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I've placed my first Stitch Fix order!

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trevigirl · 22/03/2021 14:44

Been thinking of trying this for a while, as I've felt in need of some style inspiration.
My parcel is due for delivery on 3rd April, but I think I get to know what's in it before that: I've said that I'd like a Spring dress for upcoming pub lunches.
Excited now.

OP posts:

Premier12 · 25/06/2021 09:33

@bellabride Laptop bag 😅


FourTurnings · 25/06/2021 16:38

Found it Baileys that is gorgeous.


Baileystruffle · 25/06/2021 17:47

A laptop bag is an odd thing to put in a fix unless its been specifically asked for I think!


Lan2020 · 25/06/2021 18:55

I asked for pretty summer dresses and tops...
Got a grey plain t-shirt for £45

I've placed my first Stitch Fix order!

jjejj · 26/06/2021 09:29

That's a very expensive plain tshirt!


lockdownalli · 26/06/2021 12:36

I got a fix today - reporting in Grin

So, I got This Fiorelli backpack which is lovely but too small for my festival needs so will sadly be returned.

This gorgeous blue Mint Velvet shirt which is ideal for working from home in, or to wear with jeans. Deffo keeping.

This dress from Part Two which I never would have chosen as it looks too short, but it's just above the knee on me and I am 5ft 5 so...... Keeping.

People Tree Sasha Trousers which are definitely going back!!

Finally, a really lovely white top from ICHI, which is a brand I hadn't heard of. I can't find it online but it has a relaxed round neck, is white, lined, and very pretty. Will be keeping.

So keeping 3/5. Happy with my haul. Here's my £15 off code for anyone who wants to try it out for themselves or their menfolk


FourTurnings · 26/06/2021 14:47

Not at all bad lockdown am loving the colour of that shirt 😀


ashmts · 26/06/2021 16:14

@Lan2020 What else did you get?

As long as there's one thing per fix that I like, to justify the £10 fee, I'm happy. My box arrived yesterday. I got a white top that's nice enough but a bit too big, a pair of straight cut jeans that I don't need (too similar to all the skinnies I already have that aren't fashionable now), and a red maxi skirt that's also nice ( ) but not quite nice enough to keep. It's floor length on me and doesn't sit right. So they're all going back.

But I also got a nice playsuit and a gorgeous tea dress (Mauvette of all brands). It's burnt orange and just below my knee. It makes me feel like I'm in the WI in the 1950s but in a really good way. It's maybe a little overpriced at £49 but it really suits me so I'm keeping it.


lockdownalli · 26/06/2021 16:42

Oh I like that red maxi skirt @ashmts

How did it not sit right? How tall are you?

I have a fat tummy and not much arse.


ashmts · 26/06/2021 17:04

@lockdownalli I'm 5'2. I do like maxis but prefer them to go straight down, that one flares at my hips and makes me look bigger than I am. It's a lovely skirt and will suit a lot of people, it just doesn't suit my shape. On the model it looks like a midaxi and it's much nicer like that. It might be okay with heels but the red is too casual to dress up, some of the other prints might work better.


QuentinBunbury · 29/06/2021 11:06

I got my first lookiero box today and was hugely hugely underwhelmed. Everything in navy blue, ecru and taupe. One pair of ecru cropped flares when I said I didn't want cropped trousers.
There was one top that was ok ( but was a bit pricey for a T shirt.

Plus a horrific collarless taupe biker style jacket that reminds me of something a well put together 70 year old would wear - I'm in my 40s.
Am very sad. I love the concept but really, might as well have done a safe shop at M&S


ferretface · 29/06/2021 11:19

I think Thread is way way better than Lookiero or stitchfix, the algorithm plus stylist puts together looks for you, which you can then see in advance before buying. Because it's piece by piece and you can buy just one item from a look rather than the whole outfit, if you already have items within your wardrobe that fit the bill you can just buy the missing bits. They also have relatively frequent sales including some brands that don't usually go on sale.

Plus no surprises because you get to see the items that comprise the look before actually buying it.

Not affiliated to the company in any way, just a happy customer (was waiting ages for the women's version to launch, my husband's been using it for a while)

If anyone wants a referral code for 20% off their first order then my link is (I also get £20 if you spend more than £75, full disclosure!)


bonfireheart · 03/07/2021 14:28

In my box today...

Mauvette Rooney Wrap Top £34
Soft but odd shaping and far too thick for the summer

Editor's Cut Caudalie Dress £49
The top half of this dress was so baggy, I know I have a small bust but this was ridiculous. OK dress but not sure it's worth £49.

&et Monroe Printed Midi Skirt £39
Very floral and frumpy, odd shaping and there was something not right with the waist band at the top.

Mango - Calabasa Dress £35.99
Pretty dress, light cotton, has pockets and side splits. Liked this but was too big on me and the neckline was really high.

Editors Cut - Lillian Skinny Ribbed Batwing Jumper £45
So soft!! But those batwings were not flattering, I'm a size 8/10 bit looked bigger somehow in this colour. It was a lovely colour.

I know I sound picky :) they're all going back but I will give proper feedback and try at least one more box.


blueskyemily · 03/07/2021 18:28

Just got my first box! I was quite impressed actually, kept 3 of the 5 items - some jeans, a top and a bag. Could have kept another but didn't really need it. Didn't like the final item.

I felt the stylist played it quite safe but that's kind of what I asked for really as I have too many fancy clothes and not enough basics. I definitely felt she thought about my comments and feedback and tried to reflect them in the choices.

I was planning to just get one box and then cancel but I'm going to get another one now. I've set the frequency to quarterly though as otherwise I think it could start to get expensive!!

Here's my code if anyone wants it:


bourns · 05/07/2021 13:29

I just tried Stitch Fix and got my box this weekend. I'm 42 and was honest about it. I asked for hot weather clothes and was a little shocked at my preview as it was mostly not good. I'm not at all up for sleeveless floral polyester tops. There were also 2 pair of chino shorts which I'm not after I chose a black Ted Baker cami and an Object denim jacket from the preview just so they'd have a starting point, and explained no chino shorts as it's a bit more preppy than I go for. There were also superga trainers with leopard trim and I said I'm after white trainers but didn't like the leopard print.

I got:
The Ted Baker cami I chose. It was current season at Ted Baker and still full price. It looked a bit too prim on me so returned it.

The Object denim jacket I chose. Also current season and still full price at Object. Looked and fit great. I've not worn or considered one for years. Kept this.

White canvas Superga trainers. Also current season/full price. Fit perfectly and looked great, kept these.

Louche Emin red ditsy tiered wrap dress. Also current and full price at Louche. Wouldn't have chosen this for many reasons. It looked incredible on, could not believe it. Definite keeper.

Editor's cut Caudelie black polka dot tea dress. Theoretically this could work for me and I'd probably give it a thumbs up in the style game, but it was not good at all on me, big cringe! Returned.

I thought it was pretty successful!
I have a £25 off code that's good until probably about Tuesday evening if anyone can use:

I've also had good success with Thread. I love that there are a lot of brands under one roof so you can try loads (and you choose it all, they just suggest outfits) and it's all easy returns to the same place - making billions of different returns is my online shopping peeve! It felt a bit more current than Stitch Fix. I have a Thread referral link too: it's a few days old so not sure if it still works.

There's a lot of info on Reddit about Stitch Fix as it's been going in the US for years. The stylists are real people and really get your notes, but there are a lot of limitations they deal with like stock and some things being forced by algorithm. They specifically said in the US at least there is a LOT of polyester in their stock and they dread anyone specifying no polyester because it doesn't leave many options to meet the person's other requests. As a polyester hater that does make me cringe a bit but done ok so far.


hopeishere · 05/07/2021 14:27

I got my second box today. I got:

Joules navy cropped trousers - like these but need to try them on

Part Two sage trousers - like these but exactly the same as a pair I already have from monsoon

Hobbs blue silk shirt - like this but need to think of I would really wear it.

Whistles black dress - extremely crumpled but a good fit. Debating keeping it.

Cream and black polka dot Part Two dress - nice but possibly a bit frumpy??

Overall it's stuff I would pick so I just need to decide what I'll really wear. I've challenged myself to not wear jeans for all of July so some of this might help!!


bonfireheart · 05/07/2021 16:48

@bourns we got the same tea dress, looked nice in pics but the proportions of it were all wrong.


FourTurnings · 05/07/2021 18:02

I got a Lookierio box today - only kept a tee shirt, but it is nice, organic cotton in cream with a subtle logo. The other garments were really cheap and poor quality which was surprising after my first box, which was great.


Goshitstricky · 05/07/2021 20:55

I got my second stitch fix order, not tried anything on yet but looking through it, it's all lovely and very much my style! Grin that may change when I try it on if I look like a lump though.


bourns · 06/07/2021 21:11

@fourturnings Thank you for the code, just ordered a box and it covered the styling fee!


bourns · 06/07/2021 21:14

@bonfireheart I saw your post - I have a large bust and the top was still absolutely huge on me. Not sure who it would suit!


ferretface · 06/07/2021 22:03

@bourns good to see another Thread user! I don't think it promotes as heavily as stitchfix/lookiero but seems like a better chance of ending up with clothes that you are satisfied with.

On thread, I think you can opt to not receive polyester suggestions (when you dislike an item you can give the fabric as a reason) but not sure how well it works. I tried to get linen and linen blends ruled out as I loathe ironing!


FourTurnings · 07/07/2021 18:45

Glad you were able to use it bourns 😀


jjejj · 12/07/2021 21:29

I liked most of this months box. All fitted nice and there was a couple of nice dresses but they were too casual and I need something a bit more dressy for an upcoming wedding. I've requested that again so will see what they send next time. I also said I wasn't really interested in jewellery and got a necklace which I'm sending back. So all in all nice stuff but don't need any of it!

If anyone wants £25 off


thewalkers · 12/07/2021 22:01

Got my first box coming on Thursday, getting excited now. No big deal if I don't like anything as I used a code so nothing to lose but really hoping to like at least one item 🤗

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