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Share the things that you love to save for - £200 voucher to be won

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GraceEMumsnet · 15/02/2021 09:35

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Saving might not be easy at the moment, but putting away a little each month now means that we can start looking forward to ‘sunny days’ treats or trips when times are brighter. Whatever they may be, Nationwide would love to hear about the things that you’ve missed and can’t wait to do again.

Here’s what Nationwide has to say: “While life after the pandemic may still feel some way off, we’re looking to the future and encouraging people to talk about what they’re looking forward to being able to enjoy again. As a mutual, we feel it’s our role to get the nation saving and we want to inspire people to keep building their savings pot as they look to the future and their own sunny day plans.”

All savings, big or small, are important. Whether it's accidental saving on your train fare while working from home or consciously saving the pennies that were once set aside for a daily takeaway coffee. From a once in a lifetime holiday to gigs and pub lunches with friends and family, what are you looking forward to being able to do post pandemic?

All who post on this thread will be entered into a prize draw where one lucky MNer will win a £200 voucher for a store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw!


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Share the things that you love to save for - £200 voucher to be won
OP posts:
WarmHugs · 16/02/2021 09:56

We are saving a fair amount with not eating out, not driving or having days out. As it’s our DC who are missing out on so much, we plan to use some of our savings on as many days out as we can fit in to the summer. The rest will be helping towards a decent rainy day fund.

poppy1973 · 16/02/2021 10:47

We are trying to put some savings by for my eldest son to go off to university.

ToastAndBlueberies · 16/02/2021 11:56

We are saving a lot from commuting costs. I like to save to travel to places in the world we have not seen

BaronessVonCake · 16/02/2021 11:57

Sadly we've been able to save money this year with no commuting costs, holidays, less trips out etc.

Food shopping bills have been huge though- all that comfort eating!

With the saved money I'd like to have a long haul holiday once we're able to, plus some more local trips out and away. Am so bored of our home town now- it's lovely but we've 'local walk' -ed it to death!

Albgo · 16/02/2021 12:21

I'm terrible at saving and always have been. My big achievement recently has been paying off credit card debt, which has been a huge relief. However, I have also started saving in the last few months. I want to be able to afford to take my young son (currently 15 months) to things in the summer if lockdown conditions ease. Thinking of him enjoying going to a soft play centre, the zoo or some other activity is a very powerful motivator that is helping me save!

ChilliChaos · 16/02/2021 12:42

I’m m saving for an iPad. Ds is 3 and has non verbal autism and loves playing purple mash on the schools iPad, so I want him to have one at home.

AllAroundTheWrekin · 16/02/2021 12:52

Garden furniture, especially a sun lounger.

lillypopdaisyduke · 16/02/2021 13:03

We are both WFH and are saving money by not going into the office, buying lunches - and not having going on holiday, or out for birthday lunches , we have decided to add 10% to our mortgage payments, and then pay a lump sum of 10% off next year - this will mean we can pay out mortgage off in 14 years - so we are saving for financial freedom !

Lurleene · 16/02/2021 14:54

I'm saving towards my daughter's wedding, it is booked for next year and we have our fingers firmly crossed that it can go ahead as planned.

jenesaisqu0i · 16/02/2021 15:06

I miss the experiences and memories we have had travelling to different parts of the world and immersing ourselves into other cultures. Last year we had saved up and were going to visit a place I've only ever dreamed of going since I was young, but unfortunately that couldn't happen. I hope we can go one day and enjoy more memories that these experiences bring.

Hugbear · 16/02/2021 15:47

I am saving to take my children on a much needed holiday. We haven't travelled for a while so hopefully once things go back to normal, we can finally have a family break.

AudTheDeepAndCrispAndEven · 16/02/2021 15:50

Both my DH and I are savers, rather than spenders. We have a second-hand car and always shop around for bargains. Our savings pot at the moment is growing to be put towards a bigger house, hopefully within a couple of years. We have three growing sons and are definitely feeling the pinch of a smaller house now that we are home so much more. Any future savings after that that will probably go towards the children's further education, should they wish to pursue higher education.

LubaLuca · 16/02/2021 15:51

Holidays. Nothing motivates me to save like the thought of getting something wonderful for all of us at the end of it.

PashleyB · 16/02/2021 16:09

I've begun to save in a junior isa for the children having put it off for ages. I am pleased we have started.

jellybeanpopper · 16/02/2021 16:45

Holidays and a new home. I save for other things but those are the 2 things I like to save for!

JetBlackSteed · 16/02/2021 17:39

I'm saving for a dream kitchen. Nearly there!

ThreeLadsPointingAtAStar · 16/02/2021 17:44

I'm saving for a holiday - and as a backup plan new garden furniture and a patio in case we can't go away.

RainingBatsAndFrogs · 16/02/2021 18:08

I am saving for a new tent, and once I can go, I will GO!

And the petrol I have saved by staying put, and walking so much more (a habit that will stay) will be used to go on a road trip of the best bits of GB that I have never seen or can't wait to re-visit. Whitby and Staithes, Northumberland, Hadrian's wall, over to Formby Beach to see the Anthony Gormley figures, Snowdonia, Pembrokeshire, Gower, Brecon Beacons, The Wye valley...

I might not be able to do all this in one year, but my tent will be ready!

Sacreblue · 16/02/2021 18:08

Saving pennies because of increased food/fuel costs but can’t wait for a browse around a charity shop, I didn’t realise how much time I spent in them!

Cotswoldmama · 16/02/2021 18:19

I'm saving for lots of things around the house like carpets for the hallways and landings, a new kitchen but I'm also trying to pay extra off of the mortgage each month. I usually transfer a certain percentage of my wages into my savings account and then I pay off random small amounts off the mortgage throughout the month. I check my account most days and if my balance is an odd number like £34.56 I'll pay off 4.56 of the mortgage, it's a bit odd and not much money but every little bit counts! I also do my company's share and save scheme, which has meant I've both saved and earned a lot extra over the years.

RuthTopp · 16/02/2021 18:30

I am a lifetime saver . Nothing ever gets purchased without a look around ( these days online only ) before buying. You can save a fair amount by doing this .
Things like insurance , contracts etc are compared and then phone current provider to see if they can match the cheapest or perhaps offer extras .
Doing this has allowed us to pay off the mortgage by mid 40s , and have a healthy pension pot.

Twisique · 16/02/2021 18:47

I am saving to help my daughter when she goes to university!


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WowIlikereallyhateyou · 16/02/2021 20:03

I love to save for holidays and trips away with my husband and our dog. I am certainly looking forward to being able to plan something special when we are finally allowed to holiday.

prettybird · 16/02/2021 20:26

We'd been planning on going on one last big family holiday with our (student) ds last summer to Australia. Lockdown was on its way just as I was finalising our booking so fortunately hadn't paid out any money.

I'm hoping but not assuming that we'll be able to go next May/June but then his graduation ceremony might get in the way Sad

I'm also assuming it's going to be more expensive Shock, so keeping up the saving Smile

Quietvoiceplease · 16/02/2021 20:45

We're almost accidentally saving because the opportunities to spend money are much reduced. We are hoping to be able to go on a family holiday and finally buy the much-needed sofa and stair carpet. Also anticipating eldest DD going off to university this year, so the prospect of funding that looms.

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