has some ideas!

Oh noSad

TickTockBaby · 08/01/2022 23:06

I've hated store shopping since having my DC. I just couldn't find my fit, my place, my style
Stitch fix has been great I love the individuality of the options and the ease of it.
I'd recommend it.


EachandEveryone · 25/01/2022 13:21

Im still enjoying it. Although on average I only keep 2/3 things so Ive never has the 20 percent off. I just dontthink anyone reads the comments. It is a very good idea though.

Heres my latest code

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