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Beauty Hoarders anonymous - come join our toil!!!!

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Experiment627 · 27/10/2018 11:43

Continuation of previous threads - come fess up here! We love hearing about stashes but also them being used up!!!!

OP posts:
Experiment627 · 27/10/2018 11:45

Hmmm how does one share link from phone... share option not showing 😬

OP posts:
Experiment627 · 27/10/2018 11:46

Beauty hoarders anonymous – all beauty product hoarders welcome

👆🏼 this is previous thread

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 27/10/2018 12:03

Finished a Nuxe shower oil (it was one to use after sun/swimming? I got a new one (300ml , bonus extra 100ml size) to start on .I love the smell of Nuxe and my skin needs the extra care in winter

I've not bought anything new (except a couple of multipack toothbrushes but they don't count)

TeaAddict235 · 27/10/2018 13:50

Fell off the last thread. Had noooooo cash and was being haunted. Still no cash but have bought a Schwarzkopf double pack silicone free conditioner. And may have hidden it from DH in my special cupboard as a Nature's Gate one that I had was simply rubbish but I was forcing myself to use it. Does anyone have any suggestions for a very watery and rubbish conditioner? It doesn't even work as a daily leave in and I don't shave my legs ha ha ha

applesandpears33 · 27/10/2018 14:00

Hi I fell off the last thread too. On the plus side I used up a crabree and evelyn soap today. It was lovely, but I'd kept it for so long it had no fragrance left. I've also used up a couple of other things - swell hair serum, soap and glory hand cream, protect and perfect face cream and Alpha H moisturiser. On the minus side I've just bought the M&S advent calendar and some Korres night cream. I love the smell of it and my skin seems to really like it.

PurpleNailVarnish · 27/10/2018 15:17

Hello 👋🏻

When you open them will you give LookFantastic and ASOS updates please @Experiment627?

I've managed to avoid buying an advent calendar, I've probably said this before but I was really keen on the SpaceNK one. The previews said it was going to cost £160, as I've got quite a few points saved up I'd actually have paid less than £100 for it but when it was released it was actually priced at £250 so I just thought 'nah'.
I've got my eye on a NuFace so I'll wait and put the points towards that instead.
If anyone has used a NuFace I'd be interested to know what you think.

I'm using things up but I keep buying too, I recently had a run on makeup but I chucked some stuff out too. Eyeshadow that was at least 10 years old anyone?

@TeaAddict235 do you do anything for hair removal or just leave it be? Not judging, just nosing.

SuzeD29 · 27/10/2018 15:42

I've squirted naff conditioner in the fabric softener drawer of the washing machine before 🤔😬

TeaAddict235 · 27/10/2018 16:21

That's fine @PurpleNailVarnish, it's not nosey. Society has made hair on women be dirty, apart from our mane. I don't agree. I think that it is cultural as well. I don't shave anything apart from my armpits as I sweat quite a lot there. I know that when discussing with my family in Germany and friends in the uk they are really embarrassed about me being honest about it, but it's not hushed up with my Caribbean family/ side. Hair on legs isn't "evil" in the Caribbean (okay, maybe like my relatives from Colombia are anti hair as they believe that the contrast on their skin is hideous, but I don't and try to remind younger family members that it is totally normal). I did go through a phase of leg cream remover and sometimes maybe 3 times a summer I might use a cream remover but for the most part I live and let live.

The hair on my head.....well, that is a other matter Grin it will be broken into submission!!!

PurpleNailVarnish · 27/10/2018 17:03

I agree Tea, FWIW I don't shave my legs either but I'm blonde so it's less a personal statement and more laziness because it doesn't notice, but I do shave my underarms for the same reasons as you.

The downside of having fine, fair hair is that I've always wanted thicker head hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. You win some, you lose some.

When I was in my teens I lived in Germany, there were lots of interesting cultural differences. Body hair was just one of them.

ememem84 · 27/10/2018 19:37

Signing in. Still a beauty addict

I do shave my legs. But today I did patches because I was wearing ripped jeans. Haha #lazy

TeaAddict235 · 27/10/2018 20:33

Good on you @PurpleNailVarnish . I do love Germany for the fact that underarm hair and unshaven legs are not a big deal. Also that the various body shapes are accepted at the Freibad etc. But oddly enough they (like the French) don't like to admit that women sweat. Odd isn't it. The world is a beautifully curious place to live in.....just give me all access to hair products and I'm your friend Grin

The season has changed now so it means for us lucky hoarders, that we need to change up our products to suit the weather. Any plans? I have some new hair masks from Balea that I need to work through. And I will, trust me.

TeaAddict235 · 27/10/2018 20:34

Good on you too @ememem84 . Didn't you just have a baby? What are you doing stretching and preening?? Or have I mistaken you for someone else?

Experiment627 · 28/10/2018 02:24

@PurpleNailVarnish I will probably start with the advents b4 December - is that ok?

OP posts:
ememem84 · 28/10/2018 07:10

tea not me! Ds is 1 now. Right after I had him I didn’t shave my legs for 3 months. It was quite liberating.

PurpleNailVarnish · 28/10/2018 07:47

 Oh ok then @Experiment627 seeing as you've been good this year you can open the calendars early, yes but you have to make them last. Ok?

Alicatz66 · 28/10/2018 08:51

Yayyy .. found the new thread .. going to have a weight loss and pampering few weeks as I'm turning into a winter carb dumpling !!! .. so hopefully using up random face masks etc 

mintmagnummm · 28/10/2018 12:26

Placemarking im a lurker 😜

PurpleNailVarnish · 28/10/2018 14:45

Experiment you've reminded me to order my advent calendar bags, I've got the products.

I wish I could say my unshaven legs were a political stance but I'd be lying.

Does anyone have a go-to luxury bubble bath? I'm all out and looking for something new.

Experiment627 · 29/10/2018 11:29

😬😬😬😬😬😬 @PurpleNailVarnish I opened the Body Shop one in one go yesterday!!!! But am already using stuff from it...

I will do day by day for the next two... promise!

@PurpleNailVarnish I am not sure about luxury but I really like the Lush bubble bars - they last a long time, foam up with a small amount and smell good.

I have an empty!

  • Laura Ashley Lavender and Camomile hand lotion: I used this mainly as a body lotion. Not a defined enough Lavender smell for me. Hand wash still going strong - so no simultaneous end this time 😞

Now all I need is for Kwicklet to stay asleep long enough for me to whack on a face mask... my skin is SO dry!!!
That will be an empty too - Garnier Skin Active moisture bomb tissue mask
OP posts:
ememem84 · 29/10/2018 13:13

Just whack on the mask!!! Keicklet wont care!!! HAha

PurpleNailVarnish · 29/10/2018 15:47

Oooh what's the vanilla marshmallow shower gel like @Experiment627?
I agree with em, just whack on the face mask.

Hmmm. Maybe I'll get some Lush bath stuff but I'm a trek from the nearest shop so it'll have to be an expedition.
I could just order some from M&S. Must...not...

I'm working from home today and the latest Fragonard catalogue has arrived, it's gorgeous. I love their perfume.

Treeballarae · 30/10/2018 13:06

Thanks for the new thread @Experiment627

Still resisting buying any beauty advent calendars and all the pretty gift sets that are coming out but with past experience, my resolve won't last forever. A few use ups but I can't remember what they were, they were all samples and none of them blew my mind. I've got quite a few products with just a few more uses in them, I wish they would hurry up and finish!

@PurpleNailVarnish my go to luxury bubble bath would be Neom Tranquillity or Liquid Yoga (but Liquid Yoga's more functional than luxury maybe), I use the Neom for soaking my feet rather than baths as my body skin react to the essential oils but my feet don't, it smells lovely.

@ememem84 hope you feel better soon


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PurpleNailVarnish · 30/10/2018 13:43

Thanks @Treeballarae and good going on resisting the advent calendars, I've resisted too so far except for my MYOBAC but I'm finding it surprisingly difficult!

Treeballarae · 30/10/2018 13:44

Oops, I'm not counting my MYOBAC either actually, I'd forgotten about it as I've hidden everything in a drawer.

Experiment627 · 30/10/2018 15:00

@PurpleNailVarnish vanilla thing ok... hard to get out of the bottle 😬

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