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I've placed my first Stitch Fix order!

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trevigirl · 22/03/2021 14:44

Been thinking of trying this for a while, as I've felt in need of some style inspiration.
My parcel is due for delivery on 3rd April, but I think I get to know what's in it before that: I've said that I'd like a Spring dress for upcoming pub lunches.
Excited now.

OP posts:
OutsideTheWhiteHouse · 22/03/2021 15:33

Exciting! My first box was all wrong, but I kept all five items in my second and two from my third (I get them monthly).

Make sure you give brutally honest feedback on the items they send!

I’ve found it really useful during lockdown as a way of trying before I buy, and I’ve also discovered a few brands I’d never have looked at before.

BlingLoving · 22/03/2021 16:45

Love my stitch fix box. It gets better over time and I love that I've discovered brands I'd never previously heard of and also that there are definitely items I'd never have picked myself. My absolute favourite jumper of all time is one they sent me and I can assure you, I wouldn't have dreamed of trying it on if I'd seen it in a shop!!

Username0981237645 · 22/03/2021 17:52

I got one last month wasn't at all impressed honestly wonder if I'm just too large for it at a size 18 I got none of the nice stuff that's advertised I know I wouldn't get those actual garments but just as nice would have been nice. I'm giving it one more go in April.

DicklessWonder · 22/03/2021 18:10

I looked at SF and Lookiero but neither caters for my enormous boobs (even though I’m a 16-18 in most shops!) nor any non-naturally occurring hair colour. Sad

IllNeverLetGoJack · 22/03/2021 18:26

I wanted to ask how SF and Lookiero are for bigger sizes! I'm a 16 / 18, but very hippy, so in some trousers or skirts, which cling on the hips, I would need a 20. Seems they aren't great then..?

trevigirl · 22/03/2021 18:46

Mixed opinions here, then. There was quite a detailed questionnaire to fill in about sizes and preferred fit. I tried to give as much information as possible.

OP posts:
BabyBooDueNov21 · 22/03/2021 18:51

I've wondered whether to sign up for something like this for a while. Won't be yet as I'll be living in maternity clothes shortly but maybe afterwards Grin

Is it a monthly subscription? Is there a set cost or do you only pay for what you keep? Can you set a budget?

Sorry for all the questions!

RachelRoth · 22/03/2021 18:54

It is £10 for the box which you take off any items you keep. It can be monthly or three monthly. Ive suspended mine atm.

My first two boxes were all things i would have picked up in shops. The third box, id said no denim, was a disaster. And they sent denim. So that cost me £10.

PamDemic · 22/03/2021 20:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GoddessKali · 22/03/2021 20:46

So if you don’t like anything you pay £10 to try some clothes on at home and send them back?!

Loopy9 · 22/03/2021 20:51

I’ve had 4 Stitch Fix deliveries, kept everything from the first box and the at least two items from subsequent ones. I got a beautiful scarf from Monsoon, amazing jumper from Hobbs (must have been that Hobbs month!). Sizes have been spot on, I’m a 12 top, 14 bottom, hate clingy clothes.
I haven’t had any of the fab advertised items but I’m enjoying it and so easy to send back too. If you want £15 off then this link should work

PamDemic · 22/03/2021 20:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Brokenrecord3006 · 22/03/2021 21:22

I think you've got me sold on this, I've not come across it before. I figured I probably spent about £20 last year on delivery costs for items I ended I returning, so £10 to try some new clothes doesn't seem too bad.

habsboys2020 · 22/03/2021 21:28

I have just ordered one after reading this thread

AlaskaThunderfuckHiiiiiiiii · 22/03/2021 21:28

My last 2 boxes have been fantastic!

Brokenrecord3006 · 22/03/2021 21:41

All done, the quiz was so detailed! I can't wait to see what they send.

I used @Loopy9 referal link (I hope that worked!) Here is mine if anyone fancies giving it a go -

Puppylucky · 22/03/2021 21:43

I wouldn't get too excited it's shit

bonfireheart · 22/03/2021 21:46

Is it free postage to return? Thanks.

TolkiensFallow · 22/03/2021 21:48

Eeek! I keep being tempted. Would love to see what you get!

Brokenrecord3006 · 22/03/2021 22:00

@Puppylucky what sort of thing did you get in your box? I don't have high hopes so I've gone for a one-off box to see what they send.

bonfireheart · 22/03/2021 22:08

@brokenrecord3006 I've just used you code, but not sure if it went through. I've got mu delivery booked, let me know if the credit is or isn't added to your account. Thank you.

Pootle40 · 22/03/2021 22:18

I got my first box last week and really liked the items. Kept 3 tops.

BlingLoving · 23/03/2021 08:51


I looked at SF and Lookiero but neither caters for my enormous boobs (even though I’m a 16-18 in most shops!) nor any non-naturally occurring hair colour. Sad

I'm a 16 with large breasts - 38G. I've found it's not bad. And there's been some trial and error. Took a few gos to get a pair of black trousers I love, but they got there in the end. They've adapted to my preferred style of top too. Dresses are still tricky but that's because I'm very sensitive to my back fat and basically won't wear anything that won't skim over it.
BlingLoving · 23/03/2021 09:48

Also, I find the style tests quite soothing Grin so tend to log on every 6 weeks or so and go through it. I think tha might help with my style choices.

For context, I've had 5 boxes and from those I've kept 1 skirt, 2 pairs of trousers, 1 shirt, 3 tops, 2 jumpers. They also sent me ear rings that were 100% my style but I don't want them to send jewellery as I can do that myself, so I sent it back. Ditto, I've had two items that didn't quite fit right but that I loved, but because they were both expensive I decided to return them completely rather than get a different size.

PamDemic · 23/03/2021 10:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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